Crafting Fabric Bowls | At Home With P. Allen Smith

My friend Mitchell is always full of creative,
imaginative and innovative ideas. She’s always taking everyday objects and turning them into
something, well, extraordinary, if not spectacular. I’m very excited about this project. So, you
know what happens when you have some leftover bowls? You put them in the cabinet and you
think you’re gonna use them because it’s horrible to throw them away. But you don’t use them.
They just sit in the cabinet. I know that you do that because that’s what I do. So I’ve
found something fun to make with these bowls. And I’m gonna show you how to do it. So first,
we’re gonna cut off this trim. This is a free craft, because I know you have some of this
stuff in your house. And I don’t want any lip left. Then I’m gonna take two different
kinds of fabric for each bowl. And I’ve chosen for this bowl to cover it in this blue scrap
fabric and this black with the multicolored flowers on it. So I’m gonna cut about 1 inch
strips, a whole lot of them. To start this — yay, Mod Podge. And a little bit of water.
Not much of either one. And I’m just dumping a little bit of Mod Podge in there and a little
bit of water and stirring it around. And this — and coating this inside of the bowl with
it. We’re gonna do inside first. And if there’s too much right here, we just take another
bowl and dump a little in there. But this is for our preliminary coat. And then we take
our strips of cloth and I’m gonna go across for the first one. And I put it in there like
that and go all the way across for the first couple. And cut it right here. Go across,
all the way across. A little bit over the top is fine, but mainly I’m pushing my fingers
down in here and just matting it down. Now later we’ll come in and do another coat to
make sure everything gets laid down correctly. We don’t want bubbles. We start off with a
cross like that, and then for the next few we just start cutting — we don’t need to
go all the way to the middle. So we’re just gonna work our way around. I’m gonna move
on to this one. So this is what it starts to look like. And then I use my little mixture,
add a little more. Thinner than regular Mod Podge, but thicker than super water. And you
just cut. And I’m kind of a messy crafter, but my crafts always turn out great, so I
don’t worry about it. You work your way around this bowl and it looks like this. And so even
when it’s wet, when it gets just a little bit where it’s almost dry but it’s still — this
is not dry. When it dries, it’ll be a blue and won’t be able to see the red through it.
It’s tacky still, but I can go ahead and start doing the outside. So for the outside, I wanna
do it pretty much in the same way. I’m just gonna take some strips and run them across
and work my way around. I’m doing the outside just like I did the inside. When I go all
the way around this, I’m gonna coat it with another coat of Mod Podge, all to seal it.
And then let it dry. And this is gonna take about 4 to 6 hours to dry. But when it dries,
it should look pretty much like this. Now at this point, when we’ve got it, we trim
the outsides down to our plastic edge. And, again, this does not have to be super even.
You don’t have to — it doesn’t have to be super straight because we’re gonna trim it
out. Now, see, this is still really super flexible. No one will know there’s a little
piece of plastic liner in there — it’ll all look fabric. But you will have the strength
of having plastic on the inside. This is bias tape and I got it for 10 cents at a garage
sale. And even if you have to go to Hancock Fabrics to get it it’s not very expensive
at all. It’s less than $2 for a big roll of it. And what it is is a thin piece of cotton
fabric that’s cut on the bias, which means criss cross — and that’s why it goes where
you want it to go. Like a really good date. So what I’m gonna do here is I’m gonna take
a little bit of tacky glue. So I’m gonna do it just at the top edge and not very much.
I do not want to overdue it on the glue at this point, because the bias tape won’t want
to stick. So you just wanna do a little bit of glue around the edge. And you can do a
bunch of these at a time, a whole stack at a time, because these look way better in groups,
which I will show you. And you can just use scrap fabric — it does not take much fabric
at all. Now, I’m gonna take my bias tape, and where this opening is, I’m just going
to roll it. And this glue is tacky glue and will dry clear. Right here I’m going to clamp
it with my little clothes pin. And then I’m gonna go around the edge and just roll it
with my fingers and not worry. I was gonna give this away, but I don’t think I’m going
to now. I think I know where I’m gonna put it in my house. I’ve gotten to the end. Now,
I wanna cut this diagonally right there. And we’ll overlap to that one. Put a little dot
right here at the end to close it off. This will all dry clear. And this already has sealant
on it. And look how cool that is. Look how great these look stacked. These turned out
so cool, I’m gonna keep them in my own house instead of giving them away this time. And
I made these with things I already had around my house that you probably do too.

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