CleanUP Carpet Turbo Head For Ducted Vacuums | Aussie Vac
CleanUP Carpet Turbo Head For Ducted Vacuums | Aussie Vac

Hi, Andrew from Aussie Vac here. Today I’m taking a look
at the new Turbo head from the cleanUP brand
of vacuum accessories. It’s suitable for all
ducted vacuum systems and many popular portables as well. Got a roller brush on the base here, which spins as the vacuum operates, with an opening for cleaning
and maintanence as necessary. It’s got a swiper blade at the back, which helps maintain constant suction. And rollers at the front and rear so you can glide over a
variety of floor surfaces. It’s got a nice low profile design, so it’ll easily fit under
couches and other furniture, and then you can get through a whole room of vacuuming in ease. The Turbo heads, too, make
your life a lot easier. And we think they’re a great
addition to any vacuum system. You can check this one out online or in our showroom today. Thank you.

4 thoughts on “CleanUP Carpet Turbo Head For Ducted Vacuums | Aussie Vac”

  1. Cathie Y says:

    Just bought this replacement head for my Volta today. It is absolutely PERFECT! Very well thought out design. Happy 😊

  2. Ducted Vacuum Centre says:

    Thanks Cathie, glad you are happy with your new turbo head!

  3. lynx318therealone says:

    Any way of getting an exploded view, my sister undone the screws on hers to clean it better than normal and two metal clips fell out. I can't figure where they go back in?

  4. Jellybeantiger says:

    Just bought one to replace an old portable Vax that has been flawless,tried it on the carpet unpowered,glides like butter,happy with purchase.

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