Colorful Room Ideas
Colorful Room Ideas

While we’re all for tried-and-true neutrals,
there’s something alluring about a room that’s bursting with color. these colorful ideas are more than enough
inspiration to go bold once and for all. 1. COLOR WHEEL LUXE. In this luxurious living room, pink pillows
stand out on a pale green sofa. A mix of soft blues, dark greens, and pinks
create a colorful look that’s still soft and elegant.For a complementary color combo, pair
opposite hues on the color wheel together. Then, choose decor in different shades of
the same color for added dimension. 2. Color Blocking. Color blocking is the technique of combining
a few different colors together in large, solid chunks, or “blocks”. And it can be used to great effect in interior
design.The bright, citrus colors are fun and playful, yet the color blocking technique
lends an air of sophistication. 3. UNEXPECTED HUES Pick a statement piece to set the tone for
the rest of your decor; this looks especially chic when it’s a traditionally neutral piece. In this open and casual dining space, a bold
red chandelier pops against the whitewashed ceiling and walls. Shades of red and pink accent pillows continue
the trend, while bright turquoise table legs provide the perfect contrast. 4. BOLD DINING. In this cheery dining space, bright red rattan
chairs make a statement, pairing perfectly with the warm wood tones found in the table
and flooring. Greenery adorns the tabletop and the corner
for added color that doesn’t compete with the bold red hues. 5. Colorful Contemporary. Contemporary design is often associated with
neutral color palettes, but in this modern living room used color to great effect. The red mid-century chairs, bold artwork,
and Persian-style rug all contribute to the warm, comfortable atmosphere. 6. BRIGHT AND MODERN. Bring life to a streamlined, monochromatic
space with a​ big dose of color in your decor choices, from pillows to wall art. In this modern living room, geometric accent
pillows complement the oversized abstract artwork on the wall. An assortment of colorful coffee table books
continues the bright pink, yellow, and green palette. 7. VIBRANT PATIO. Create a welcoming, colorful outdoor area
with bright ​cushions, fun patterns, and cute decorative accents. In this fun outdoor space, layers of dazzling
outdoor rugs create a relaxed vibe. Green and pink lounge chairs add a playful
element and tie into the wealth of colors on the rugs. An abundance of potted plants throughout finish
the look of this artistic retreat. 8. BRIGHT BOHO. Decorate your outdoor patio with a mix of
bright colors and global-inspired patterns for a whimsical, bohemian feel. In this relaxing spot, a fringed hammock provides
a neutral backdrop for an abundance of color. Boho style is all about having a mix of saturated
hues, from the turquoise pouf to the bright red pillow in this space. 9. Vibrant Mural in a Living Room .
A colorful mural is a great way to add a sense of fun to a living room. Simply choose the colors you want to use and
then tape off the sections using painter’s tape. Any more and the space will start to look
cluttered. 10. When One Is Enough. While conventional decorating wisdom says
go with a neutral sofa and add color elsewhere. This yellow sofa makes just the right statement
in a room full of otherwise neutral pieces. Sometimes all you need is one or two colorful
pieces to really make a room sing. that’s all for now. Don’t forget to like, give your comment and
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