Coraline (9/10) Movie CLIP – No I’m Not! (2009) HD
Coraline (9/10) Movie CLIP – No I’m Not! (2009) HD

So.. You’re back, and you brought Vermin with you? [ Worried Meow ] No, I.. I brought a friend. You know I love you.. Hmm. You.. have a very funny way of showing it. So, where are they? The ghost eyes? Hold on.. We aren’t finished yet, are we? No, I suppose not. After all, you still need to find your old parents. Don’t you? Too bad you won’t have..this! [ Fire Whooshing ] [ Fire Whooshing, Other Mother Chuckling ] [ Ghost Eyes Jingling ] Be clever miss! Even if you win, she’ll never let you go! I already know where you’ve hidden them. Hmm. Well, produce them. They’re behind that door! Oh they are, are they? [ Glass Squeaking ] There! [ Glass Squeaking ] Mom.. Dad! [ Other Mother coughing up door key] Go on, open it. They’ll be there all right. You’re wrong, Coraline. They aren’t there… Now, you’re going to stay here forever. NO… I’M… NOT!! [ Cat Yowling ] [ Snippit ]

100 thoughts on “Coraline (9/10) Movie CLIP – No I’m Not! (2009) HD”

  1. jungkooks banana milk says:

    Is this lalaloopsy in a nutshell

  2. Adika says:

    I have no idea till now why this movie didn't scare me.. maybe I was too naive when I was a kid, and now I realize it was supposed to be scary.. but still even now I don't get terrified, not a bit lol

  3. EX_ST4R says:

    This is one of those movies im glad can never be a real thing…its a terrifiying concept…

  4. Dici Chan UwU says:


  5. Laurie Sarro says:

    I called Uncle Eddie today I can’t sit in the

  6. Laurie Sarro says:

    I don’t know why: why do you throw the cat

  7. Laurie Sarro says:

    I hope you bot boThat again

  8. Laurie Sarro says:

    Talking about porlik and I’m not trying to be mean

  9. Esli Michelle tivt says:

    Ciao 🖐️. Merda

  10. Mamboo007 says:

    I would have trouble with the web she was on and properly get tangled or stuck

  11. Sarken says:

    Coraline's mother kinda fine

  12. Seora Chan says:

    I still remember that i had nightmare after watching this as a kid , and now i am terrified by just remembering my nightmare dang it!

  13. #AndresTheYouTuber 123 says:

    Teacher:You're going to have extra very more homeworks,forever
    Throws My Schoolbag on teacher

  14. Laurie Sarro says:

    Why are you being mean to why Miss Kat you are not mad

  15. Laurie Sarro says:

    Cat again I do thatMy 🐈

  16. CleverCookieRBLX says:

    movies like this make u grateful for having no demon parents

  17. TexansSWAG1213 says:

    I watched this when I was a child and wasn’t scared

  18. Hamdosh Khan says:

    I be like

    Cya in heaven real mom…

  19. Jordan Krzywicki says:

    I used to wonder why the Other Mother didn’t lock the door after she thought Coraline had lost. But then I realized she expected Coraline to keep her word.

  20. Leny Netasari says:

    I dont like coraline but so scary

  21. garance tu connais ? says:

    J'adore ce film

  22. PersonaXQueNoTeImporta says:

    Su voz en inglés da mucho más miedo 😂😂😂

  23. Terry Cosslett says:

    W T F is that!

  24. 1234 1234 says:

    مره حلو

  25. David Dixon-Ratzlaff says:

    The question everyone was asking when this came out:


  26. Lauren Victoria says:

    this movie gave me a heart attack when i was about six, literally

  27. Deshawnhhnjhj Savage says:


  28. Bloody Gryphyn says:

    This is what made me avoid this movie when I was little, now I love it

  29. Laurie Sarro says:

    Bro why did you cat yeah

  30. Laurie Sarro says:

    Why do you go to Throught this 🐈😱

  31. Neil Esguerra says:

    0:30 i came here because of tik tok

  32. monica auquilla says:

    If I saw that thing I would go like"yee yee"

  33. Anna Mihalaki says:

    I listen this at tik tok.

  34. ani ani says:

    The conjuring like
    Coraline coment

  35. Melanie Briscoe says:


  36. TRISTINO A. says:

    And to think this movie is PG

  37. Laurie Sarro says:

    What did you do to the 🐈😱

  38. Laurie Sarro says:

    I know right moves

  39. Laurie Sarro says:

    Don’t you do that to wybie

  40. Renee Rose says:

    look at that ugly cracking face

  41. Elda Raquel Galarza says:


  42. Emily Dawson says:

    I want to be the beldam

  43. Giamo_co says:

    0:55 brap brap brap braaaappp

  44. Mikiah Reed says:

    she booped coraline’s nose ☺️

  45. Mikiah Reed says:

    broooo imagine if she got caught on the web for way longer, oml beldam wouldn’t kept her there forever. now that i think about it, it’s so scary.

  46. Sabina Pulawska says:

    Co to za straszny film

  47. Will Mystery says:

    This scene reminds me of the conjuring

  48. Xavier The skeleton says:

    2019 AMYONE?

  49. Smiley :3 says:

    This scene made me lose sleep for a week straight back then lmao

  50. Faisal Hardman says:

    unpopular opinion: I watched this movie when I was around 10, wasnt scary or creepy then and still isnt.

  51. Felmarge Go says:

    I'm here for Coraline YEETING the cat at the Beldam 😂😂

  52. Curly Fry121008 says:

    I’m only 11 and this is not scary at all, I actually can watch it at 3 am while it’s dark.

  53. *sksk ry* says:

    Coralines the best kids movie. FIGHT ME

  54. hey sisters says:



    Anyone notice that the Beldame looks like a praying mantis??????

  56. Snork Froken says:

    1:06 « be clever » best. Advice. Ever.

  57. DreamWarrior says:

    she looks like a ghost mantis

  58. Angela Kartolína Luntian says:

    shes so magical, even her voice

  59. Angela Kartolína Luntian says:

    just noticed theres a hole on the cloth over the right of her "ribs". Heart is taken?

  60. Magnus Bane says:

    2:13 I'm pretty sure when she put her hands up I was just as confused as the other mother

  61. TerNi says:

    Jej stara jest straszna

  62. Lucy H says:

    the cat is so cute at 0:07

  63. Delicious Danz says:

    So incredibly not kid friendly. PG? U serious mate?

  64. Giselle Caputo says:

    I saw this when was 6 and I was terrified.

  65. (STUDENT)Holly Davis says:

    Coraline is a strange movie for little kids, I mean come on why are they making scary movies like this for kids

  66. Veronica says:

    ‘’You have to find you’re old parents’’.
    Says the oldest woman in here

  67. Représente La nation says:

    Motherfucker thats scary

  68. raze 360 says:

    No im not ha ha ha ha

  69. Colin Ebel says:

    You only love her because you want to eat her sicko you evil witch

  70. Fred 2157 says:

    That smile when she watched the triangle thingy burn in the fire just haunts me

  71. Mr.Feather130 says:

    I’m glad I don’t have a mom like this thing from Hell (the movie just mess me up during the third act)

  72. Hybrid Motions says:


    Is literaly a perfectly cut scream

  73. KylePH TLGGV says:

    She is the Creator of Button World

  74. Bryee Beast says:

    Ghosts eyes and coralline parents

  75. Name Name says:

    I’m watching this with the book Coraline next to me lol

  76. Kazial says:


  77. Kyle says:

    That's a perfectly cut scream at the end right there !

  78. zhyyetta Batiste says:

    A long time ago when I was little and the first time I watch Coraline it was confusing to me 🤷🤷🤷🤷🤷🤷🤷🤷🤷🤷🤷🤷🤷🤷🤷🤷

  79. Erebma Dammahom says:

    I definitely don't think that making a sequel for Coraline is a good idea at all, but a prequel telling the stories of the other children who the Beldam had captured, like Wybie's grandma's sister for example, would be very interesting to watch. Or the origin story of the Beldam and how she started doing all of this in the first place.

  80. William afton says:

    Teri hatcher is creepy…

  81. wooper dogg says:

    Who else thinks that the other mother is scarier than penny wise

  82. joshkolbo says:

    Scary how the other mother doesn’t have a real life form, she can make herself look like anything, she doesn’t have a true identity at all, just like Pennywise the clown

  83. 페쿠 says:

    저기 저 마녀 인형 디게 잘만드던데

  84. Gonzalo Sabastian Garcia says:

    2:01 When your mom hides your cell phone because of poor grades at school and you try to guess

  85. cнarвry - says:

    Anyone not find this scene scary at all as a kid?

  86. Sarena Champagne says:

    Cotmn Bdfddffdy Sarena sarea Guddf JASNM

  87. Analise Boafo says:

    Honestly I'm not scared at all

  88. ew says:

    1:34 me smiling at a random dog walking past me

  89. FireBaze The kaiju-brony says:

    2:13 when a bully wants me to give him my lunch money

  90. Jack Wenrich says:

    You brought vermin with you

  91. Zenzo says:

    I used to be very scared of this. I still find it creepy till now lmao.

  92. Madam Rabbit says:

    Yeet the cat

  93. LornaTheFreakWithAutism says:

    I was scared of this movie but I still watched it repeatedly

  94. Døg Łover says:

    The spider scene (in the giant web) was the only scene I was scared of when I was young

  95. Kiwi OwO says:

    My friend and I watched this and even though horror stuff doesnt phase me i still got the chills watching this

    Yep this is definatley a kids movie

  96. Ahza Rakha Aumamara says:

    R.I.P. Cat

  97. infinity374 1 says:

    Imagine how long they making this sceen

  98. Ludum40 [AKA Ginnah Kim] says:


  99. Nitro Vorce says:

    Why the heck I’m I watching this at 2am

  100. TheNeos07 says:

    I read the book after seein the movie. I like how the movie is subtle with the Other Mother and how she gradually reveals her true form. 🕷

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