Controlling Moldings Per Wall in Chief Architect
Controlling Moldings Per Wall in Chief Architect

In this video we’ll discuss how to
remove moldings in Chief Architect, including removing them along a single
wall and how to control the moldings along a single side of one wall. To begin,
I’m going to open a plan that I already have open in Chief Architect. There are
several ways to control moldings. You can open the room to remove the moldings
throughout the entire room at once. For instance, a walk-in shower should not
have moldings inside of it. So I’m going to open this room by double clicking
inside of it. Then I’ll go down to the Moldings panel. In order to modify the
molding in the room I’ll need to uncheck Use Floor Default, then I can select the
molding I want to remove, in this case I only have one a base molding, and then
select Delete to remove it from the room. Now if I create a Full Camera view
looking at the shower you can see that there is no molding inside this room. Next if I want to remove the molding
from just a single wall, such as this wall under the stairs that
has unnecessary molding, or this fireplace wall, I can select the wall
that I do not want to have molding on it, open it up for specification and in this
General panel under Options I can check the box for No Room Moldings. The preview
you see of the wall will not show the room moldings, so to view what moldings
are being removed you would need to open the rooms adjoining this wall. This
option will remove the moldings from both sides of the wall, so you would only
want to use this when you do not want molding to show on either side. If I
change my mind, I can open the wall back up and uncheck No Room Moldings and it
will follow the room’s specifications for moldings once more. If you would like
to remove molding on just one side of one wall, such as this laundry room wall
adjoining the pantry, you can create a Room Molding Polyline. To do so I’m going
to select the room, and in Edit toolbar I’m going to select Make
Room Molding Polyline. This will allow you to take any existing molding within
a room and create a polyline of that object. Molding Polylines provide you
with more options to edit the placement of your moldings. For instance, you can
remove the molding along one edge. I’m going to select the edge of the molding
I want to remove, I can tell it’s the selected or active edge because my edit
handle is larger and a different color than the other edit handles of the
polyline, then with that edge selected I can open it up and check the box for No
Molding on Selected Edge, or use the shortcut in my edit toolbar to do so. I
can also use the Break Line tool in my edit toolbar to create more breaks in
the polyline, giving me even more control over where the moldings show up. I’m
going to create breaks in between the door and the washer and dryer to add
molding back into the area in between them. So those are the three ways you can
remove moldings: by opening a room to remove moldings throughout the entire room, opening the wall to remove moldings on both sides of the wall, or creating a Room Molding Polyline to remove moldings from one wall or a part of a wall.

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