Classic Ceiling Airer – Classic Colour, Chrome or Brass Ceiling Airers
Classic Ceiling Airer – Classic Colour, Chrome or Brass Ceiling Airers

Hello and welcome to Lifestyle Clotheslines.
This is just a product line video just talking about one of our British-made
ceiling airer products and this is the Classic Ceiling Airer model. As
you can see some of the images on the page just here. If you put your mouse over the image it will
magnify it for you so you can have a better look at it. Or just give the
picture a click or even hit the See More button, just there and that will
actually enlarge the image for you. So as you can see, you’ve got your four wooden
lathes. These are obviously available in different lengths. They start
at a 0.9 meter length, right up to 2.4 meter lengths, if you wish. So, you’ve
got your cast iron ends just here. They’re obviously done in a few different
colors. That’s just a black color being displayed there. Of course you’ve
got the rope that comes with it. They’re attached to the pulleys, which
you screw into the ceiling. We’ll just go down to the bottom here, now,
and you’ll see some other images. Just a little bit more close-up picture
there, giving you more of the detail of this particular product. So
it’s a beautifully finished product. Also, just there, you’ll see some
of the other colors that it’s available in. Now the Classic Ceiling Airer is actually
also now available in a chrome and brass finish as well. We’ll just have
a look at that chrome one just there. So as you can see, beautiful finish
of the chrome ends just there. All the other options are basically the same.
It just has a chrome finish rather than the colored powder coated finish.
We’ll just have a look at the brass one now as well. So as you can see, absolutely beautiful finish
on those, really fine detail, an excellent product. So all the options
are basically all the same for the chrome and the brass. We’ll just pop
back to the original page. So as you can see, you’ve got your color options
just there. You can just highlight each square and that will enlarge
them for you. So you can just make your selection by clicking on one of
those colors. Your other options you’ve got available is
with the pulleys. You can have all the standard pulleys or deluxe pulleys.
The different basically is the standard one, of course, has a nylon plastic
wheel. The deluxe actually has a cast iron wheel, which is the more traditional
top of the pulley for these ceiling airers. You’ve got your lath length just here, so
you’ve got your 0.9 meter, which is what it starts out at, which is what this
price is just here. If you do decide to go for the longer lengths, just
click on the length that you decide, and that will actually adjust the
price for you up there as well. The same with all the other options just here.
As you click on the option, it will adjust the price for you at the top
so you can see what it’ll cost you before you go to the checkout. You’ve
got your extra double pulley option as well. This is generally only required if you wish
to install the ceiling airer a bit further out from the wall. An extra double
pulley is generally a good idea. Or sometimes if you do have a particularly
high ceiling, an extra double pulley just gives you a bit of extra
leverage. So it’s quite a good idea for those as well. Extra rope, it does come with a ten meter
rope length. But you can change that for a 15 meter rope length instead. It’s
particularly a good idea if you are getting an extra double pulley or,
as I said earlier, if you do have a particularly high ceiling an extra
length rope is usually a good idea. The last option just there are butcher’s
hooks. This is a set of ten stainless steel S hooks, which you can just
hang over the wooden lathes. You can hang utensils and things off them,
as well. Just scrolling down the page a little bit
now, and you’ll just see a brief description of the product just here, giving
a little more detail about it. Just another image of the colors available
in the Classic Ceiling Airer. There’s a Video tab there, of course. The Customer Review tab is quite a good idea.
You can have a bit of a read of what some of our other customers have said
about this product before you make your purchase. The Specifications tab
is also a good one, too. It’ll just show you all the different lathe lengths
you can get it in, again. The actual unit width, so that’s the width
from the outer wooden lathe right across to the other outer wooden lather.
That’s that actual width across four wooden lathes. Now, this dimension
is just if you had ceiling airer hoisted right up to the ceiling as far
as it will go. This is the distance between the ceiling and the bottom
of the outer wooden lathe. Of course this product comes with a ten-year
guarantee and is generally suitable for one to two people. The last tab
just here is just displaying some other products that some of our customers
have been looking at, at the same time. You’ll find these direct links
to the products. So all you need to do is click on the product name and that
will take you straight through to the product page, as well. If you do need any more information about
these ceiling airer, though, or any other products that we have at Lifestyle,
you can get in contact with us quite easily. The best way to do that is
to scroll down to the bottom of the page here under Customer Service. You’ll
see that Contact Us link just there, or also the Help and Support link.
You can either give us a call or send us an email inquiry and one of our customer
service representatives will get back to you as soon as they possibly
can. Just going back up to the page now, we did
at the time of this video have a free shipping offer. This product of course
is backed by our Lifestyle’s 100-day happiness guarantee. This simply means
if you’re not completely satisfied with a product once you have received
it, you can just give us a call or send us an email and let us know you’d
like to return it. We’ll provide you with some return address details.
Once we’ve received it back in its original packaging we will give you
a 100% money back guarantee. So once you’ve made all your selections, different
options just here, and your color choice, all you need to do then
is just click on that Add to Cart button just there. You can, of course,
order multiple quantities as well by selecting one of those. But once you’re
ready to go, you just click that Add to Cart button. That will pop you
through to the check out where you can put in all your details and make your
payment. Thank you for shopping with Lifestyle Clotheslines.

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