Creating an Embroidery Capsule Collection with Artists Shelby and Sandy
Creating an Embroidery Capsule Collection with Artists Shelby and Sandy

We are Shelby and sandy and we’re in our
studio in Downtown Los Angeles and we’re gonna show you guys a little collection
we put together with BELLA+CANVAS and Apliiq we’re brothers we’ve been
working together forever and it really really quickly turned into we thought
that this could be like a business that people would want to buy our work and it
happened we liked it because it was so fun and then we thought this could be we could do this professionally the
quality was really good much like our Bella Canvas apparel good plug if we
were to describe our art it would be contemporary and the main thing that
we’re trying to accomplish is it makes us happy and we hope that our artwork
and paintings make other people happy I think we find our inspiration through
our daily lives it’s really special since we’re brothers we grew up together
and we had a really good childhood a very happy
good loving home and a lot of our artwork inspiration is drawn from the
feelings and Happiness that we had in our childhood yeah so we use a lot of
bright colors we like things very vivid and we always like the paintings to give
you a feeling of happiness so our vision for this apparel
collection was heavily on embroidery sandy and I in our own business have
gotten really interested in embroidery like exploring like the different
techniques and there’s a lot that goes into it we did the Shelby and Sandy are
nice which is actually in the back of our studio
it’s what would you call that is it a slogan it’s no it’s our sentence it’s
just a sentence right kind of like a motto
yeah motto I like that yeah I necessarily don’t know the difference between a motto or a
slogan but a motto sounds better the other designed to on the joggers is our
faces right yeah that’s our logo so we have Shelby’s face and Sandy’s face on
there and then the third design is a skull and we’ve always liked skulls I
think probably from Halloween our favorite holidays Halloween’s that’s why
we love skulls we have a good collection of skulls actually yeah and then this
skull has a gold tooth because Shelby has a gold tooth
I mean obviously sandy and I like to be comfortable and we like we have a
certain dress style and the BELLA+CANVAS line has a lot of the styles that we
like and to be able to make our own version of the stuff we would already
wear that’s fun to do so we want other people to have the things that we make
it’s just a more comfortable version of what we wear it’s it is it’s so it’s
like butter on your skin my name is Ian and at Apliiq we help
people start and grow clothing lines to help with design and manufacture apparel
we run a lot of things in bulk and we help people buy drop shipping for their
e-commerce stores super excited to work with Shelby and Sandy love their art
super simple very fun and I really like the idea that they came up with going
for embroidery I just felt that the embroidery really matches their artwork
and we could get a really good result with it so their artwork was super fun
and simple had a bunch of colors it’s really well suited to do embroidery we
used a handful of different stitches a lot of the lettering is done with satin
stitches or otherwise known as a column stitch we also used fill stitches for
some of the bigger areas like filling in the back of the faces and stuff like
that so for artists I would just think about like what is gonna translate best
for their type of artwork if you’re doing like oil paintings embroidery
might not be the best fit for you but if you have like fun and simple designs
like embroider it can be a great way to go so it just really depends on the type
of artist you are the type of artwork you want to create and make sure that
you’re picking an apparel approach that really matches that we got the hoodies
we got the t-shirts we got the pants and I mean it’s so good like I want to live
in this it’s the most comfortable hoodie I’ve ever worn and the quality of the
embroidery is exceptional they really really really you guys killed it I love
it I’m never taking it off alright see you guys later
thank you so much

4 thoughts on “Creating an Embroidery Capsule Collection with Artists Shelby and Sandy”

  1. XIAODONG XING says:

    Bella Canvas, I Love You.

  2. Jen Wombat Excelsior says:

    I NEED to freaking touch that flip-sequin thingy!!!!!!

  3. Yigglypoo of says:

    i need embroidery tee/sweats and bags is it possible to make

  4. Paola Perez says:

    Where can I purchase a hoodie from this collection?

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