Cutting Tile: Dremel 3000
Cutting Tile: Dremel 3000

Cutting Tile: Choosing the Right Tool The Dremel brand presents several options
for cutting tile, select the right option for your next tile cutting project based
on the kind of tile you’ll be working with and the type of cut you’ll need to
make. Rotary tools present two accessory and attachment options for cutting tile. Make small or irregular cuts wall tile with the #516 tile bit which is available alone or as
part of a model #566 cutting kit. Plunge the bit into the tile at forty
five-degree angle and occasionally adjust your cutting depth to engage the bits of tire cutting surface. The EZ545 Diamond Wheel
can be used for smaller scale linear cuts in both wall and floor tile. Use the
right angle attachment for maximum stability when cutting tile with the
EZ Lock Diamond Wheel. The trio committee and the TR562
tile cutting can be used for nonlinear plunge and
running cuts in wall tile. Plunge the TR562 bit into the
tile at a 45 degree angle for faster cuts and to spread wear for
longer bit life. Adjust the tools foot so one eight inch to one quarter-inch
of the bit extends beyond the bottom of the tile. Use the bit to go back and clean up any rough edges for a nice, clean finish. If you need to make a significant number
of linear tell cuts in wall or floor tiles the Saw-Max equipped with an
SM540 tile cutting wheel is right for you. Let the power of the tool do the
cutting for you. Don’t push too hard or you’ll
cause the cutting wheel to wear prematurely. Use the dust attachment to keep the dust from
obstructing your line of sight and to keep your workspace clean. Here are some other thoughts on cutting
tile. Cutting accessories will wear at varying
rates through different tiles. Extended cutting may require the use of
multiple accessories. Putting excess pressure on cutting
accessories will cause them to wear faster not cut faster. Follow electrical safety precautions,
avoid contact with live wiring when cutting into walls.

6 thoughts on “Cutting Tile: Dremel 3000”

  1. dmak2 says:

    Can a dremmel be used to cut mild steel plate?

  2. Phi Chai says:

    The Dremel RT 3000 2/30 made in Mexico is the top selling Rotary Tool at my family owned Hardware Store in Buriram, Thailand. Ruangsangthai Hardware on Highway 2074 is proud to sell and repair this versatile Dremel Rotary Tool. 

  3. Dan Moon says:

    i cut my dick off with this

  4. kuljo says:

    What do you call that steel workboard where the clamp used to hold the tile is plugged in? Thanks.

  5. DoxWoe says:

    Can you use a dremil on marble without it chipping?

  6. Ken Proctor says:

    The 562 bit wears out with one cut

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