Couple Builds Dream Home with Architect Found on Houzz
Couple Builds Dream Home with Architect Found on Houzz

We built this house with the idea that would be our last house So we built it you know to last I bet this house was 20 years in the making in my mind new Urban home builders was the contractor we found him first And I was using words that I thought were descriptive about this type of house that we wanted, but he wasn’t Getting it and he told me about house. We had driven all around Austin looking at homes and had taken a you know a couple of photos and I went back to my house site and started looking closer at them and clicked on to look at who the architects for and I had two from the same architect two different houses same architect and Lo and behold. He was right here [in] Austin turns out he’s right down the street from us if they see the work and See the pictures and make the first inquiry because of that then I think that’s more meaningful Because they come to you based on sort of your sensibilities your design philosophy So really exciting like wow this is kind of meant to be and [that] really came through in the phone call with her it was Just a perfect fit for us I mean [for] the very first time we met [him] [he] wanted to come out here [to] the side for our first meeting We really liked that he also wanted to come and see us at the house We were living in because he said some people will want this certain type of design, and then he’ll go to their house And that’s not how they’re living it to one person Modern is very clean and crisp someone [else’s] cold and sterile. It’s the same thing It’s just you know what you bring to [it]. You know what [your] I mean, she’s been a lot of time on house I went to exterior photos, and I set up a little folder, and I would just not think about them too much But just flip through it’s so easy just to kind of click it. Not analyze it, but you see like it It’s like you know also [a] psychology test. We sit down that evening out watch You know maybe watching a baseball game or one of the news or something and she’d go on her iPad? She’d [hand] [it] to me [said] take a look at these pictures here and tell me what you think yeah, it’s sometimes It’s easier to get your ideas across when you can look at a picture rather than use words like you know I want a little more weight to it [I] mean [using] the word weight – my husband was you know But I could show pictures with things that had the natural materials of the heavier Textures and then he would get it So it helped me be sure that we were going in a direction that we were both be happy with I love this big room That we’re in right [now] with the old you know 100 plus year old barn beams when I found these beams they were laying in a field and Dirty and it took it takes a little courage to put something like that in your house Or did me and I could look at photos of other houses in house? That had used the beams so that helped me get comfortable with making that decision give it a really nice interesting aesthetic the light said Gina has Found for this house as she accumulated over about a year I mean, there’s so much that goes into a house so many decisions I wish I had started counting my decisions from the very beginning because I mean it must be [5,000] decisions that you make it’s sort of hard for me to believe that it’s that we’re here And it’s done, and it is what I envisioned [I] could not be more pleased. I really could not be more pleased I wouldn’t change anything with the architecture. It’s really been quite a great experience [the] only house I’ve ever built. It’s the first new house. I’ve ever lived in and I hope to see this house get old you

7 thoughts on “Couple Builds Dream Home with Architect Found on Houzz”

  1. Eileen Gill says:

    Love all of Hugh's work! And this video is pretty great too! Well done Houzz!

  2. Aoudhubillahi says:

    Definitely some very sensible and quality interior design…and of the little glimpse that they gave us of the exterior, I would say that it continues to the exterior. And would love to be able to download this instrumental music.

  3. SHRI MAN says:

    I love the way Houzz really inspirrs us.

  4. mark gwapo says:

    I like it simple and elegant

  5. Hannah s.Holli says:

    It's sooooooo gorgeous. I LOVE the brick and the barn beams. So cool😍

  6. MeriNiko says:

    too much different textures for my taste

  7. all nighter says:

    a e s t h e t i c

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