DAFT THOUGHTS – Ep.1 “The Red Carpet”
DAFT THOUGHTS – Ep.1 “The Red Carpet”

*CHEERING PEOPLE* Hey man…..can you hear me? Oui. What’s that?? I hate people…… Yeah…me too!
Let’s get the f*ck out of here! *Can i take a picture?*—-*Are they even real?* Ok f*ck this….i’m out.

54 thoughts on “DAFT THOUGHTS – Ep.1 “The Red Carpet””

  1. Myakot says:

    hi, long time no see

  2. Destroer2012 says:


  3. Barackolli Obama says:


  4. THEdragon says:

    BWAHAHA! I love this! If you are planning on making more I am totally ready!

  5. Matthew Shezmen says:

    Hell yeah, 10 episodes i think…with a surprise. And this is only the pilot 😉

  6. THEdragon says:

    Sweet! I really look forward to seeing them!

  7. Andrea says:


  8. Rafapanzer13 says:

    Would be appears adam jensen and company? D: xDDDDDDD

  9. THEdragon says:

    "Are they even real?" XD

  10. emytzu says:

    Please add subtitles to them, cause i can barely understand what they're saying.

  11. zxRappidxz says:

    i love daft punk i will watch all of these

  12. Matt G says:

    bounchica wowwow

  13. digo says:

    Why is this guy not a famous YouTube man

  14. Sadun Bulut says:


  15. Matthew Shezmen says:

    Follow me on twitter, i'm posting news about the new episodes i'm working on! 😉

  16. helena says:

    Your character portrayal is fantastic, I love this. :')

  17. Anthony Militello says:



  18. El Baketon says:

    and a little longer so they be about 3 minutes not 1 minute 😀

  19. Thomas Bangalter says:

    He just need more help.

  20. hamstercom23 says:

    Only ten? Dammit. : (

  21. Stagnant says:

    Because the brain dead horde of common youtubers haven't found him yet.

  22. Than Sarnirand says:

    Is the snippet at " The Red Carpet " a song ?

  23. Stardust says:

    This is amazing! Thank you for making this.

  24. emma evania says:

    oh god guy-manuel XD

  25. Gracie J says:

    died at "are they even real??" 

  26. Gracie J says:


  27. Lawrence Scales says:


  28. javiera ignacia says:

    estubo bueno le faltó yaoi pero estuvo genial xD

  29. yato gar says:

    The second 41 what the song?

  30. MillionStars says:

    @chato morales itz Around the World + Television Rules the Nation

  31. HiZweety says:


  32. LegitGaming5511 says:

    Hey Bitter! You just hit 10,000 subs! Congrats!

  33. Tommy Whispers says:

    Ever got a shout out from daft punk about this cartoon of yours?

  34. Immortal Warrior says:

    can't stop laughing send help

  35. tokki chainsaw says:

    hahaha i knew it!

  36. Omar Vidal says:

    ajajaa tienen voz de Fantasmas de Starcraft XD

  37. Gamma Ray says:

    What was the music at 0:42?

  38. Irish chiefs says:


  39. س کو مارنے سے نفرت ہے. нет, серьезно, убей себя. says:

    At least you respected the fact they were french.

  40. Кейд -6 says:

    конечно это странно, но есть ли где нибуть ремикс который играет в начале и конце серий?

  41. XNinja 06 says:

    who's watching in 2017?

  42. dat meme channel tho says:

    im having some daft thoughts about getting a helmet

  43. Beep Boop, Buddy says:

    this has to be a Youtube Red series

  44. ema - says:

    What's the intro songs name?

  45. Lazy Skeptic says:

    This is so accurate

  46. guy natty says:


  47. Xivicus says:

    Somehow they are robots or something they wont do face reveal but who can guess who is behind the mask my guess is Johnny Dep…

  48. BO 92 says:

    I like it! 😁❤️💿📀

  49. Guy Manuel says:

    Pah, so tiring.

  50. Raven gaming says:

    Says first 2 episodes come out on May 24
    Video comes out on May 25
    (╯ಠ‿ಠ)╯︵ ┻━┻
    (This is a joke btw)

  51. Jeanrere4 says:

    hello, Mr. Matthew I wanted to ask if you could give me permission to make a fandub of your video, please?

  52. Alondra Chavez says:

    Matthew shezmen you should make more daft punk thoughts videos

  53. Lovro Planinšek says:

    I H A T E P E A P O L E

  54. elle knightess says:

    ok fuck this im out

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