Day at Work: Furniture Designer/Maker
Day at Work: Furniture Designer/Maker

Jared Rusten: I was always interested in building and making things I…. build a lot of skateboard ramps. And I was always that kid that liked building the skateboard ramp than actually skating on it. My name is Jared Rusten and I am a furniture designer/ maker. When I was in high school I came from a fairly humble background. It just didn’t seem like college was that much of an option. I went to a community college that focus specifically on a wood working program. And then I started apprenticing with a bunch of other professional master craftsmen and wood workers who are all around the Los Angles area. I moved actually from L.A. where I was apprenticing back to San Jose where I had grown up, And, collected some tools of my own, and just, was put in touch with a guy who said, “I want an entertainment center”. And so, I took the deposit for that entertainment center. I got my first workshop space. And from that one entertainment center, I ended up building and entertainment center for his neighbor. And then, got refereed to build a staircase. Also work with some corporate buyers. One of the designers, who was in charge decorating the google offices decided, “We want a California table in there” So they called me up and I delivered one to them. When I start building a piece of furniture usually it starts with either I am recognizing a need or, clients come to me. Then I go to a sketch book. where I am just doodling, sketching really conceptual forms. And then, I’ll get a big piece of tag board and I will actually draw the chair to scale. And make sure that I got all of the measurements, dimensions dialed in that’s actually going to work, before I start Building the final product. I never thought that i’d be using math as much as I do now. And I was never very good at math. Its something that become second nature and, you know, I definitely wish I payed a little bit more attention sometimes When you have a one man shop with maybe a few assistants your’e running a business, and you really need to understand how to reach and connect with people. And so, A big part is communication. When a interior designer comes in, especially when she is spending her clients money, she wants to be able to trust this person that she’s handing this job off to. For the desk size we have, um, this is an 86′ inch size. we could either make this as a huge coffee table, but usually this is a desk size. (indistinguishable chatter) … I’ve definitely learned it the hard way that this isn’t just a playground even though, you know, having a wood shop is this really fun idea. The thing I love the most is just the act of creation. Of having an idea, taking just a concept or a sketch and making it this tangible object, that…, could bring tears to somebody’s eyes.

13 thoughts on “Day at Work: Furniture Designer/Maker”

  1. Gabi Kas says:

    Thank you! Strongly considering learning this craft my self. 🙂

  2. Habib Rahaman says:


  3. Matthew A says:

    Your work is beautiful. I'm signed up for a community college 2 year woodworking course in Maine. So looking forward to it.

  4. Mitchell Surtees says:

    Thank you for this, I have been trying to articulate this in my head for weeks and this has completely revealed to me that this is what I want to do!

  5. fullguayaco says:

    6 more months and I'll be done with my cabinet making/woodworking program. ^0^

  6. Ismael Ruelas says:

    respect from the 831

  7. but_shays_makeup says:

    I swear I watched this video about 20 times. It's really inspiring and make me what to do thks even more. I would love to have an apprenticeship somewhere, but I think all the greats shops are in the city (bay area)but I'll keep looking in the valley.

  8. Sophia Lenore says:

    That’s not too bad – good job! ☺

  9. The strong survive says:

    I came across your video and it inspired me to pursue my research in this beautiful trade. I have been in construction in Toronto, Canada for 10+ years and have an opportunity for an apprenticeship but I am 43 and wanting children, can I afford the down pay. Here in my city, this is not a very well paid career. However, I so want to take the plunge.

  10. Gyeon Week says:

    How much do you earn?

  11. amir says:

    Very good information !

  12. nIrUbU01 says:

    Why are comments/ratings disabled on the software engineer video but not anywhere else? Makes it look like youre trying to protect her from criticism simply because shes a woman or some retarded feminist shit like that. Well, gonna say what i had to say here instead i guess: Lol, so being a woman in software engineering is hard because you like to wear scarfs(or however that word is spelled)? What a stupid argument

  13. 2702 says:

    Very inspirational… if you want to teach your craft to a very eager student… let me know! 🙂

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