hi everyone its Becca and welcome to a
Valentine’s Day giveaway for 2020 here at the carriage house this is our winter
giveaway we do a giveaway I have my little baby here Bohannon’s so but we do
do giveaways every turn of the season so one for winter one for spring summer and
fall just to show my appreciation to you guys you guys are just so just so
wonderful with all your sweet comments and your thumbs ups and just all-around
support on this channel it really means a lot to me so this is the least I can
do and if you were stopping by for the first time my name is Becca I’m a stay
at home stay home work at home all my home schooling mom of four and we do
anything anything that enriches the hearth and home on us channels so we do
all kinds of decorating we do the organization ideas cleaning anything
that that will help make your home the best that it can be you’ll be able to
find it here seasonal things but I thought Valentine’s Day would be a good
time to do this giveaway because definitely feeling the love right now
videos now are being posted Friday night North America Central Time and
occasionally there’ll be a video posted in between maybe maybe it’s probably not
right now because we’re very busy with the newborn and and everything but later
on you can click the notification bell so that way you’re notified when those
are uploaded so okay so I’m going to show you guys what we got at home good
and then I will tell you guys what you need to do to enter the giveaway which
is really simple so okay so the first thing is we got this little this little
gnome guy which is funny because I always associate gnomes with that with
Christmas time but he’s a little winter gnome and he’s got this little valentine
hearts on that little hat so I just thought he was a really really cute he’s
pretty well made and he’s got almost like a little beanbag dad kind of help
it’s a bit better wherever you put him okay the second thing we have are these
kitchen towels there’s three of them and the first one has these cute little
heart but the other ones you could use the red and white one you can use pretty
much any time of the year so that’s kind of good I mean it still use the hard
ones needs have to fit but they are a waffle cloth and they seem pretty good
quality so okay so we do have a baking thing going on here so we got these two
Evan myths which are really cute at first I was like oh there’s two of them
but it actually really makes more sense for retailers to fill two as a set or
whatever because when you’re putting stuff in the oven you’re usually looking
at the top okay next we had this little spatula that has a little little cookie
cutter heart which I thought was so cute says love on there so that goes with the
baby theme again whoever wins a skin way you better be doing lots of baking
though and we do have these prep bowls here they’re like a pretty hot pink
color there isn’t anything else that’s written on here like love we’re
Valentine’s Day or anything so you can keep these out on your counter or
throughout the winter sometimes it’s nice to have colorful stuff out in your
home during winter month if you if you do live in a cold area I know the trend
is to have lots of gray like gray walls and you know white and neutral tones but
sometimes it’s it’s really nice to have some pops of color in your home so that
way it can kind of lift your mood a little bit so okay so there’s that and
there is this notepad and it’s funny because I didn’t plan this at the store
but I thought just because it’s the whole baking thing you can actually use
this notepad to write down your ingredients and everything that you need
for what you’re gonna bake to pick up at the store so like I said I didn’t wasn’t
planning that but then afterwards I was like oh that’s kind of cute but anyways
it says at the top it says you walk my world which is so cute there’s an
avocado and like – walka moly okay so we got two more things I always
say I wish I could do a lot more so Valentine’s Day would not be complete
without chocolates so we have a box of chocolates here there is a winter storm
by the way I did position the camera so you could see hopefully you can but it’s
snowing out but it’s really excited I’m really excited to get the kids snug in
their beds and just get all cozy tonight I’m hoping to watch a movie with my
husband but I love these days winter storms it’s funny real quick but this
morning I made a big batch of oatmeal for my and my racer Earl he’s separated
from the main coupe which isn’t very well insulated and there’s good
ventilation everything that him and his brother Duke fight so we had to keep
them separate so Earl isn’t a little shit I mean he has I run and everything
but to get away you know to find shelter he’s in a shed that’s not all that
insulated so but we do put ok just a second so we we put straw and everything
in there but I did hurry out there and get him a big bowl of nice warm oatmeal
ok I’m Ashley there’s this cute little bamboo eco mug that is really cute
coffee or tea which is really really cute so oh in a
car if you make me a happy camper so friggin all right so the enter the
giveaway you have to do two things you have to be a subscriber which of course
I know most of you are and then the last thing you just in our comment if you
could if you were to invent like you’re a little chocolate truffle what would
the what would the name of it be so I’ve thought up some things you could do like
I’d like a peppermint mocha truffle or chocolate or a champagne cream truffle
or something like that you can get really creative but I will leave all the
instructions and everything more detailed that’s pretty much it but as
far as the I’ll leave everything in the description box so as far as the the
dates everything I don’t have the exact date when it ends I think it’s probably
like like two weeks so the first if everywhere because I
want to make sure you get this way ahead of time a Valentine’s Day them all this
stuff to arrives Valentine’s and can’t use it so alright well that’s it I hope
you guys are doing well and I hope to see you in my next video


  1. Tammy Neth says:

    Your baby is so beautiful. I just Love your videos! Being a mom of 4 my self I would invent the, KID FRIENDLY TRUFFLE. I know this is plain, but its a truffle moms would love, and kiddos think their getting a sugar fix when they're not! Thank you so much for your videos and the work you put in to them for us.

  2. A MEGONIGAL says:

    love ur videos!!!…my truffle would be named "FLOOFLE POOPLE"(im not kidding lol)…It would be a dark chocolate filled with raspberry flavored chocolate…drizzled with a dark chocolate kitty face and a kitty tail curled into a spiral…(we have a kitty sanctuary…hence the kitty theme)

  3. Susan Johnson says:

    I would make a dark chocolate and blueberry truffle,called blueberry bliss, what a beautiful baby,tfs, love from Tn ❤️

  4. Connie Cotten says:

    My truffle would be called The Sweeter Side. It would be sweet and salty. Full of caramel and nuts. Every bite the caramel would just burst out. So, so good. Tfs see you next time.

  5. Elisa Aguirre says:

    Wow 🤩❤️ Love everything! That’s so sweet of you! Yr baby looks soo cozy & adorable 😍!! Humm my truffle would be named Smooth Secret Truffles ( dark chocolate ) yummy 😋

  6. Hanging with decor mom On a budget says:

    Your a supermom and super sweet 😊
    So I would probably call it angel delight filled with white choclate and a second one called sinful delight with dark chocolate and bits peanut butter yummy

  7. Neha Giri says:

    Wow….loved the video…i just enjoy seeing the lil boy♥️♥️😘😘 u are looking awesomely pretty…the lipstick is looking sooo goood on u…. awesome giveaway as always♥️♥️ plz enter me…I would name it chicken chocolate truffle… Coz i love both chicken n chocolate 😁😁😁

  8. Katie Hopkins says:

    I would name my truffle Blueberry Surprise . Love blueberries with creamy chocolate. Thank you for the giveaway.

  9. Christy Robertson says:

    My truffle would be called Christy"s sweet chocolate praline.

  10. Emanuela Massetti says:

    Please send me something nice. I love your videos. You' re so sweet. Is Italy too far to send me a gift?

  11. Melinda Diecidue says:

    I agree I always use 2 oven mitts! Baby is adorable😍 💝 💞 Truffle covered Strawberries and call it "Berrytine" Get it?!? For Valentine's😏

  12. LoveMyHomeLife 2 says:

    My truffle would be, Death by chocolate!🍫😉😂😍 Thanks so much for doing this. Your son is adorable.💗💗💗

  13. Wendy Payne says:

    Om goodness.Ur lil man is a handsome lil sleeping blessing..I bet he is a a very good baby.I aslo love the giveaway you put together.The way todays been,I think I would have to invent the Dr.Crown truffle. Dr.pepper n Crown Royal.Lol..Thanks for the entry.

  14. Carmen Christel says:

    Oh mein Gott was für hübsche Sachen ihr in Amerika habt!!!Meine Freundin hat mir im letzten Jahr Halloween Handtücher mitgebracht sowas gibt es nicht bei uns😕Mein Trüffel wäre ein kleines Einhorn,mit einer Schicht Erdbeere,eine Schicht Schokolade und eine Schicht Vanille,für meine Kinder kreiert,mit dem Namen Regenbogen Einhorn😊alles Liebe aus Deutschland😘

  15. DoomsDay Dad says:

    I'm terrible with chocolate but I know it would be something coffee and or mint flavored and I'll call it it the java delight lol, great giveaway my wife loves to bake so this is perfect and she told me no more guns until I buy her a diamond ring…wish me luck at the jewelry store today lol

  16. Simply Shelley says:

    Thank you for hosting a wonderful giveaway. My name would be “ chocolate bliss “ . ♥️

  17. Lynda Powell says:

    Strawberries and cream , chocolate truffles

  18. Sam Gale Richards says:

    I would love to do a white chocolate truffle with a strawberry and champagne cream middle with a popping candy filling mixed in to give it that sherbety zing and element of surprise the outside would be white chocolate with a zig zag of ruby chocolate topped with a pretty red and gold heart sprinkle… The name of this truffle would have to be "Love is in the air " Packaging would be a red heart shaped box with a fancy golden bow on the top and when you opened the box it played "Love is in the air " … 🙂 🙂 🙂 have a lovely day xx

  19. Belynda Perry says:

    I love the flavors of bourbon and chocolate together. Since I live in Kentucky, where bourbon is made, I would create a chocolate bourbon truffle and name it Kentucky Love! I've actually been experimenting trying to get the recipe just right. Love your channel and your baby boy is gorgeous.

  20. Wanda Lorenz says:

    Hi Your little sweetie is so adorable. If I were to make a truffle I would call it raspberry dazzle.

  21. mary H says:

    Banana chocolate cream would be delicious!

  22. Ilene Boudreaux says:

    Love your channwl. My truffle would be a cafe au lait truffle.

  23. Lisa Collin says:

    Look at that precious baby!! So sweet. My truffle name would be love lingers, filled with strawberry and white chocolate. Tyfs and have a blessed day.

  24. Barbara Peterson says:

    SHARED to my FB page; Hi little blessing

  25. Alicia P says:

    Key Lime Island Time Truffle! 😁 🌴

  26. Vickie Ott says:

    What a cute baby ! Luscious truffle would be my name. Love your videos.

  27. Beth1924 says:

    Hi Becca! Thank you for the giveaway, I believe I would name my truffle “Sweetheart’s Delight” it would be chocolate, dipped in pink chocolate with white striping. Yummy! Your baby is so precious and I love your channel.❤️

  28. Karen Ramsey says:

    My Heart's Yours Truffle would be my truffle name. Love the items in your give away.

  29. Maria Mihm says:

    I would name mine “cafe latte truffle”. ❤️

  30. Stephoney Phillips says:

    It would be named Cupid's Cherry Truffle! Oh my your sweet baby boy! Thank you for a chance in your giveaway!

  31. Shirley Harrison says:

    Mine I think would be called Triple C – or CCC…. for chocolate cherry cheesecake…

  32. Cindy Baker says:

    I love your channel, and you have such a sweet personality😍 …
    I would invent a Cheese cake truffle with cherry drizzle.🤗 and would name it Heavenly Delight.

  33. Alejandra PC says:

    My truffle name: Ale's cherrylicios funny bug! A cherry, cream and liqueur truffle in a lady bug shape! When I look baby Bohannon I really wish another baby, so sweet!!!!A big hug Bekah ❤❤❤

  34. Julie Pitts says:

    Chocolate covered cherry truffle! Thank you!

  35. DaLisa Keepes says:

    My truffle would be called UBUPoppy would have Milk chocolate flavored with Basil & Tangelo, covered in dark chocolate & rolled in sweet cinnamon & a bite of cayenne pepper dusting. Thank you for doing these amazing give always for the Seasons.

  36. susan f says:

    Salted caramel smoothie!!😙😙

  37. Julie West says:

    A raspberry cocoa waffer truffle!

  38. Sue Garber says:

    Tfs! Chocolate chip cookie dough truffle ❄️❤️

  39. Amanda Rivera says:

    I am still all about the pumpkin flavors so mine would have to be a pumpkin spice truffle!

  40. zoe dubois says:

    Hey hun ur baby is soii cute 😍😍 plz enter me thank u so much i'd name it dream truff 😍 my ig is dubois_zoe kisses to u 😘

  41. Diana Campoy says:

    ❤I would name my truffle "Diana's sweets"

  42. Kathy Lusk says:

    Sweetheart peppermint vanilla latte

  43. KATHY KRANTZ says:

    Hi Bekah. Love you and your sweet family.
    My truffle would be called Cheery Cherry Love
    Truffle. It would be original cheesecake with a cherry in the center covered with milk chocolate and dusted with graham cracker crumbs and white chocolate drizzles.

  44. Pam Rosser says:

    Dream Truffle
    Orange cream truffle. I love chocolate and orange together….oh and it would be dark chocolate…my favorite ❤️💖
    Looking great and Bohannon 💙
    I saw my 💙 curly one make an appearance too. Hugs , Pam

  45. Jill Moore says:

    Mint to Be Yours Truffle…..dark chocolate and mint together is my favorite. Happy Valentine’s Day! P.S. your baby is simply precious.

  46. Home Sweet Shepherd Home says:

    Chocolate orange dream truffle

  47. Julie Carey says:

    hi i would name my white chocolate truffle cupid! love little bohannon!

  48. Tammy Ferns says:

    Hope you’re all keeping cozy warm during that storm 🌨 We’re not storming here, but for the past week it’s been too cold to do anything outside (-27 F) so I am ready for some warm weather 🥶 Love all your items, and way to go doing it all while holding Bohannon 😁

  49. One Day At A Time With Angela says:

    I really enjoy the music you use in your videos.😁. My truffle would be chocolate and strawberry 🍓 and I would call it “sweet dreams”.❤️.

  50. Lena Cooksey says:

    Love seeing the baby, my truffle name would be, "Nothing Better".

  51. Deb Sarley says:

    Hi and so nice to see your pretty face and newest addition. We are getting snow today too! My truffle would be a chocolate raspberry champagne truffle but honestly I love ALL chocolate covered!

  52. Vicki G says:

    Your little boy is so precious. The little sounds he was making were adorable. I don't get snow where I live, but can imagine how lovely it would be to snuggle watching a movie with hubby with the snow falling outside. I would make a coffee bean and caramel type truffle. Maybe call it "Sweet Energy" Hope 2020 is a good year for you and yours.

  53. Tina says:

    You look beautiful in this video and your baby is so precious. My truffle would be named "Winter Love" – coconut sprinkles on the outside in a heart shape with cool raspberry filling. 🥰💖

  54. Miguel Lopez says:

    Hello Bekah! Hmmmm… I was thinking of a jalapeño mint chocolate truffle. Lol… My husband just gagged. My Grandma Lopez makes a delicious jalapeño mint jelly. So I thought, add it to some chocolate truffles. 😁💜

  55. charmaine684 says:

    Hmmm. "Salty chocolate truffle kerfufle"

  56. BJ Searcy says:

    ❤️Sweet Southern Banana Pudding Truffle❤️

  57. teatuk1965 says:


  58. Charlette Ann Davenport says:

    I think I would make a sweet ❤ cake ,no bake, from cookies and chocolate in a heart shaped molde topped with fresh strawberries to surprise the person I love. Really simple to do and make someone happy! Sweetheart no bake!Love watching your channel, so inspiring! Best wishes to you from Spain!xxx

  59. Tiffani M says:

    Love all the cute items! My truffle would be "Breakfast at Tiffani's" a Maple Bacon Truffle! Something different and I think my husband would like it. Thank you for the opportunity.

  60. Chellie M says:

    Coco Bliss truffle.

  61. Shelia Bowen says:

    How doesGunner feel about the new baby?

  62. Vicki Waller says:

    I would name my truffle “Sweet Pea”.

  63. R. S. says:

    Sweet Divide
    White Chocolate outer coating filled with a creamy milk chocolate center, topped with sprinkled fudge brownie crumbs.

  64. Shirley Pearson says:

    Love your question. I believe I would name my Truffle.. 💝..Hearts Desire..💝 it would be flavored with chocolate and strawberry of course ..💏

  65. Bncooltina L says:

    If I made my own truffle would be cherry cream with dark chocolate , by the way what is your eye shadow love it

  66. Thunder Bird says:

    My special truffle would be named
    ChocoChip Lassi truffle! Not sure whether it would taste good but I would try it! 🙂

  67. elizabeth cassinos says:

    Sweet lil baby, I’d create a cinnamon vanilla truffle❤️❤️

  68. Alicia Taylor says:

    My truffle would be My Hugs and Kisses truffle flavored dark chocolate cherry.
    Thank You for all the great tips throughout the year. Blessings to your beautiful family.

  69. Hugginsince79 says:

    White chocolate cherry nut truffle 🤤🤗❤️❤️

  70. Cammy Burris says:

    Cammy's Carmel Nut Truffles

  71. Annamarie Voss says:

    I would name my truffle European dreams, we took a trip to Europe last fall and it was amazing.

  72. Cara Benfield says:

    I would love a chai spice truffle, probably with white chocolate. I might use the word warm in naming it. Or, call it a Chai Hug Truffle.

  73. Tina Payne says:

    Definitely Vanilla Almond!

  74. Lucy _Bet says:

    I would name it "Grandmas sweet" because it would have all the sweetness I give my Grandson. ❤️

  75. Denise Fowden says:

    My Truffle would be, dark chocolate, cinnamon, nutmeg pumpkin and I would call it Warm Fall Comfort.

  76. pagerus says:

    My truffle would be called JOY. That is my word for this year and the truffle would bring you and your mouth JOY. The flavor would be a chocolate outside with Tres Leche mouse filling.

  77. LA Chica says:

    My chocolate would be called Marylin kisses. White chocolate in the middle would have marshmallow with caramel her style. So classy and sweet. Your baby has grown alot. So adorable 🥰

  78. Gayla Pappenfoht says:

    Truffle flavor would be a little crunch sugar cookie inside with milk chocolate exterior that tastes like hot cocoa. I would name it Nana's Comfort Cookie. Loved your video. Hope you didn't lose power… hugs

  79. CuteNComfy 23 says:

    I would do a white chocolate infused with white chocolate and hypnotic and I’d call it love / surprise / love surprise / happy melt / bang / sweet soul / warm feeling cuss once you eat it you’ll get a warm feeling

    How you can reach me Instagram WeHeartYung

  80. D W says:

    Hi! My truffle would be cinnamon white chocolate and I would call it sweet heat. HVD! ❤

  81. Ange Bishop says:

    Mine would be cinnamon spice truffle x

  82. Renee Winters says:

    I would call me creme delights and they would have hazelnut irish cream or french vanilla flavoring.

  83. Simply Crystal Elaine says:

    "chocolate pearls"🤗

  84. The Carriage House says:

    Thanks so much, everyone, for entering the giveaway!! I'll meet you guys back here on January 31st, to announce the winner 🙂

  85. Chrissie Brewer says:

    I would name a truffle of chocolate and amaretto Zeus’s kiss

  86. Sonia Nieves says:

    I would name my truffle “Spanish Temptation” 🤣

  87. Maddy's Mercantile says:

    I would call it Black Cherry Kiss!

  88. belinda steward says:

    I would name my truffle marshmallow coconut cream😊..always enjoy your videos and your baby is so beautiful…

  89. Julie West says:

    I know this is unrelated to this video but I'm about to have my c section in 7 days. I plan to breast feed, I wandered if you have any tips when it comes to storing/freezing milk?

  90. Hazel joy Merin says:

    I would live to name it " sweet hazel" ❤❤❤

  91. Aira harune says:

    It would be named Choco Lassi truffle 😉

  92. Karen Eicher says:

    Sweet Peaches and Creme Truffle. Thanks sweet lady for the giveaway! Your baby is such a handsome lil man and growing like a weed.

  93. J B says:

    I am just loving Bohannon. He is so comfortable and just so sweet.

  94. Annemarie says:

    My truffle would be "Northern lights magic".

  95. April Simpson says:

    So sweet❤ Baby boy is growing so fast😍 I'm so ready for Spring.🐞🌻🌹🌺🌷 Sending Hugs! xxxx

  96. flowers powers says:

    my truffle would be stuffed with grand marnier with a hint of orange pieces
    she would be called love truffle
    full of kisses my beautiful continues I love your videos
    what a lovely little family

  97. Jen’s Junk says:

    If I could invent my own chocolate truffle, I believe it would be a peanut butter, banana creme chocolate truffle! 🥰 Your little one is just growing!! Hearing him drink his bottle on the video before or after this one? Lol was just too cute!! Hugs!! ♥️

  98. Karen’s Townsend says:

    Aww sweet little Bohannon… Blueberry Delight..I love Berries and Chocolate..

  99. The Carriage House says:

    The winner for this giveaway goes to Vicky from South Carolina!!! Thanks so much you guys!!! Another giveaway will be in the spring 🙂 Yay!!!!

  100. Eve M says:

    😇 I missed thus video but, I'm seeing it now ty for sharing with us again ….❤️

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