Cush Comfort Standing Mat Review & Standing Stretches – Ask Doctor Jo
Cush Comfort Standing Mat Review & Standing Stretches – Ask Doctor Jo

Hey everybody, it’s Doctor Jo, and it’s product
review time again. The folks at Cush Comfort sent me their Cush Standing Mat. So let’s
get started. So as you can see, I don’t have my blue flying carpet anymore, I’ve got my
standing mat which is super cushy. It’s a very appropriate name for this thing. And
what it does is it kind of redistributes all the weight in your feet so you’re not having
pressure points in one specific spot. So a lot of research out there now says that sitting
all day long at work is really, really bad for you. That you need to be up. You need
to be moving around. Standing is much better than sitting. And those folks who have jobs
that are standing a lot, or if you’re in your kitchen cooking a lot, like on our cooking
show, this is a really great alternative to have. Especially if underneath is just concrete.
So it gives you a lot of support, it protects your joints cause it has that cushioning.
And it’s really comfortable, I feel like I’m standing on a cloud right now. I really do.
It’s squishy, but I don’t feel off balance. It’s just kind of, kind of molded around my
feet to protect everything and it feels really good. So I like that a lot. Taking a closer
look, it has 3 different layers to help get that extra cushioning in there. The top layer
is a flexible vinyl and it’s got texture on the top which helps prevent slipping. But
what it also does is it helps redistribute all the weight on your feet so you’re not
getting it in just the balls of your feet, you’re not just getting it in the heels. It
layers everything out, so it’s not just directly in one spot putting pressure on those joints.
The middle layer is where the big cushioning is, that, that soft kind of cloud-like feeling
that I was talking about to help make everything comfortable where you’re not putting all those
stress points everywhere. And then on the back, is the non-slip. So if you have a floor
that’s kind of slippery, this helps keep it in one spot so it’d not sliding around and
it helps keep it stable while you’re standing and doing work or your activities as needed.
So if you’re standing all day, what’s also great, besides having something to cushion
yourself, is to do some stretches throughout the day. So let me show you some quick stretches
you can do, you don’t even have to get on the ground, you can do them standing up. Your
hamstrings in the back are really nice to stretch out if you’ve been standing a lot.
You can just prop up your heel like this. Keep your hips forward, you don’t want to
be turned to the side. And keep your back straight, just bending at your hips. So just
going down like this. Not necessarily curling down trying to touch your toes. Keep that
back straight cause you’ll get a better stretch and you won’t have to go down as far. Hold
that for about 30 seconds. Do 3 of them on one side, switch, or you can alternate back
and forth. Keep that knee locked out and straight, pull those toes up to help lock out everything
and then just stretch it with your hips forward. Then you can stretch out you quad muscles
by just. If you don’t have a lot of good balance, make sure you’re holding on to a chair or
counter top. Just grab the back. I’ve been told if you pull on your opposite ear, that
helps balance you out. So keeping the top part of your leg straight down, so not this,
that’s not gonna stretch your quad. But go back, if you need a little more balance, pull
on that ear. Hold for 30 seconds and do 3 on each side. And then last doing a calf stretch
cause that one gets really tired when you’re standing a lot. And again, if you need something
to hold on to, balance you can. Try and keep your back heel down, feet forward, and just
lean up. So getting that stretch in that calf in the back. Coming forward, hold it for about
30 seconds. Do 3 on each side. So just those 3 simple stretches throughout the day. Maybe
once in the morning, mid afternoon, before you go home, will really help keep those muscles
nice and loose and those joints feeling good as well. So there you have it. If you have
any questions, leave them in the comments section. If you’d like to find out more about
the product, you can go to It you’d like to purchase the product, go
to our product store at And remember, be safe, have fun, and I hope
you feel better soon.

2 thoughts on “Cush Comfort Standing Mat Review & Standing Stretches – Ask Doctor Jo”

  1. Punky H says:

    Why does pulling on the ear help with balance? I've never heard that before–very intrigued!

  2. Cudjoe Wms says:

    I have a bad back so I ran out and bought a pad since your video's always help me. This one tops them all! I can stand and cook a full course meal again! Thank you so much 😉

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