contemporary style home with a fabulous design and elegant interior | Video tour
contemporary style home with a fabulous design and elegant interior | Video tour

Hi everyone welcome back to another
video today we have come up with a contemporary style home with a fabulous
design this is a modern house with combination of color and shapes that
makes it more attractive this has built up area of 2,850 square feet with four
bedroom this is located in two rad Kerala the exterior portion of wall is
used for garden be checking with the sit-out it is a spacious one with four
wooden chairs placed now let’s enter into this beautiful home the sit-out leads to a utility area
where two wooden chairs are available simple fault sealing works is given here now we can check the living area where a
cushion so far with coffee people is available we can see a wooden frame
touches use all over the area we explored here the curtain used is simple
and elegant simple ceiling work is used here also with ceiling LED lights this leads to TV unit area where a sofa
unit is available here some show works are designed to make the room better this leads to dining area where a table
with eight seating capacity is available simple and cute lighting are used above
dining table here to a showcase in wooden area is given this is the washing
area where the wall is designed in natural stone style without masonry work moving to the bedrooms here we see a
double cot with simple design wardrobe is available here in wooden frame second bedroom is similar to previous a
double cot and wardrobe is available moving the kitchen side we see a modular
kitchen with rack storage on gas top burner moving to first floor we see a
modular glass staircase now checking the room we see room
similar to all we checked previously here a dressing table is available the fourth bedroom is same as third
bedroom altogether we see a magnificent home in modular design with four

31 thoughts on “contemporary style home with a fabulous design and elegant interior | Video tour”

  1. Celebrati Challenge says:

    Koye milgaya

  2. musthafa mishab says:

    Super homezonline

  3. 3D House says:

    beautiful house.

  4. Mohammed Kuuty007 says:

    Not a good feeling

  5. chiranjibi behera says:

    Liked the home
    Can I get the plan of this home?

  6. najeeullah khan khan says:

    Can you send me this house map

  7. Anthony Sarkar says:

    Why your all bedrooms is of same kind same design??

  8. Satyam Patel says:


  9. Vasanth Kumar says:

    Building cost without land how much sir

  10. Rizvi Tube says:

    What is the cost Awesome one..❤️

  11. Navnath Giri says:

    Nice home

  12. sumithra jayaraj says:

    Good plan
    Exterior look is fantastic
    Good entrance
    Good space to receive the guest n a separate living room to enjoy privacy👌
    Comfortable n enough wardrobes. the windows from inside looks different but how to let in the light n fresh air
    Anyways nice house👍

  13. dip basu says:

    I find it congested and suffocating

  14. praveen suryavanshi says:

    How much will the cost in Goa .

  15. haris muhemmed muhemmed says:

    I liked this home and good design

  16. Nadeem Khokar says:

    Sir aap ke serviceses telengana me hai

  17. Aman Rathore says:

    Bedroom size is small


    Very nice 😍😍✌

  19. Al Rahna says:

    Hw much sq, ft

  20. Al Rahna says:

    Nice living 😍😍curten, stair also 👍

  21. Ravi Aronya says:

    Sir cost kya hai iski

  22. priya B says:

    Wow beautiful

  23. Achintya Deokar says:

    Sadly telling poor space planning.

  24. Shilpa Karigoudar says:

    What is the construction cost

  25. Hunu Daze says:

    Very good home

  26. Paramesh Psn says:

    How much cost in totally building and area?

  27. Krishna Krishna says:

    Wat is the total cost

  28. Mahesh Reddy says:

    We built small duplex house in 4 cents is it possible to built….????

  29. elevation4u says:

    good elevation

  30. Faizu Mohd says:

    Exterior design is so amazing, I like this home, it is simple and elegant

  31. entrainment only says:

    Good design.. please upload 1300 sq ft homes videos with budget 😊..

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