Cricut Cutting Mats: Types and Grips
Cricut Cutting Mats: Types and Grips

We designed Cricut cutting mats from the
ground up to provide just the right level of tack for cutting different
materials. Each has just the right level of grip to not only hold your material
firmly in place during cutting, but also allow you to easily remove the material
from your mats. For the best results, use the recommended material types for each
of the three mat types. The blue LightGrip Mat is designed for
lightweight materials, such as printer paper, vellum, light cardstock, and more. Our green StandardGrip Mat is the most commonly
used multi-purpose mat. It’s perfect for a wide range of medium weight materials,
including patterned paper, vinyl, iron-on and cardstock. The purple StrongGrip Mat offers a strong hold
surface perfect for heavyweight materials, such as specialty cardstock,
chipboard, and fabrics that have been backed with an iron-on adhesive
interfacing, such as Heat n Bond. To use your mats remove the protective
cover. Set this cover aside while you cut, and replace once you’re done cutting to
keep the mat’s adhesive protected. To cut, material should be lined up
inside the grid lines on your mat. After your Cricut Explore has finished
cutting, turn the mat over onto a flat surface and slowly pull the mat straight
up until the material is completely removed. For ease and lifting images from
the cutting mat, use the Cricut spatula. Try out the different mats with the new
material for your next project.

3 thoughts on “Cricut Cutting Mats: Types and Grips”


    I have used my Cricut for the first time and I noticed that the blade has cut through the design and cut the mat… is this correct?


    Thank you Cricut… I have used it already and it was so easy to use and exciting!  But thanks for letting me know I hadn't ruined the mat already… I shall lighten the pressure on the cut on that particular card next time..

  3. MsSuper Klutz says:

    Awesome video…thanks for sharing the correct way to use each different mat. CRICUT ROCKS!!

    Joan Smith

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