Como hacer muebles miniatura para casa de muñecas
Como hacer muebles miniatura para casa de muñecas

Hello friends and friends, in this video we are going
to make a furniture composition in miniature composed of a low furniture,
a modular furniture and a bookcase, the we will do with these 15 sticks
centimeters long and 18 millimeters of wide, we start with the low furniture,
we cut the tips to 2 sticks and we glue them together forming a
L profile, we hit a stick we will have cut the tip in one of the
sides and cut what is left over, with the piece that we have left over we do the same in
the other side, we repeat the operation two more times
to divide the furniture into three parts, we glue a piece to join down the
part of the center, another piece will cover one side, we do the same on the other side, we stick a shelf in the center
and a small piece down vertically, we will use a skewer stick to make
the drawer handles, also with the skewer stick we do
the legs, We continue with the modular furniture,
we cut the tips to two sticks, we cut them in half,
we take advantage of these two tips to paste each other these two sticks, the other two halves we hit the
sides forming a U, we cut another piece of the stick to measure
for the top of the furniture, We do the same for the bottom, we place a shelf, the legs, We finished with the bookstore, we cut them the tips with three sticks and we join them
with each other hitting two small pieces, we cut the tips of two others
and we hit them like this, making a U-shaped profile, the short pieces we stick
previously they must be left behind, we cut two pieces with the length of the
furniture width to glue them up and down finally we cut three pieces that
they must fit inside, we hit them and we also add legs,
We pay some books to decorate our bookstore, we cut many pieces of
sticks one centimeter wide approximately, we cut a strip of
Cardboard of the color we want, the width will be a couple of millimeters more than
the chopsticks we’ve cut, come on folding and pasting the cardboard in shape
accordion and every two folded we glue a piece of
toothpick, as we see in the picture, we paste the books in the bookstore, Now we are going to make a TV
cardboard, we take as a basis a piece of rectangular cardboard, we will also need
a black cardboard, we cut a piece rectangular cardboard that will be a
little greater than the cardboard measures, we hit one on top of the other and cut the corners of the
cardboard flush with cardboard, we fold in the flaps
resulting and we paste them the base of the television will be a strip
small that we will fold and stick, to join the two pieces we roll a
cardboard strip to form a cylinder, we glue the three pieces And we already have our TV.
Composition finished. If you liked it this video please press like and
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