Collector Daylilies |
Collector Daylilies |

Hi this is Heidi from Garden Crossings
and I’m out in the garden tonight and I just wanted to give you a little look at
my daylily collection that I have here so I don’t know about you but I like to
kind of plant certain varieties in Mass daylilies is one of them as well as coneflowers and hostas I just like to kind of create collections of those
particular plants so you can just see all the different colors and textures I
have going on here in the daylily garden some of them are more solid one
color blooms others of them are more of a bicolor bloom I’ve got some different
heights going on and I also add in different factors such as is it a
reblooming daylily or is it a one-time blooming daylily that just kind of
keeps the color in the day Lily garden going pretty much throughout the season
what is your favorite Daylily that you grow in your garden? this is Heidi from
Garden Crossings

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