Change Right Door Mirror Cover with Light Indicator for Mercedes | W164 | ML Class

hello I’m going to show you video today how to change the front door mirror lights its ml 500 year 2006 these are the lights which I’m going to change it today and I will show you how to take this one out this light if you look at the it has a one LED and these are the lights has a two LEDs more fancy looking and on the other one has a little bulb underneath and this one has a LEDs as well so push this mirror from this side down and put your thumb here and you pull towards you a little bit and it’s right here it’s a small clips it’s a two of them right here one here and one down here so what you need to do what I’m going to do that I’m going to pull this up little bit and it pops up I’m going to pull this down a little bit so that one makes a little noise it opens once it’s open now see you see that this is a clip I was talking about that clip is stuck right here in the latch okay so you have to open that and then the second one is right here I think we can see it we can if we zoom in so this one goes in here so once these two open then you put your fingers here put your thumb then pull it okay here you go there are a couple more okay you’re gonna push these tabs down either push it or put your screwdriver right here and just pull it behind and then this pops out and let me show you and if we can zoom in we can see see if these two I was talking about these you need to pull see now is coming out so one this is the motor we can unplug it and the mirror okay here you go okay and now we’re going to pull this out and this is the connector plugs in automatically let’s zoom in okay you see it okay let me show you on the back of this one this connector goes right in here it’s in a super this is the whole mechanism of the front door glass are you going to take it out this is the one is like this the old one now I’m going to bring the new one so once you’re going to pull this up out this is the old one and this is a new one and this is going to go of the same way it’s gonna go in and I have to put those our cable harness so initially it looked like this and now it’s going to look like this and now I’m going to work on other side and the same way of closing our wire came with this new light fixture and how we’re going to use this one I’ll show you we’re going to put this one in here it has a two ends and one end I did that and it’s going to go the hook towards this way you snap in locks in and then this one has a the for fin that’s the four pin going to go inside of this then you plug into this and as you see the indicator is working right now and I can show you this is the one we are replacing and if we look at another side and is the old one so we are taking the old one out and we are putting the new one so that is the difference of the which my son really want it and I hope that’s going to help you out to change it yourself for DIY and I’m going to show you how to close it any now back to basic how are we going to close it we’re going to push this towards in and the one I showed how are we going to remove the two clips this is the two clips so once you push in it will locks in and now back as for the mirror now we’re going to go back to the mirror we’re gonna push it back push it back in and I’m going to use a motor that’s the motor well plug in this is a goes in one way the locking system on the bottom can you please zoom in this is the locking system if you look it and if you look at on this it’s right here I don’t think we can see it better okay but you know what I’m talking about so it will go in one way so once it’s gonna go one way we’re gonna snap in and this is gonna go actually I opened one of the school in the middle we’re not supposed to open that screw at all so let me get that screws and these are the screws it goes on on the side one here one here one here and then after that we’re gonna snap in the mirror assembly and that will finish the job so this is the right side is done I’m going to do the same way on the left side and I I think my son will love it he already like these lights and I’m sure it’s gonna help you out how to do yourself change these or lights I know it’s really hard to do it but now this video is all to help you out so thank you for watching and please leave any comments if you have any questions or you need any help with it and good luck to you guys bye bye

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