Cómo aparentar sillar en pared(how to look like cillar in wall)

ok, so right what we are doing is, a tutorial on how to …. appearance of sillar stone so here i put my blacksmith template you can make this yourself , i made this at home, or you could also go get it made for you the measure that you want to make in the width of the blocks you can make it as you can see i put concrete nails but the reason why is because so it is easier o pour the cement so that it does not burst, because if everything is thrown it bursts and your finish is cracked,let it dry and then we leave the other one and we close , as you see i am not proffesional maso.n but the idea of this tutorial is that anyone who does follow the rule of the tubulars is nothing more than to cut the cement ignite anybody can do it, it is easier not necessary that the masters do it here, it is easier for them to remount the molds on top of the stone as you see here and I already know whit a little and what I do with a little tablet cut out if you realize and when you get busting because of dehydration, it dries vey fast because of the humidity already in the other box that we make it does not burst anymore and as this dries up we are going to put this here so that it dries because the idea is that it does not have the wings try to make it even its should look like ashlars or bricks and this is to taste how much they want to give it as how mine is as you can see ,it’s easy here just by tapping and vote the structure remove the nail they need and two people are needed to get them out remove the mold and you the other side this would go backwards like this. do the same procedure and it’s all you can do it even if you are not a bricklayer. please subscribe to the channel and give and give it a like 🙂

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