55 thoughts on “CLOSET MAKEOVER | ANN LE”

  1. Amani Aissani says:

    First comment , love u so muchh❤️

  2. Idk uh says:

    Ahh I love you and your videos so much ❤️💕

  3. Takvi kao ja says:

    3rd 😜😜

  4. Ali 370 says:

    i get that this is a closet makeover and it looks really beautiful in the end, but this is everything but minimalism

  5. Hosni Nour says:

    I love you

  6. Hannah Hales says:

    Love this ❤️

  7. Krisna Totani says:

    Love this for you ❤️

  8. Lina says:

    I love!! I totally feel you with letting go clothes, but I'm definitely working on that slowly but surely ~

  9. tomboyz151 says:

    That crown is so beautiful!! Where did you get it from? 😍👑

  10. bitsofmylife says:

    Letting go of clothes is sometimes a pain in the ass!😫 I like ur closet makeover!:)

  11. Hamiyet Kaya says:

    love 😘

  12. Ro Araújo says:


  13. mz40oz says:

    Lord my closet has been hot by a tornado…clean uo os still in the process. Well, actually the clean up hasnt even started. Happy to report no lives were lost

  14. Coffee Cram says:

    I don't think this has anything to do with minimalism. Why that title?

  15. Virgo if says:

    Minimalist?? Serioulsy?? I have only one pair of sunglasses 🕶

  16. Honor says:

    It looks amazing! thank you for sharing Ann <3

  17. C R G says:

    Guys minimalism is relative and subjective. No one can say it’s not minimalism.

    Additionally she may mean it as a minimalist aesthetic versus a minimalist lifestyle. There is a difference.

  18. geekista says:

    Wow guys calm down. Minimalism is a process, she can't just toss everything she owns and call it a day, it's not that easy. She's on her way to minimalism, bare with her 😞

  19. Michelle Hoang says:

    Looks great. I am also thinking about a close make over but thus will have to be postponed later in the future.

  20. Gizem Klc says:

    Scared to ask, but wasn’t she married or living together?😳🙈

  21. Laura Roberts says:

    Love it! I have what feels like the world's smallest walk-in closet, which I have to share with my husband, and this has given me some ideas. There are a few built-in shelves, so I need to organize those a bit more with some additional storage boxes or bins. Thanks for sharing!

  22. caramelbrowngirl26 says:

    Minimalism is in the eyes of the beholder if this minimal from what she's used to, then let it be. Why as humans we have this mentality that what I say goes and if you're not doing my way then you're wrong. If this is not your cup of tea, then move on. Don't waist your time an finger energy typing all this nonsense about how someone else should do things.

  23. cam mel says:

    I thumbs down… Only because it was clickbait

  24. June Roberts says:

    Love your new closet. Im

  25. Mori Sanchez says:

    For the longest time, I always thought I was the only one that organized clothing by sleeve length and weight! I'm SO glad I'm not the only one! I feel like everyone and their mama hangs by color which is super inefficient for me. Your closet looks phenomenal!

  26. Ana L says:

    LOVE IT!!!!!♡

  27. Annlaug Maria Tolo says:

    Huuuge improvement!!!

  28. Annlaug Maria Tolo says:

    Ps I love the chat going on about minimalism.hey its what you make it for YOU. Minimalism is a process. And not everyone is ment to take it "all the way" . Its a personal thing.

  29. MiiiTrinh says:

    Hey Ann, what's your workout routine? Your arms look great!

  30. tin says:

    I believe that minimalism has no difinitive number to validate whether an individual qualifies as a minimalist for owning x amount of stuff. Minimalism is about ridding the superfluous excess that no longer serves you and finding value in the ones you decide to keep. It varies from individual-to-individual based on their lifestyle.
    So, let's be patient and understanding that Anne is doing things at her own pace and will probably implement a different minimalist lifestyle than most of us would expect .
    If you want more info on minimalism or is in need of tips, I highly recommend listening to the podcast The Minimalists.

  31. lily mbae says:

    I love it How much was the makeover? Was it worth it

  32. TheCeska90 says:

    i think that the door should open the other way, cause it takes a lot of space as it is right now

  33. Nada Majdy says:

    congrats on your new closet <3

  34. Ranjini Suryanarayanan says:

    Just a small suggestion .. A sliding door would make a huge difference in terms of how spacious to feels.

  35. Elle Gilyard says:

    Very nice. I need to do another purge myself. I wish I could organize my closet like that, but I have about 1/4th the space

  36. SabrinaDA79 says:

    I have to reorganize my own closet too, I’m scared because I have tons of clothes I don’t want to throw away cause they are still good to wear but I have no space 😩

  37. Vilma Ochoa says:

    Nice closet.

  38. Crystal S says:

    So nice! I love how it turned out! Even a smaller space can look glam too 😊💕🙌

  39. Julia Walker says:

    Teeth look great!!

  40. NATHAN SLATE says:

    Beautiful. But why haven’t you put your clothes in colour order. I promise it will change the whole look one level more.

  41. Taylor Troeger says:

    Where did you purchase the closet organizer set from?

  42. CreateSomething says:

    This is so coool!!!

  43. JarofArts says:

    Loved how your closet turned out!

  44. miss tees says:

    just curious…how much did you budget for the installation? need to organize my closet too but contemplating if i should do it myself or get someone to.
    p.s. yours look amazing! 💖

  45. Gloria Levario says:

    it looks amazing .

  46. Ann Latham says:

    This is exactly what I need to do ! ❤️👌🏻

  47. Samwild88 says:

    wow..I LOVED IT .. we're moving out into a new house and this video helped me out cuz' I'M A MESS

  48. tink268 says:

    Minimalism is not about living out of a suitcase. It is a process the entire goal is to buy less and experience more. However you are not prohibited tu buy anything at all. I dont understand the comments that are saying this isn't minimalism. This movement isn't about how many pairs of sandals you have but to have clarity and less stress due to our accumulation. I love your chanel!!! Keep doing what you are doing girl!!

  49. Kleomenides86 says:

    Wonderful makeover! Your closet looks much more organized and even bigger ^____^ I think you made the right choice: when you start cleaning your closet you should do it gradually, there are old and trusted pieces you'll always need, expencive stuff you don't often wear but on the right occasions they make you look gorgeous, impulse shopped clothes you'll never wear…a good job takes time and reasoning 😉
    Also, don't worry about minimalism, it's a very subjective topic…I have a minialist friend with a huge closet and very few home decorations, another one that only has black, white, blue and gray clothes but as many as she needs and one that has only a little capsule wardrobe but tons of accessories 😀

  50. Ernestina Carvalho says:

    Wow 😊 fantastic

  51. Katherine Crerar says:

    So pretty!

  52. Klimt Kahlo says:


  53. Michelle Hoang says:

    Hi Anne just missing your bullet journal videos. Will you be putting one out for September? Thanks! Looking forward to it.

  54. Joyce Castro says:

    She doesn’t have alot of stuff. But I think you need to store away clothes by seasonal so it doesn’t look packed together and looks overwhelming

  55. Cara Mia says:

    I thought you're usually not allowed to re-do closets in apartments. If you move out and get inspected your closet is not in the same way it began with.

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