Cómo instalar un piso cerámico. Proceso completo

Hello, in this video I will teach enlosar
an external ground, a job sure, Using this tutorial, you can do
without any problem. In addition we will spend at least trying
possible tools. Specifically I will enlosar this part of
court which is in the form of “L” yellow alvero. The first thing we have to do is measure
ground to know how much tile We have to buy. As the area is enlosar as “L”
we will divide it into two rectangles we measure separately. These are the measures of each
in centimeters, we multiply height base and we had a few meters, then add both
rectangles to know the total area. We give 11, 6 meters. As you may have tiles must be cut,
I estimate that we will need at least about 14 or 15 square meters. In addition to the tiles, cement need
tail, about 4 kgs per square meter, a cube for mixing a notched trowel
8 mm mortar colored for Grouting, in our case I have bought
gray, to cut the tiles, though ideally a manual cutter, I’ll use
this grinder with diamond blade, the reason It is that a tile cutter serve
Stone, who are we to put, It is too expensive, and this grinder and
I had it at home and I can perfectly serve, I will use these joints also plastic
controlling the separation of the tiles, outdoor enlosados ​​separation recommended
It is 3 mm, therefore the joints will be 3 mm. It is important to choose the area in which
we’ll start placing the tiles, of so you have to cut the fewest
these are possible and also in areas less visible. It is advisable to place first before
without glue them to have a preview and so we can correct any errors when
still they have easier solution. We started mixing. The sack of cement tell us to be
adding about 7 liters of water per bag, as the bag is 25 kgs. and I have not a bucket
so great, I will be filled with cement 3/4 of the water bucket and gradually add
until a homogeneous mixture. I am kneading as you see what I’m doing with
hand, it is that a mixer costs money I do not deserve worth spending. It is very important to wear gloves for this to
prevent damage to our hands by erosion cement. Apply the mixture on the floor and extend,
we can do it with the trowel or with hands. Now, with the trowel, we make crumbs. We’ll do it in a straight line for placing
tiles, cement extends so uniform, avoiding the formation of bags
air and thus avoiding possible breakage or takeoffs in the future. We put the first tile beginning
by the edges. We put together including at the corners,
and letting the tiles together joints separation mark. The we leveled to avoid as much as possible
helping steps including a deck rubber or, alternatively, a rubber hammer,
careful not to break them. If we work overnight,
remove the cement that overflows the edges, because if we leave it to dry, this will prevent
the new tile seat properly. If you forget to do this, we should take
hammer and chisel, and remove the dry cement. It’s time to start cutting tile, it
first will be measured one by one the piece that we need to cut. We measure the space between the tile
and adjoining wall, and we carry tile cut, also add about 4 mm
to include three millimeters apart plus another margin. I advise each tile number to find out later
where it goes each. As I said before, we will use a grinder
manually with a diamond disc. To save water is making me I invented
this double “L”. We mix, the dwell, the graffitied
and put the tiles. They’re all placed, if we have left
we remove cement stains helping us with a special liquid for these cases. Now we just apply the grout. With a bag of 5 kg. We have enough. We mix the same way as the
cement, but this time, somewhat less thick. For this type of tiles we have to apply
directly on the boards, trying not overextend the rest of the tile. Remove the excess, and a semi-damp sponge
We cleaned to remove completely and only left the board. Sponge wet it and continuously escurrimos
in a bucket of water. Let us not forget also seal the joints with
the walls. Job done, now we’ll wait 24 hours
to mop the floor. I hope this video has been helpful,
If so, please click “like”. You can also subscribe to this channel. Thank you very much for your attention, goodbye.

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