Color-Happy Country Living in Fort Worth Texas
Color-Happy Country Living in Fort Worth Texas

(guitar music) – I love the crispness
of white with the blue, and then taking it to the next level with the greens, and the hot pink, and the turquoise, and the yellow. It just snowballed on me and I was just before I knew I was like bah! This house has so much color! – I love the colors of the house. Our house doesn’t look
like anybody else’s house, and I love it that way. – If you’re gonna go big, go big. As far as following any
sort of design rules, I’ve never read the rule book
and frankly I don’t want to. I just seem to find a way to make it work. Come on rascals. The front dining room
is the first room you see when you come into the door, so I wanted to make a
statement right away. I wanted people to go, wow! I did pattern, on pattern, on pattern, and you know we would think it might not work cause they might
fight with each other. But, layering patterns elevates the space just that much more in the design. The house sits on two acres. It’s 4,111 square feet. There are four bedrooms,
three and a half baths, a game room, a lounge area, open concept living, and a swimming pool. (guitar music) – You know we were living kinda
in the heart of Fort Worth. – It was just getting more and more crowded and fewer places to park. So, we stumbled upon this little community out here near Lakeside, and found this lot in particular, and decided to build
our forever house here. – It’s a little bit secluded. 10 to 15 minutes from downtown, but has all the, you know,
the features of wild life. – And we were sold when
we were looking at it. Like four or five deer
ran across the back of it, and Jeff just looked
at me and he was like, this is where we’re gonna live. It’d be a real challenge to be
in a bad mood in this house. First of all the natural light is insane, and then you’ve got the
color on top of that. I would describe my style, and the design of this house
as rustic contemporary. I don’t know why it works, but it just does. I think if you go in a
room and your eye can rest easily on everything then it works. When you come into the great room immediately you’ll notice
the 20 foot ceilings, and it just makes the space seem even bigger than it already is. – You know with a high ceiling you need something that’s a little bit bold, and kinda brings the
ceiling down a little bit. And that’s what that
ceiling fan did for me. – The dry stack stone is
from floor to ceiling. On the hearth area I did a
herringbone pattern marble. I love the mix of the stone, with the wood floor, with the marble. This was a really, really
nice expensive fabric, and I wasn’t gonna be able to buy all the yards needed to
make these tall drapes. So, what I did is I cheated a little bit. I bought just a few yards of
it, probably eight or nine. Then I used solid linen, and then a solid linen trim tape to make a really custom beautiful drape. But, without spending the
fortune that it could’ve been. Moving off into the dining room. It’s where everybody congregates. With the picnic table style dining. I think it does just say
take off your shoes please, and have a seat, and eat what
I’ve made, and no complaining. Eat what I made. I knew I wanted a bright, light kitchen. And I also knew that I wanted marble counter tops and lots of counter space. Entertaining is a breeze. We have enough room to set out the food. Sort of a buffet style. I love the modern farmhouse sink, and I knew I always wanted
this crazy looking faucet. It’s important to me to
showcase my kid’s artwork. It makes ’em feel special, and because it’s adorable. The cuckoo clock hung
in grandparents house, and I remember just as being a
child standing in front of it and dancing whenever
the cuckoo would cuckoo. (cuckoo clock sounding) I think it’s really awesome. A couple years ago we went to this antique place in Forney, Texas, and saw the replica phone booths. And we’re like, okay this is
super cool we have to have one. I wish the phone worked, it doesn’t. – It’s analog and everything’s gone digital so it doesn’t function, but it’s still a great conversation piece. – This is probably my most eclectic space. Mixing modern with traditional. The game room we knew we wanted to be a more masculine space. We wanted it to be dark, you know, for watching games, and TVs, and stuff. Oh, has it already started? – We have the bold looking wallpaper, and we just absolutely love it. We have some tile over here
that almost looks like scales with the quartz countertop
and it really pops. It’s just a great room. The couch is unbelievable. It’s goose down feather
and so comfortable. – The master bathroom is the only room in our house that isn’t wild with color. We wanted it to be very calming. It’s got that modern stand alone tub with a big picture window, and I love the tree outside the window, which is very special. Jeff planted that on Valentine’s Day. Jeff likes it because he
picked out a rain shower head, and he still high fives
himself over that choice. – I had to have a rain shower head. – It’s got a separate
shower head that I use. It’s hard if you don’t
wash your hair everyday to not get your hair wet if
you have a rain shower head. You’re gonna be like dodging the rain shower like this the whole time. Nobody wants to shower like that. Jeff designed the best backyard with lots of seating and
places to eat and lounge. – I put a lot of deck around the pool. One of the things homeowners regret more than anything is not enough deck. – It’s nice to have the day bed It’s really cool. It kinda feels like you’re in a resort. – When we were on vacation in Cancun Shauna and I were laying on a cabana bed, and I said we have got to have this bed. I drove all the way down to Mexico. I actually picked it up, and got lost a little bit,
you might say, down there. And was off the grid for a couple hours, but I finally got it back home. The pool itself, it has pebble sheen finish with abalone shells. The sanitation I use is
something called Solar Eclipse, and it’s ozone and UV combined. What it will do is get you as close to chlorine free as you can get. – One of the coolest things that we did was put a dog shower in the garage. It’s also a great place to wash off dirty kids and dirty husbands too. It’s pretty awesome. – [Jeff] It’s a beautiful home, but it’s a very comfortable
functioning home. – You walk in here and you can totally tell the personality of
the people who live here. It really is my favorite place to be. I used to want to travel all the time, and I just want to be home. (guitar music) (splashing water) (toy squeaks)

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