Chinese Lantern Wall Decoration | GHC In-Depth With P. Allen Smith

Looking for bright, vivid colors? Well, you’ll
love these Chinese lanterns and the way we’re using them. You watched us design and build
this house in 150 days, but the work is far from over. We’re about to jump into my favorite
part of the process of bringing all this together. Join me for an exclusive look right here on
eHow Home. You know, I really enjoy using natural things in the house. It’s a great
way to connect to nature. Plus, there are just some things that are so beautiful and
you want them around you. Take, for instance, these Chinese lanterns — a really unique
plant. Each one of these blooms, if you will, looks like a Chinese lantern. And if you open
up the inside of them, you can see there’s a cherry-like little fruit in there, and that’s
where the seed is. It’s really quite beautiful. Now, last year, my aunt actually grew all
of these Chinese lanterns in her garden. It’s a perennial plant, and if you ever grow it,
you know this plant can be a little on the weedy side. So plant it where it won’t invade
your other flowerbeds. But, as you can see, it can produce impressive results. These are
so beautiful to use in decorating, particularly in the autumn. Now, since these were grown
last year, you can see that some of them have actually faded just a little bit here. What
you can do to freshen them up is to, well, you can add some that were grown this year,
which I’ll add two to them. Or you can take a floral tint like this and just add a little
color — it just brightens them up. And I like to use two colors of orange. And see,
even on the faded ones, you get a little bit of that color and it really brings them to
life. Now what I’m doing here is bundling all of these together right up here at the
top with a wire. And you see, they’re all hanging like this. And I want to use this
as a wall hanging in one of the rooms here in the house. It’ll be perfect in the master
bathroom. And what I’m going to do to finish it off here at the top is actually take this
burlap ribbon, which is actually wired. And you see, the edges of it our actually frayed
so it goes really well with our farmhouse chic look. And what I’m gonna do is pull this
around to the back of it like this. And what that does is just hides those wires which
bind the stems together. So I’ll tie it there — a nice bow to finish this off. Now, you
can use any kind of ribbon — a beautiful dark chocolate brown velvet ribbon would be
beautiful here. But, anyway, you can use your own imagination — even something with a pattern
on it. I just wanted to go with something plain and simple. So, now, with this floral
display arranged, if you will, it’s time to hang it. Come on, let’s go to the bathroom.
Since the dominant color in the master bedroom is orange, well, these Chinese lanterns are
perfect. You see, I’m going to hang them on a nail right here above the commode. I’m just
going to hook it onto the nail. And you can see how the burlap ribbon works very well
in this room. I just don’t wanna distract from the beautiful orange color. These can
last for a long time, and it will be a beautiful addition in this room as long as we wanna
keep them here — we can change it out. That’s the beauty of some of these seasonal things.
Hey, if you’ve ever grown Chinese lanterns and used them in a fun way, I’d love to hear
about it. And if you’re using some natural things in your home, let me know. And make
sure you subscribe to eHow Home.

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