Cotton Textile Production Protects Environment | DuPont™ PrimaGreen® – “Handle With Care”
Cotton Textile Production Protects Environment | DuPont™ PrimaGreen® – “Handle With Care”

>>Dr Hake: Globally there is about 110 million, bales of cotton produced year after year,
that’s just huge. 50 per cent of the world’s apparel is cotton. 0:00:21:000,0:00:40:000
>>Ricardo Mano: ATB is one of the biggest textile mills in Europe. We can process 35,000
kilos per day. Of course we always try to produce more but cotton processing is done
at high temperature and consumes lots of water and energy. 0:00:40:500,0:00:50:000
>>Mark Oostendorp: The needs of the consumer won’t go away, they will only increase We
need to find ways to process the cotton its something that for future generations is extremely
important. 0:00:53:000,0:01:00:00
>>Mark Oostendorp: In DuPont we’re constantly looking for innovations. Together with Huntsman,
DuPont has been able to develop those solutions. 0:01:01:000,0:01:19:000
>>Ian Burnell: Gentle power bleach is an innovation based on the prima green enzyme
from DuPont which enables us to process cotton at low temperature. If you make the comparison
between Gentle Power bleach with the new range of dyes, you can dramatically reduce the water
by something like 60 or 70%. 0:01:19:500,0:01:33:00
>>Mark Oostendorp: We’re bleaching at lower temperature, it actually improves the quality
of the cotton. You obviously have less need for energy, less water. In total the process
will be much less polluting. 0:01:33:500,0:01:43:000
>>Ricardo Mano: It’s good to know we’re wasting less energy and water,it’s a great
satisfaction both professionally and personally. 0:01:44:500,0:01:56:000
>>Dr Hake: The ultimate goal is to make cotton more efficient, particularly if we can impact
the energy and water use in production that really gives a multiplier effect around the

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