Clay Pottery Slab Building : Rolling Pin Tips for Clay Pottery
Clay Pottery Slab Building : Rolling Pin Tips for Clay Pottery

Now of course the slab roller is the easier
way to go, but not everybody owns that piece of equipment, so I’m going to show you how
to make a nice slab of clay with just a rolling pin and your table. Now my table here is covered
in canvas, that way when I’m throwing the clay, it’s not sticking, it gives it a nice
surface to absorb a little bit of the water as well, if you’re letting your clay set up.
So in order to make a nice big slab with the rolling pin, I’m going to stretch this out
a little bit more. I probably want to get it to be in the end a little bit more than
a quarter of inch thick. That’s a good thickness to be sturdy enough to use and thick, you
know thick enough to hold up. So I’ve got it a little bit thicker than that right now.
I’m going to take my really big rolling pin here and I’m just going to kind of stretch
that out a little bit more
and make it nice and smooth. Having a really wide rolling pin helps because then you’re
more likely to have the same thickness all the way across. If you have a really thin
rolling pin you’re going to have to do it in a couple of different places and you might
end up with ridges in the middle. So once you’ve got it rolled out to about the thickness
that you want you want to take some kind of drywall knife and smooth the surface. Helps
to, to clean off your knife first. And you’re just compressing the clay and smoothing the
surface. You did get some compression with that rolling pin, but this gives you just
a little bit more. And if you have a few ridges, that’s okay because we’re probably going to
end up wiping those out in the next steps of the process. So now we have a nice slab
of clay.

8 thoughts on “Clay Pottery Slab Building : Rolling Pin Tips for Clay Pottery”

  1. Cols55 says:

    Hi this is very useful, but where did you find a rolling pin that wide? Most of the ones I've found are 18" including handles. There are wide synthetic ones, but I think they would stick and have no handles. ( I'm in the UK by the way)
    Thanks :^)

  2. Karen Peters says:

    I wish you talked about what could go wrong. I tend to have air bubbles and I thought this would talk about what to do if that's the case.

  3. mdboop says:

    I think you need to wedge your clay before rolling it out.

  4. Nancy Underwood says:

    I ordered my 24"X3" from I also purchased rolling guides with 3 different thickness. They are also on ebay & amazon.

  5. id104335409 says:

    My God you are hot. 0.0

  6. kayartist says:

    Please can you tell me where did you purchase your huge rolling pin, and what do you do to avoid air bubbles?

  7. dekonfrost7 says:

    Thanks. Your very cute.

  8. Eduardo Ribeiro says:

    the clay I have is sticking to the table, what do I have to do so it will not stick?

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