Creating Art Textures for Painting & Design : Art Textures: Plastic Wrap Backgrounds
Creating Art Textures for Painting & Design : Art Textures: Plastic Wrap Backgrounds

Another, easy and easily available way to
deal with a basic textured background. Is to create with your basic plastic wrap. For
this, you’ll want to have a couple of pieces of plastic wrap, already pulled. You don’t
want to have to wait and pull these. Again, water color is good for this. You can do this
with acrylic, if mix it with acrylic retarder. It won’t work, otherwise. So again, you’re
going to lay down a wash. A wash of color. In this case, you probably do want it fairly
heavy. The, the more sort of pigment, there is on it then the more contrast, there’ll
be. And then you’ll just lay this on. And you press it down. Not everywhere, you want
to leave some places open. So you don’t want to you know, be too regular about this, again.
And you kind of, press it down. Now the thing is, you have to leave this alone. Until it’s
almost dry. If you pulled it up right away, most of it. Especially, with water color,
would just run back into itself. So I have another piece, that is dry or drier. To show
you what happens. It’s still not completely dry. But it is holding the pattern. And this
is actually a great way to start, you know. Playing around with a design. Actually you
can go back in and work some these shapes out. And start you know, pulling out ideas.
And pushing in ideas. This is just a really handy way to start working. It has, if you
turn it this way. It has sort of a linear quality. That maybe very helpful, you know,
if you’re going to do. You know, something in a forest or something. This maybe a way
to start. You know, it sort of gives you a forest background to start with.

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  1. Jer Capone says:

    thats pretty cool. if you look closely, you can see a guys face smiling while wearing a big pair of sunglasses

  2. can i use it with designer gouche paint tube?

  3. Layla Yamabe says:

    I just tried the plastic wrap, it's great! thanks : )

  4. ionide says:

    it looked like a skeleton!

  5. Mr Mo says:

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  6. gee dawar says:

    thxs,its a great help

  7. kaleidoscope222 says:

    fun and cheap tip. I like it.

  8. creativecompanion says:

    I've never seen this done. What a great idea!
    Thanks for sharing.

  9. Farina Reinprecht says:

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  10. Mario Alanís says:

    excelente idea gracias!

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  12. VitaminElle says:

    wow, thanks. That's neat.

  13. Manuel Alves says:

    Great tutorials sharing techniques! Thanks!

  14. Patricia Curan says:

    Great idea!!!!!!!! 'couse is difficult sometimes to start!

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  16. Svetlana Guziene says:

    why the text is written over??im not able to see anything!!!what's that??

  17. Virtual Stealth says:

    @stellinaukr click the CC button

  18. Carole Besharah says:

    Thank you for this great tip. LOVE it.

  19. nathalie jacomo says:

    you say ''uhm'' to much! it's kinda annoying…

  20. Heidi Schwartz says:

    plastic… always a great tool!

  21. inc2000glw says:

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  22. SOpacugirl says:

    WOw! I wish everyone did readable and specifically timed instructions like you. It made following you so easy and clear! No confusion or frustrations. Please continue to keep posting your techniques!

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  25. Karla Fonseca says:

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  27. knuffeldraakje says:

    hey! nice idea!
    will this also work with aluminium wrap?

  28. Winnie Dolderer says:

    This is a great technique. Thanks for sharing and making it easy to follow.

  29. Art K says:

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  30. KarenBNRS says:

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  31. Forouzandeh Taheri says:

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  32. Forouzandeh Taheri says:

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  34. wildeyes5 says:

    yeaya. nice work

  35. Daligoddess says:

    What is an acrylic retarder? I've never heard of that before.

  36. Daligoddess says:

    @Fyrestarter22 Vinyl spackling might work.

  37. MadManX668 says:

    cool thx

  38. Umesh Shebe says:

    Superb!!! Thanks for sharing this, This will really help to do painting.

  39. EJFOO says:

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  50. Michele Ludwig says:

    Sure easy technique that I would have never known about. Cant wait to try it on my art journal

  51. Cheesecakable says:

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  58. Sunil fine art says:

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  60. Vicki Maheu says:

    When she held it up to show us, I saw an almost perfect skull, if I was working on that piece, I'd be making that a central point of the design.

  61. Sheryl Benton says:

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  62. Viviane B says:

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  71. Kritika Sharma says:

    for how much time we have to leave it to dry ??

  72. Lucy Jones says:

    Can you use this plastic method over oil's to then began an encaustic painting?

  73. sunita jain says:

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  74. mau sadu says:


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