Custom Wall Murals – A New Decor Idea.
Custom Wall Murals – A New Decor Idea.

At one point or another, everyone has to go
through the process of painting a wall, and all the hassle that comes with it; what type
of paint, what color, should the wall be textured ? But, there is another alternative to consider:
Instead of painting, install a custom printed wall mural from SignGrafx. Wall murals are
inexpensive to buy, last a very long time, can be easily cleaned, and can be removed
and reinstalled if necessary. And they obviously bring a whole new level of interior decor
ideas as compared to simple one color wall painting schemes When trying to formulate new room decor ideas
you might ask yourself, “What type of rooms are ideal for wall murals as a decor piece?”
The good news is, is that there really isn’t a specific type of room that must be used.
Because SignGrafx murals are installed with simple wallpaper paste, any wall that can
be wallpapered is suitable for a decor re-do with a printed wall mural! Are you struggling for new decor ideas for
your children’s rooms? While painting solid colors or putting up a simple border can be
great, think about the entertainment, stimulation and wonderment that is attached to a room
with a life-size cartoon wall mural inside SignGrafx wall murals are safe for kids and
kids’ rooms, too. One less thing a busy mom needs to worry about! A custom wall mural can really “raise your
game” when it comes to game room decor ideas. There is a certain type of excitement that
game rooms need that can only be brought about by a lively atmosphere. Nothing transforms
the atmosphere of a room more than wall murals can. Retail locations specifically use wall
murals to create specific moods for their customers and there’s no reason why you can’t
do the same thing in your home! Don’t leave out the Master Bedroom when formulating
your new room decor ideas. Creating an inviting and unique bedroom for the adults isn’t an
idea that should be left out of any room redecoration plan. Parents need a cozy and sophisticated
environment with in which to unwind from the day. Your master bedroom’s decor plan could
include many different ideas like a wall mural with a mountain scape or an abstract design
that says sensuality and class.,perhaps you would enjoy a peaceful waterfall scene or
a nice pasture with sunflowers, there are no wrong answers, it’s your room. Sharing food has always been a central theme
in families and communities throughout history. I know my mother spends a lot of time decorating
her dining room in order to project a specific atmosphere and mood for our special dinners.
imagine your dining room wall looking like the veranda you visited so often on your vacation
to Florence. Now you could have a relaxing dinner in that atmosphere any time Art doesn’t have to be relegated to “on the
wall” only. It can *be* the wall, too! Much of the classical artwork in the world is public
domain and as such, you can use it in your new room decor ideas. Your dining room’s new
decor could be the Sistine Chapel or your bedroom’s decor could be an abstract art piece.
You Can be chosen anything you want from simple and easy to hang murals that are made of wallpaper
materials. Whether your new decor includes flowers, seasonal
items or that Italian patio, the room in which you use these decor ideas will be improved
greatly. You will definitely find yourself sitting in these rooms, just to look at the
beautiful thing you created. To get started with this brilliant new decor idea, visit
us online at,, or call SignGrafx at 1-800-392-9860 to talk to one of our decor
experts and we can get you started down the road of decor heaven!

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