(“Christmas Memories” by Loving
Caliber feat. Jaslyn Edgar) ♪ La da la la oh ♪ ♪ La da da makin our Christmas memories ♪ – [Jennifer] Hey guys, and
welcome to “The Family Fudge.” In today’s video, I’m going to be sharing my Christmas home tour for 2019. Now this is going to
be our first Christmas in this new house. But so far I’m loving how
everything turned out, and I can’t wait to
share it with you today. So if you’re looking for
some decorating ideas, or if you just love
Christmas as much as I do, stay tuned. The decorations of this
year, are really a mashup of all of my favorite Christmas styles. You’re going to be seeing
some modern farmhouse touches, lots of white, red and buffalo check, of course you’ll see some red trucks, and then my personal new
favorite, Christmas gnomes. Now before I get started, go ahead and give this
video a big thumbs up if you love Christmas decorations, and hit that red subscribe
button if you’re new, so that you can become
part of the Fudge Family. Now personally, I don’t
think it’s ever too early to put up Christmas decorations. Now I mean, I probably wouldn’t put em up before Halloween or anything, but normally I don’t even put them up until after Thanksgiving. You guys, let me know in
the comments down below when you like to put out your decorations. I know there are some strong opinions about when is too early
and when is not too early. Now if you’re already
following me on Instagram or Facebook, you’ll
probably already know this, but this year I decided to
put our Christmas decorations up early, because my
parents are coming to visit. Now unfortunately,
we’re not actually going to be seeing them on Christmas Day, since they live in California, and now we live in Florida. So while they’re here visiting, I want to have the Christmas
experience with them and that’s exactly why
these Christmas decorations are up early. And now you guys, with
all that being said, let’s get on to the Christmas house tour. Okay guys, I think the best
place to start this tour is definitely at the front door, since this is the first
thing you experience when you walk in the house. And overall, I like to keep
this area pretty simple, after all, when I’m coming
through the door with four kids, it’s hectic enough, I
don’t want to be tripping on decorations. On either side of the door, I have these really cute
little Christmas trees. I found these at Target, and they actually came in a set of two. I love that they have
lights built into them, so they definitely brighten up the space and I think they fit
really well in this space. And speaking of Target, I also found this little
rug at Target as well. This one is so soft, and I
love the bright red color. And then finally on the door,
I also hung up a wreath. Now this wreath I actually
had for a long time and it was looking pretty sad, so before I hung it up, I
actually fixed it up just a bit. I picked up some extra
ornaments, and embellishments from Big Lots, and I just hot glued them all around the wreath and I
think it looks awesome now. I wish I had a before picture to show you, but just trust me, this is way better. Now before I move away from the door, I will go ahead and show
you some of the things I’m going to be putting
outside pretty soon. I think I’m going to go ahead and wait until some of my neighbors put out their decor pieces though. To go on my front porch, I
found this really interesting doormat, at Big Lots,
and I’m not quite sure if I’m going to love it or regret it, and that’s because not
only does it have lights, but it also has sound,
so when you step on it, you activate both. And then also for the front yard, I’m going to be adding some inflatables. I have a Mickey and a Minnie, the Mickey Mouse one
is still in the garage. And then I also have several of these Mickey Mouse light projectors that I like to put all around
the outside of the house. Now right next to the entryway door, we come to the niche area, and to tell you the truth,
I almost always feel unsure about what to put in the niche. So for this year I started by hanging up this wall piece I found at Big Lots. This definitely has some
farmhouse charm to it, and it says “May your
days be merry and bright.” Now originally it did not
come with a bow on the bottom, I did go ahead and add that, I’ve added some candlesticks
and some candles that I’ve had for a long time. I have a little house from
the dollar section of Target, and then of course, I
have my Christmas gnome, and this is just gonna be one of many that you’re going to be seeing today, cause I love the Christmas gnomes. Okay guys, so now that we’re past the door and the little niche area, the next thing I’m coming
to is my entryway table. Well technically this
is a dresser from Ikea, but it works perfectly in this space, lots of storage possibilities here. Now you’ll probably notice that this entire section is pretty white, and that’s exactly what I was going for, this is sort of my winter white section. Now believe it or not, this big wreath is actually from Lowe’s. I don’t normally shop at
Lowe’s for Christmas decor, but I was looking for a big wreath that already had lights built in, that was in my price range, so, I brought this guy home this year. Directly underneath the wreath I have a Christmas countdown sign. Now this is actually from the Hearth & Hand collection at Target, and surprisingly, this
is a really heavy piece, and I definitely did not want to, like, permanently attach it to the wall, so I have several Command
strips on the back here, and hopefully it’s not gonna fall down, I’m crossing my fingers. This comes with the little numbers, so you can easily count down the days until Christmas. Now also on the top here, I have my lamps, these are here all the
time throughout the year, these are just from Ross. In the center I’ve added
my little house village, these came from the Dollar Spot of Target. I think these are so cute, they almost look like
little gingerbread houses, and I did go ahead and
add one little tealight inside each one. You guys will probably notice that anywhere I can put
lights around the house, I definitely do it. I love Christmas lights,
and in my opinion, you can never have too
many Christmas lights. I just love them. And then finally on top here, I also have some of these
Christmas bottle tree brushes, believe it or not, I actually found these at a grocery store in
California, called Safeway. They made it all the way
here to Florida with us, but I do have to say, quite a bit of the glitter that’s on here, is definitely falling off. Now before I head onto
the hallway bathroom, we’re gonna pass the closet, or as we like to call it, the Harry Potter room, because it’s the room under
the stairs, of course. And on this door, I just hung up a little Christmas Tree
sign from Hobby Lobby, and I also added a buffalo
check bow right on top. Now moving on to the downstairs bathroom. In here, I was definitely
going for a red truck theme. On the floor I have this really plush rug, this is so soft, it
feels so good on my feet. The little soap dispenser
in here is also a red truck and in case you’re curious,
inside the soap dispenser I have some of my favorite Christmas soap. This is peppermint scented, and it’s made by the Method brand. I find this at Target and
you guys, this sells out, so apparently a lot of people like this. In this bathroom, I also have
some red truck hand towels, these are also from Big Lots, pretty much everything in this bathroom, is from Big Lots. Except for the wallflower, that came from Bath and
Body Works of course. Right now I have the one in that smells like Christmas
trees, I love that one, and then right next to it
I have this little sign from Hobby Lobby. So now that brings us to the family room, and if you saw last week’s video, where I showed you exactly
how this room looks like on a daily basis, you’ll know that this is a lot different. I changed a lot of things. Now usually this room has a lot of blue and teal accent colors. And since we’re in Florida, I was kind of going for a beachy vibe. Now I really debated back and forth for quite a while if I wanted to just go ahead and add blue and
teal Christmas decorations, you can actually find
quite a lot these days, but in the end, I decided
to keep it traditional. You’ll see a lot of white,
red and Buffalo check in here. Now above the couch, I
did go ahead and take down my beach artwork that was hanging there, I still love that of course, in fact I might end up
hanging it up in my bedroom, but for right now, I’ve
added some Ikea frames. Now you guys, I totally planned to put pictures of my kids in here, but unfortunately I’m still waiting for those photos to come in the mail. So in the meantime, instead
of just having an empty frame, I found some really pretty
Christmas wrapping paper. I just cut out a square of the paper, and put it in the frame. Now I know this might seem a little weird, this is definitely not gonna be hanging on my wall forever, but I think for right now,
it’s the best solution. Now on the coffee table, I’ve
added several different things that are all from Big Lots. In the middle, I have two of
these little present boxes. I think these are so cute with the buffalo check
on there and the bow, but check it out you guys, this is just really a
decorated cardboard box. I think that if you were crafty, you could definitely make these yourself. And then in the center here,
I have this little lantern. Like I said, also from Big Lots, I love that it has this little
programmable candle inside and I did go ahead and set
this on a red charger plate, just to make sure it wouldn’t
scratch the top of my table. And then of course, we
have the Christmas pillows. I really tried to keep these to a minimum. Personally, I love a lot of decorative pillows on my couches. The buffalo check pillows
are actually pillowcases that I just put over my
everyday normal pillows. The snowflake pillows came
from Target last year, and then I have a couple
of smaller pillows that came from the dollar
spot of Target this year. And of course, we can’t leave this room without talking about my big gnome. Out of all of the gnomes
that I have in the house, this is definitely the biggest, in fact, it’s almost the same size
as my three year old, and that’s exactly why we
named this gnome, Big Al. That’s right you guys, all
of the Christmas gnomes have their own names, although sometimes I can’t remember them. I think he is so cute, his
little arms and his hat are posable, there’s a
little wire in there, but I have to say, last
night, I came in this room, and it was kinda dark, and
out of the corner of my eye, this gnome totally scared me. I thought somebody was sitting
on my couch for a second. Now also in the family room, I have the entertainment center of course, this was the one that I recently painted. I think it turned out so good, I love the bright white color here, and I don’t know if I’ve ever
pointed this out to you guys, but this does actually
have a fireplace built in, we’ve just never used it, cause it’s usually so hot in Florida. So on this fireplace, I
went ahead and hung up the kids’ stockings for this year. I found these ones at Big Lots. I don’t buy new stockings every year, but I just love these, and
they were super affordable, and I did go ahead and attach
these using Command hooks, so I can easily remove them, no big deal. On the top of the entertainment center, I have this cute little red truck. I found this at Walmart last year, but I think my favorite thing, is definitely the garland across the top. Now this came as just
a plain regular garland from a store called At Home, but I definitely dressed it up. I kind of went crazy with this
thing, with my hot glue gun. So as I’m walking around
the house today, filming, I have some Christmas music on, and right now my favorite
is definitely Pentatonix, I love their Christmas songs. Now you guys, let me know
in the comments down below, what your favorite Christmas music is, because I would love to know. Now before we move on to the
Christmas tree back there, I do want to say that I
did also change out the rug in this room as well. The one I had in here normally
has a lot of blue in it, and since I was trying to
eliminate the blue in this room, I went ahead and just
switched it out for this one. This one has a lot of gray
colors and cream colors. It’s nice and bright,
but it’s also very soft. And then of course, we have
a Christmas tree in here. This is one of three or four,
I think five Christmas trees that are in our house total, and this is actually the Christmas tree that we used to use when
we lived in California. It’s only seven and a half feet tall, so it’s a good size for this room. And this is what I would call,
the family Christmas tree. For this one I started
by adding red, green and white Christmas ornaments. And once I had all of those on there, then I let my kids put on the
rest of our special ornaments, the ones that we’ve had for a long time and the ones that have sentimental value. I let them go ahead and place
those on the Christmas tree wherever they wanted to. So I get my nice looking Christmas tree and they get to participate too. It’s definitely a win-win
when you do it that way. Now I like to have this Christmas tree with the white lights on,
but there is an option to turn on the colored lights, which is actually what everybody
else in my family prefers. They like the colored lights,
but I like the white lights. You guys let me know in
the comments down below, which one you prefer. So moving on to the kitchen area, first I have this really
cute “Believe” sign. I found this at Big Lots. And then over here at the breakfast table, I’ve kept things pretty simple, because my kids do use this every morning, and I didn’t want it to get cluttered. And speaking of clutter, for the rest of the kitchen,
I am keeping it pretty simple. And that’s because you
guys know I do a lot of lunch videos and other recipe videos and while I’m making those videos, I usually have a lot of lights set up and tripods and things
that get in the way, so that’s why I need the rest
of the kitchen to be simple, so I have all the space
I need for making videos. Over by the kitchen sink, I have some really cute kitchen towels, now these are just for decoration, I don’t actually use these. I found these at Walmart. Down on the floor, I
have a really cushy mat, perfect if you’re gonna
be standing at the sink for a long time. I got this at Big Lots. Right above the sink, I have
another sign from Hobby Lobby and you might remember
this from the entryway, because I accidentally bought two. I already had one and I forgot. You guys ever done that before? Yeah I should probably stop doing that. Right next to the sign,
I have two little trees from the Dollar Spot of Target, and then over here in the
corner I have just a few things. This guy back here is actually a tray that I found at Big Lots, and then next to that,
I have a little Santa, and then believe it or not, this little red truck with the tree, is actually a salt and pepper shaker. And then I also have a
little candle back there. Now over on the other side of the kitchen, I did go ahead and add a
wreath to the top cabinets. Now I don’t actually use
this cabinet very often, so that’s why I decided to go ahead and add a wreath on there, I think it looks so pretty. Hanging on my stove I have a couple more decorative Christmas towels, I love those, again I don’t actually use these, they’re just for decoration. On either side of the stove, I have two more small Christmas trees. I also have this really
cute red truck spoon rest, and in my utensil holder, I did go ahead and swap
out my regular utensils for these red ones. I just love that pop of red in there. Now moving on to the dining room. This year I decided to use my tiered tray as a centerpiece. Last year I used it as a hot cocoa station for my kids, and they,
it was just a big mess. So this year, all I’m
putting on my tiered tray, is decorations. And most of these are from
The Dollar Spot of Target, so super cheap and affordable. A lot of these I already
had from last year, I just love the way it turned out. Over in the corner, I have
an extra Christmas tree. Now I didn’t actually put a
lot of ornaments on this one, I kept it kind of plain, because it’s definitely not
our main Christmas tree. On the table itself, I added
this runner from Hobby Lobby. For Christmas time I also like to go ahead and add some chair pads, and I actually got these at Ikea, they were only like five bucks each, which is a really good deal. Then over here on my little china hutch, down below is of course where
I keep all of my platters and my Ray Dunn collection. On the top two shelves, I
have more Ray Dunn pieces, and a few little Christmas ones as well. The red truck mugs and the platter, are all from Big Lots. And of course I also have two more Christmas gnomes over here, and these are my shelf sitters. These ones have the longer legs, I think they are so cute. On the top of the hutch,
I also have some garland with lights, two smaller
Christmas trees on either side, and these cool little metal houses that I got in the Target
Dollar Spot last year. And then finally we
come to the living room, and our gigantic new Christmas tree. Now this room has definitely
changed a lot in a week. This is what it looked like last week. Completely different
rug, different artwork, but for Christmas, I really
wanted to tone down the colors. I wanted to get rid of
the yellow and the blue, because as you can see for this room, right now I’m going for a
red, white and black theme. In fact this entire
Christmas tree only has white ornaments and a
few silver ornaments, and that’s it. Now I did actually get this Christmas tree new this year at Lowe’s. It’s nine feet tall, but what
I really like about this one, is that it’s only four feet in diameter, so it’s not so big at the bottom. That means we can still
walk around the tree, it doesn’t take up as
much space in my room, the only downside is that this tree doesn’t have very many lights. So I did go ahead and add
another strand of regular lights, and a strand of larger bulbs as well. And then because this
tree is new this year, a lot of the ornaments are also new, and most of these either came
from Walmart or Big Lots, and I have to say I’m loving
these ones from Big Lots, the details on these are super nice, yet they were really affordable and most importantly, shatter proof. On my couches, I have lots of pillows. Now honestly, these are
just my regular pillows, I just went to Amazon and
purchased covers for them so I can easily change
them out each season. On the back of the couch here, we have two more Christmas gnomes, and my kids call these ones the twins, because there’s two of them
and they look the same. Now just like the family
room, I’m also working on new wall art for this room that hasn’t quite gotten here yet. Over on my coffee table, I also have an assortment of decor pieces. This little lantern is
actually from Big Lots, it’s just like the one on my coffee table in the family room. So you guys, I tend to
buy things in duplicates or triplicates and then I spread them out throughout the house, that way the decor kind of flows better
together, from room to room. And then last but not least, I also decorated one more bathroom. This is the one located in my office, but in here I just added a few things, and I kid you not, all of these things
were also from Big Lots. I found so many good
things there this year. Now later this week, I’m
also going to be adding some decoration into the kids’
rooms and the upstairs area, so let me know in the comments down below, if you’d like to see that too. I hope you enjoyed this video today, I hope it gave you some awesome
ideas that you might use while you’re decorating
your house for Christmas or the holidays. Don’t forget to give this
video a big thumbs up, and don’t forget to subscribe. Thank you guys so much for watching, and I’ll see you in my next video.


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    I’d like to see the upstairs decorations please!! 🎅🤶

  70. Krista Scholz says:

    We never put ares up b4 December 1.

  71. Bekui Saljui says:

    I usually didnt put up any decoration, because Im so clumsy T~T and yes, I would like to see the decorations in the kid's rooms and upstair area!! <3 edit : original comment by BekuiSaljui, please respect by not copying it! <3

  72. Lalitha A K Ramani says:

    I find the Christmas gomes creepy

  73. twinsrbff2 says:

    Someone suggested spraying glittery things with hair spray so it doesn't all fall off

  74. Kristen Avery says:

    whet lights

  75. Welcome to Akshita craft life says:

    Please do a Harry Potter themed lunch!

  76. ML R says:

    Where did you get the white rug in the living room? I think you said it was new.

  77. Jahanara Begum says:

    Woahhhhhh! We only put a tree up! This looks AMAZING

  78. Deanna Evans says:

    Your home looks Beautiful Jennifer! Thank you for sharing 🙂 I love listening to old Christmas music. Reminds me of my childhood 🙂 but I did write down the Pentatonix to listen too. Thanks!

  79. Stephanie Landa says:

    I was going to put up my decorations and tree This past weekend. But some unexpected construction had to be done in my apartment. At first I was bummed but then I got over it because at least I’ll have nice fresh painted walls for decorations. So I will be decorating next weekend. I love your decorations so pretty. #ilovechristmas

  80. Gilbert Canales says:

    Nice of Christmas

  81. Chenell Rigney says:

    I love the ideal of just buying covers for the pillows each holiday. Easier on storage. I love colored lights for Christmas trees and outside. I cannot wait to see the children's Christmas décor.

  82. Mandy Alley says:

    I love how you decorated for Christmas! We put our Christmas stuff up the first wknd in nov this yearm usually we wait til the wknd after thanksgiving but its our first christmas in our new house and i was excited i couldnt wait lol. TIP: spray those glittery trees or any glittery item with hair spray and the glitter wont come off or will be minimal. I had to spray several things due to glitter invading everything lol

  83. Monica Kimsey says:

    Gorgeous home!

  84. susan powell says:

    I love the Christmas decorations

  85. Carmen S S says:

    But we are in November, on Earth anyway

  86. C2theDizzle says:

    #multitasking: roblox and watching this vid

  87. Emily Lessnau says:

    Was going to ask about the kiddo’s rooms and play room but you mentioned it last minute! I always enjoy how they put their stamp on things. 🙂

  88. Miriam Sepulveda says:

    Gnomes…yay. Love. Decorate after Thanksgiving.

  89. Miriam Sepulveda says:

    I hear you.

  90. Miriam Sepulveda says:

    Christmas carols and hymns.

  91. Courtney Bergsieker says:

    do a morning routine please?

  92. Sally A says:

    Please do the upstairs bedrooms (this video was great)

  93. Judy OHara says:

    Usually the day after Thanksgiving. But this year I have one tree up already. It's a first for me.

  94. Allison B. says:

    Yes, would love to see the other rooms decorated! 🙂

  95. B Brundage says:

    We decorate the day after Thanksgiving.m

  96. Argiselle K says:


  97. Lisa Citron says:

    Found you from moss family absolutely love their videos they are such a wonderful and beautiful family they make me smile everyday .. I love how you decorated your home. You gave me such great ideas. Thank you

  98. Aussie Gal says:

    Your decorations look beautiful 🌷

  99. QueenOfArgyll says:

    i love the Irish Dance ornament, does someone do Irish Dance? 🙂

  100. Debbie Christensen says:


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