D.I.Y. aluminum wire wall decor ♡ Decorazione fai da te  con filo in alluminio
D.I.Y. aluminum wire wall decor ♡ Decorazione fai da te con filo in alluminio

>>Hi giugizers and wecome back My Valentines special keeps going and today I’m going to share with you an easy D.I.Y. project I got the inspiration from Pinterest, which is a neverending pot of ideas. I saw this project and I decided to give it a try and to film a tutorial so that you can try it too because it’s easy and cute and it is… a quote made with aluminum wire simply bended I decided to follow the Pinterest project and write “Love is all you need” It’s too big to show on camera, but don’t worry you’ll see it in the video and you’ll also see how easy it is to make it. For this project you will need: some aluminum wire at least 3mm wide, and some pliers which you can buy in hardware stores. First of all let’s create an eyelet on the wire like this. We can now start bending the wire to create the quote we chose and let’s keep bending it until we reach the end. Once we reached the end let’s cut the exceeding wire and let’s “close” the last letter by wrapping the wire more times, like so and let’s create an eyelet on this end too. Our quote is ready to be offered as a gift or simply to hang on a wall at home. That’s it for today, I hope you liked the tutorial if so don’t forget to click thumbs up here on Youtube and to share this video or the blog post with all your friends That’s it by now but tomorrow I’ll be back with a new project…ciaooo!

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