Cortadores de Cerâmicas e Porcelanatos VONDER

CERAMIC AND PORCELAIN TILES CUTTERS Hello! Continue with us and know more and more about the VONDER mix, here in the Focus on the Product Who understand Civil Construction know that from the base to finish, quality and resistance are essential. So, choosing tools that provide the best results makes all the difference in the execution of a new project. The stage of completion requires even more
attention and dedication of the professionals, because ceramic and porcelain tiles flooring, for example, require precise cuts and maximum resistance of equipment. Meet the new VONDER Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles Cutters, perfect for better finishing, maximum precision and resistance at the moment that your work needs talented hands and appropriate equipment. MEET AND SEE The new VONDER Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles Cutters
are fundamental. After all, when we speak about finishes
of floors and walls, for sure we’re talking about substantial investment, and if they are not well
cut and lined up for perfect fittings, it can compromise the entire project. In addition to speeding up the cut and tiling, they facilitate the handling of large pieces or on a large scale, offering precision, as they have graduated scale and square, with a design that contributes to the exact position of the pieces’ cut. Another advantage is safety, because the Cutters are supplied with rubber base, ensuring greater grip and less vibration of the piece during movement and slope for the cut. VONDER has two models of Bench Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles Cutters, that offer a new perspective on working with more quality and agility in the delivery, contributing directly to a top quality finish
as all the works must have! The CCV 1500 is the most robust,
with cutting capacity of up to 1,250 mm. It has folding legs with casters at one end,
as well as handles for easy transport and storage. The CCV 800 completes the line with
versatility and a lot of efficiency! Its more compact table enables
clean cuts into smaller pieces, in addition to the ease of folding legs,
much more practical to transport and store. DIFFERENTIALS Both models are equipped with
armored engine and cooling system, which protects against ingress of water, ensuring
greater efficiency and durability of the equipment. They also have graduated scale and square, which facilitate the measurements of the pieces to be cut, and are also supplied with a drain system which
allows the removal of water in use, and a complete cleaning of the equipment
at the end of the work. VONDER TIP The VONDER Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles Cutters
are accompanied by a diamond cutting disc and the needed tools for their assembly and use. Both are supplied with replacement discs
for ideal use in the equipment. These accessories provide better performance
in cutting hard ceramic and porcelain tiles, providing a far superior finish and that
makes all the difference in the professional work. Another important tip for this kind of job is
the Spacer and Floor Leveler Pliers, the Wedge, and the VONDER Spacers and Floor Levelers. They reduce by half the installation time
and offer a perfect flatness. Meet and see why a well done work
always starts with the right tools! It is important to note that working safely in Construction is significant and the PPE are indispensable for ensuring security, professional comfort
and better productivity, from lighter activities up to the most intense ones! From the foundation to the finish you already know:
count on VONDER! Technology, innovation and versatility for the sake of
productivity for a top quality professional work ever! Continue with us here on our channel
and like VONDER on Facebook! Thank you for your attention to one more
Focus on the Product! Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles Cutters is VONDER

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