Creación de muebles en concreto – Curso online de En Concreto
Creación de muebles en concreto – Curso online de En Concreto

-Hi, I’m Carolina Collignon.
-I’m Eduardo Collignon. And we are En Concreto. En Concreto is a Mexican workshop that designs and creates
concrete furniture and accessories. Our clients range from people
that want to renew their spaces with simple, harmonious objects to large workplaces,
stores, restaurants, hotels or governments looking to make it easier
to use and harmonize public spaces. At the same time,
we’re interested in social projects and we think that concrete
is a great ally in urbanization projects. Today, concrete is highly relevant
in interior design. It’s always been there, but today’s trends
make it a unique option that provides lots of opportunities
for exploration. In this Domestika course, you’ll learn to use concrete
to create objects using molds. As a final project, you’ll make
two decorative and functional pieces. First, we’ll look at the materials
you need to put together the mold, the utensils and raw materials
for making the perfect mix, as well as the tool options
that we can use for demolding and our piece’s details. We’ll start getting familiar
with the materials and the process, we’ll look at how to make
a small cube mold with a slot, we’ll explain how to assemble it
and how to secure it to keep it from opening up due to humidity
and the power of the concrete. Then, we’ll show you
the ideal portions for each ingredient. We’ll look at how to mix
all the elements, both to achieve a homogenous mix
and an ideal texture. We’ll learn to pour the mix
into the mold and wait for it to cure. With our dry piece, we’ll teach you
the ideal demolding technique, we’ll rinse and detail it,
giving it a personal touch, and finally apply the sealant
and maintain its color and texture. After this course, you can design your own furniture
or decorative pieces. You can do this course
with materials that are easy to access, like measuring,
cutting and detailing tools and raw materials to make the mix. Forget about the same old pieces
and renew your space with handmade pieces made by you. Concrete Furniture Creation
A course by En Concreto Sign up at Create. Share. Learn.

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    Concreto Is not life

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    le tenía muchisima repulsión al concreto por los suelos de concreto antiguos, que son horrorosos, pero al ver las maravillas que hacen estos diseñadores con el concreto, me ha echo cambiar de opinión. Es una maravilla <3

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