Daire Turu: Melis’in Pangaltı’daki 3+1 Evi
Daire Turu: Melis’in Pangaltı’daki 3+1 Evi

Hello, I’m Melis Güven Welcome to my 3+1 home in Kurtuluş. I live here with my husband Gürkan We have 2 cats It’s been about 3 months since we moved here. We’re in the living room right now.
This is a classic Pangalti house with high ceilings. The floor lamp you see has a brass stem and with walnut parts I believe. I mean, because they remind me of my childhood I always try to pick such things. There’s brass, wood, stone … I love to mix them all like that. Behind me, you will see
a marble coffee table from Zara Home. I love this corner. It’s the corner where I love reading books and drinking coffee, with open windows. You will see some Ikea rugs at home However my husband and I both we have… how to say it, We prefer handwoven things.
That’s why We keep collecting carpets every now and then. We have a pillow here.
It’s a pillow made of a rug. Our two single seats used to belong to my childhood friend. They are about 25 years old. At some point, they stopped using these.
And as I’ve always loved these, and admired every time
I visited them when I was little, I took these. They’ve been with us
for the last 5-6 years. We have just bought this couch. At first we thought of buying a duck green couch But once I saw this color I fell in love with its color and we chose this for the living room also thinking that it would look
nice with white windows. I love fully decorated walls
so you’ll see plates objects, reliefs, statues, lots of artwork. For example, my cousin and uncle are sculptors My cousin and I also have a
brand named Mon Design this is a product of our own. You will mainly see brass
details across the house. We love to use brass. A friend of mine had decided
to discard this coffee table putting it in front of her door, so I took it and I renewed the top
(I think this type of stone is called travertine) with travertine and
converted this into a coffee table. Oh, the daylight is beautiful right now! Now we’re in the dining room. It’s the dining table. Here again behind us … We have a high double-sided window. I like this window, I like to spend time here. Since we love to cook and eat We’ve preferred a large table. This table is actually a table from Ikea’s Stockholm series. But the top of the table, because of heavy usage was covered with scratches and instead of
replacing the entire table we had a single large piece of marble cut
and had it placed it on top of it making an entirely new table. I haven’t mentioned it before but in the living room, I preferred the same two wicker chandeliers. Actually, to break down the seriousness of the marble because, If I hung something more elegant it would take on a much more classic form. We love to see green at home. So, there are many flowers as you can see There are large plants. Here is a bust my uncle made This relief is my uncle’s handicraft again. I love to see forms such as sculptures, busts in the house. One of my favorite furnitures in the living room is this Ikea black cabinet. Again, as we changed all the
furniture handles in the house we also changed its handles. A close friend of mine gave these handles. Now we can move from the living room to the study room. ♪ dittit diddi di di ♪ This is our office. Here, there are toys that Gurkan and me have collected since we were small. We wanted to display them all in a cabinet. As I can show you. The cabinet you see here is
an Ikea model with sliding lids. I prefer to have books in a closed area. For that reason, we chose something
that is transparent and glass. We have our desk here. This is our bedroom. This bed is from Ikea. I like it to be high.
That’s why we made a choice. Makrame💁🏻 I bought the macrames (the middle one) from Urban Outfitters. We made the other two ourselves. I couldn’t find an identical one
and we thought: “Why not make it ourselves?” The leaves from Yargıcı Home. We chose velvet curtains because, as you can see, our windows are single-glazed. not double-glazed. It gets cold in the winter so in a way we found a solution for better insulation. The marble stand on the left side of the bed used to be in our previous house but since I don’t like to throw anything away – or to give away instead of getting something new to put next to the bed I chose to use in this way. What you see on the right is actually
a laundry basket I bought from Chakra. I chose to use it as a nightstand. Putting a brass tray on top. Again we’re putting books,
cups, glass etc. that kind of stuff. The closet you see here is a walnut cabinet from my childhood. I love that cabinet.
I store my bags, jewelry, etc. inside. There is a traditional rug here, Yagcibedir. So, this rug I’ve loved it since I was a little girl. There’s a brass mirror here I never found a full-size mirror. I looked everywhere! And then I went to s mirror shop and I got something like that custom made It’s an old bench. School bench. On top of it the owner’s name is written. We’re in the kitchen right now. I love cupboard lids to be glass in the kitchen. Because I just said I love to collect plates, bowls, etc and I want to see them all.
That’s why I like it a lot. This feels extremely handy; you can
immediately find out what’s where without opening. The countertop is made of natural wood. It’s a little difficult in terms of cleaning. But the touch is very nice We have an Ikea metal cupboard here. Since we like spices and herbs and we also love to cook there was not a convenient place
to fit them all in this kitchen so we chose to use store them
in something like this. (Good idea banner)
I got this thing that I hang cups with, from n11. There is an identical one here for paper towels. It might sound weird,
but my favorite thing in the kitchen is the trash can. You can’t find anything this small and tall It is from Muji, I got it three years ago.
Something very useful. I’m so sad Muji’s closed. I actually wanted to have a stained glass
but our landlord didn’t allow it. (Good idea banner)
That’s why we ordered this sticker from Amazon. This is the toilet. It looks like a small toilet, but
actually no toilet bowl in the main bathroom. There are two separate areas. The white closet above here is from Ikea. We didn’t want to drill the wall, so this thing made a lot of sense and we did something like that. the mirror, which I used in the living room
in my previous home, is from Zara Home. I chose to use it in the bathroom. The ethnic piece you saw on this window was actually something we hung over doors in our other house but, I put it here to keep the window closed the day we moved in and
it stayed there since that. I like the purpose of use here too. There’s a long hallway in the house. Since there are quite large walls
I chose to use this wall as a photo wall. Some artworks are here. There are photos of my family, my friends. The bathroom was like this when we got the house. Our landlord has great taste by the way. Wood colors dominate this bathroom. Floor is tile These walls are covered with Kale’s white ceramic tiles. We got these green ceramic cacti
that you see from Ikea. The giraffe on the other side
is from Zara Home. Actually from the children’s section. The wooden mat on the floor
is from Chakra. The rug over it
is from Urban Outfitters I want to change the handles
of these cabinets some time. We’re in the dressing room right now. I preferred a white wardrobe
in the dressing room. Because when a furniture is very big,
dark colors are overwhelming. I bought these handles from Zara Home. I changed it that way because I thought it might go well
with the white wardrobe I’ve chosen a curtain with green, cream colors. I love this curtain. We preferred a small wardrobe with
glass doors across the white wardrobe. We like to see things through, again. The shoes are stored here. Suitcases are here…
Usually, everything we don’t really want to see around and we want to store neatly are here. We’re at the entrance. In fact, it’s a large area here but
an extremely useless one because our door opens the wrong way. There’s a mirror here. This a brass mirror from my mother.
it is about 35 years old and is handmade. I got circle shaped pieces cut at the workshop. I thought it would be nice, it would be different. This coffee table is from Yargıcı. From Yargıcı Home. I put a basket underneath to put the slippers in. We thought a shoe cabinet would not be useful, would block the way and
we could not find a shoe cabinet in these dimensions. And then we found a solution like this
because there are high ceilings. Thank you so much for being with me
in this episode of the Flat. Goodbye!

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