CSM Short Course Student Stories: Leah
CSM Short Course Student Stories: Leah

Uh I’m on the Textiles Art course. At school
I do graphic design and photography, so it’s a lot of digital stuff that I’m not that interested
in I’m more interested in manual kind of working away, with my hands rather than on computers. I’d like to go onto art foundation. I’m looking
around, this is an option. Um, it’s an incredible building. So lovely
to work in, it feels like you’re outside, so airy. It’s nicer than a classroom *inaudible*
but, uh it’s just nice being in central London really. I’m from Shepherd’s Bush, so not too
far but. It’s a lot more freeing. There’s less of the
teacher’s taste, it’s more tutors just letting you do whatever you want to do with it. Very

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  1. 99hoolio says:

    Could you not have found someone who is, you know, … likeable?

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