Dana Finnigan
Dana Finnigan

My name is Dana Finnigan and I am a Surface
Pattern Designer and I work in interior textiles. I make a number of products including wallpaper,
cushions, small ceramic items including cups and saucers, teapots, plates, but I also print
toilets and bathroom suites and basins. I came to Glasgow to study my masters at the
Glasgow School of Art. I was studying textiles as fashion; I thought I was going to be in
fashion textiles, but then I decided to pursue interior textiles. So after I finished there
I ended up doing an internship at Timorous Beasties and while I was there I was fortunate
enough a job came up. The magic of Timorous Beasties is they started their company during
a time when it was really unfashionable to have wallpaper and patterned interiors were
early 90s, super modernist times; very much the white gallery walls and they were really
doing something different. It’s really something different that’s going to be able to catch
the eye of people. So I had a meeting with Cultural Enterprise
Office and I met with an adviser and I spoke to them about some of the ideas I was having
in regards to what kind of business I wanted to have and, at the time, I was really focused
on smaller ceramic items: cups and saucers and mugs, and then I said I had this idea
that I’d been mulling over for a couple of years which was a printed toilet and they
adviser said well, that’s it, go for it. That’s really a stand out idea, that’s what you should
go for so not long after that I printed a toilet and then I took it to kind of a soft launch
down in London later that year and the market response was just fantastic. I just thought
yeah, that’s it, that’s what I’m going to do. The Starter for 6 programme has really helped
me to focus on aspects of the business and every time I kind of go off on a tangent and
think that oh, I should really be doing this, I’ve got a business plan to go back to and
look at and go now, these are the things that I need to do; this is the next step. This
is what is going to propel me forward. The on piece of creative advice that I think
is really important to know is that everyday is a school day, and that you’re going to
be learning something new everyday and it’s how you apply that to your business that’s

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