Custom Vinyl Home Decor Signs – Layering Vinyl & 3D vinyl signs
Custom Vinyl Home Decor Signs – Layering Vinyl & 3D vinyl signs

I’m here with Alexandra Stapleton and
she is gonna teach us how to make this beautiful sign that you could hang
obviously in your home in your workspace whatever it is to motivate you and a
donut is a motivator for me yeah and they’re completely customizable so
you’re deco scheme is whatever your commission is you can do a big square
exactly an oval whatever you want so that it can fit the space that you need
it to yes so we’re gonna be making the donut one okay and I’ve already cut out
my design onto some black vinyl so I’ve done a kiss cut so it’s not cut through
on that other side it’s just through the top layer of the vinyl and the first
thing you want to do is weed and I know people always talk about weeding but
basically you want to remove any of the negative that you don’t want to put onto
your sign so the first thing I like to do is take out my centers inside person
I always tell people never bleeding it’s just like you what you’re doing
gardening can I take your garbage no thank you very crafty friend and
actually one of the things I often do when I’m weeding is I take a base piece
like this big one and I stick the other pieces I’d say onto it that would just
keep it going and if you were really thrifty you could save all those letters
that you’re weeding out certainly put them on to a backing paper of some kind
right and then reuse them for something yep so you could if you’re cavalier like
we are I just put them in a pile and throw them away
yes so when you have taken all of those pieces out and then you peel off the
larger piece you have your donut sighs thank you so and the next thing we want
to do is put it on to our white and I tell you this this is a true story the
donut would always be eaten in my house half way oh yeah I never one so I’m
using just a wood board that I bought you didn’t paint it it was I painted
like that I would suggest you practice with something just to avoid dust and
things so and again you can customize you can rub things into it you could add
crackle you could do anything so if I can get you to help
to help push you trim along yeah this is the I feel like this is an actual
skilled job I thought you just wanted me to but actually the lines on it make it
easy to cut straight yeah and use nonstick scissors because it makes your
life so much easier I don’t even you know I have so many
scissors that are gummed up from cutting sticky things I know on the stickers are
your best crafty friend so again you’re going to really kind of just hammer this
down and I was gonna say on a piece this large I often use my thumb to the go
sort of get stuff to Nick to a transfer sheet but it’s much easier to use a
brayer or something Briah a scrape anything I do you notice you’re working
on top of the board which is pretty textured and you’re not worried at all
about no it will super easy so I like to peel away the backing release sheet from
the transfer tape I find that it makes my life so so much easier so you can see
there I’m just so when people always ask why do you use a transfer here I feel
like this is the evidence because to line up each of these letters to get the
spacing right again would be so hard right and you’ve got the gridlines
printed straight onto the transfer tape so it’s
really really easy so again also allows you to reposition it and you want to
leave a little bit of room at the bottom so we can put those donuts on I forgot
about the don’t now are we gonna take it off we changed our mind or something
this one is a permanent one but you can get removable ones you can get temporary
ones so if you’re just decorating for Thanksgiving
you can redecorate that board for Christmas yes you could just have one
board exactly one place like the holiday but it’s almost too in order mines me of
is when you put a flag up in front of your house for all the different
holidays and months you could have a board that you use and you just change
it up everything right and you could keep these transfer sheets and the
release paper and just keep putting them on it also smart enough to do new nail
holes or any exactly I love it so I like to leave these probably for a minute or
two the adhesive then starts to cure and it
really sticks to a surface particularly a textured one you’re then going to peel
away that transfer tape which is going to give everything say if it doesn’t
stick all the way like that did you just rub again yeah just keep going back and
you’ll peel it away until you get the finished doughnut and I also have
here my donut pieces so I’ve already cut three out using my electronic cutter I
can have some glittery as well and then I was to cut the icing also glittery I
have to say it once I got out there was edible glitter I started putting it on
all kinds of things just so fun and of course you could not get it to put your
drinks – really so you can have glittery Prosecco or glittery orange juice or any
of those things so again I like to do all of my vinyl layering oh you’re
waiting with a donut before you layer so you just have to really look for those
cut lines and actually you can see them pretty early really easily so I can pop
that transfer tape down peel it away and then I would weed now that so that all
of my donuts are on there now I want a bit more spacing on here but you could
use a larger piece of transfer tape and put them just straight on there like
that but again you’re gonna rub and lift now let’s say you’re not I don’t know
why you wouldn’t be but let’s say you’re not a sparkly donut person okay
you’ve obviously use plain vinyl and I know we can see here there are a whole
bunch of different textures that you can you guys I really like the wood grain I
have to confess but lots of different stuff so that you can get exact although
wood grain donut would be weird but maybe first yes so you can get glitter
it you can get opal you can get chalkboard finish you can use it like a
chalkboard you can get neon finishes you can get ones that look like glass
etching I mean they’re literally anything you can think you’re gonna get
everybody know I want all the things oh there you are and then I’m gonna now add
those details that you can see in that one which is this is some paste that has
confetti already put into it and then just with a paintbrush and that gee I
want you can add your sprinkles on now of course you could add glue and then
put beads on top sequins I mean you can get beads that look like sprinkles and
things so you really can and you can color coordinate it and obviously
because we use sparkly vinyl maybe that’s why you want to use the sparkly
huge sequin glitter thing I mean actually I feel like you can make your
own because you could take a clear gel medium exactly and you could put glitter
or sequins or whatever you ran it into it so you can completely customize so no
matter what you’re doing if you wanted to add texture to your pumpkins you
could use a modeling paste or a texture paste and you could paint that on top as
well and of course the pumpkin is textured vinyl right so that’s so cool
because you already have the texture you don’t even have to do that step that’s
really awesome yeah well you know the other thing that I really like is just
some of the coordination because if we look at the finished one and away design
wise that you have three which is beautiful and then the finished donut
Alexandra you’re so good this has been great
thanks Julie thank you so much

6 thoughts on “Custom Vinyl Home Decor Signs – Layering Vinyl & 3D vinyl signs”

  1. My Favorite Cards and Crafts says:

    Signs are beautiful. I love the wood you found. I find that Cricut transfer tape to be horrible. When you have smaller images it’s so hard to get t them to come off the tape. It’s different than the old cricut transfer tape with the red lines,

  2. llclsu says:

    What's the glitter on the donuts brand?

  3. Hugged by a Card says:

    How do u make the designs to print on the vinyl

  4. Betty Hall says:

    Awesome , I absolutely love that. Tfs.hope you have a blessed day 💟

  5. Simply Cardmaking with Laurel Beard says:

    HAHA! Now i want a donut!

  6. Norine Mueller says:

    Great tutorial thank you

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