DAY IN MY LIFE | Thrift shopping, new home decor, cleaning & hosting! ✨
DAY IN MY LIFE | Thrift shopping, new home decor, cleaning & hosting! ✨

Hello friends good morning welcome to
another vlog today is Friday it’s sunny I’m in a great mood and today we’re
going shopping for home decor so that just elevates my mood even more this
morning I was pretty productive and got a lot of things died so I’m gonna head
to my errands now before the stores get all crowded and busy so I’m gonna get
that done and then we’ll come back here and do like more productive things and
clean up a bit because we are having friends over tonight for a game night
we’re having quite a few people over so I definitely want to make sure like it’s
clean and I bring all our chairs out and all that good stuff stuff I’ll take you
through my little hostess preparations but I also want to take you to good well
because I’ve had stuff in my car that I want to donate for so long and I also
want to kind of like do a little thick shopping as well so I’ll do a little
walkthrough see if we find anything I am on the hunt for wine glasses because we
don’t own any like actual wine glasses we have like wine tumblers that I use
for not even just wine so I want to see if they have any ones that I can thrift
but if not I also do plan to go to home goods and Target so we can pick them up
there if I don’t find them at Goodwill but I’m hoping I can through them
fingers crossed see if we get lucky but excuse me let’s get this party started
and head to Goodwill this is what I’m wearing today because it is quite chilly
actually which I’m always hesitant out to say it’s chilly in Florida because
every time I do everyone up north comes at me because I’m like it’s 45 degrees
it’s 50 degrees I’m so cold and then everyone’s like I would be wearing my
bikini if it were 50 degrees here so I understand it’s very relative term and
nobody wants Florentines to say they’re cold because we are just spoiled with
our weather so I am cold though guys okay let me be cold so I bundled up I’m
wearing this jacket from princess Polly and then this just white lingerie set
from boohoo and my little LOC necklace just threw my hair in a braid and then
I’m wearing my Sperry slide-on shoes I just had
turn around and go back to my apartment because I realized I forgot my phone I
probably would have never even noticed but I’m always into music before I leave
my house and my car has Bluetooth so just like automatically circling the
song that I was just listening to in my apartment but it didn’t start playing
anything so I was like that’s strange so thankfully I noticed because on my phone
I have my list of everything that I’m wanting to purchase today also I do have
a budget of $75 today like I’m not spending more than that which is a
pretty good budget but I have some like things that could potentially cost quite
a bit of money so fingers crossed we’ll see this is what my trunk currently
looks like because I have just been procrastinating a goodwill drop off for
far too long let me go she’ll come cute this is my tea tree so sweet really cute looks brand-new
honestly 100% – so thank you also if you need baskets for Easter
baskets coming up come to go well also what the heck look at this picnic basket
guys $7.99 there’s stuff in the air I can feel it
I’ve already had my picnic basket so I really probably don’t need this but I
was not expecting that oh my god what in the world that goodwill trip was
definitely a success but not too much of a success where I spent like more money
than I should have I only spent four dollars and I got four
different things and they’re so freaking cute and I did get two wine glasses I
like them I like how they’re a little smaller I’ll show you all of it when I
get home but they really wrapped it up nicely per view which is super super
grace without noting it breaks hopefully so I have this little list of like home
stuff that I’m wanting to upgrade basically and that’s what I’m doing
today I never really explains that and it’s just like things that we’ve had
since college and stuff like we still have some of our kitchen supplies that
we had since college which is fine like that’s great if it’s still working and
stuff but some of our pots are kind of like curved at the bottom I’m not sure
why that happened but um that’s something I’m looking for and I got the
wine glasses so I can cross that off my list and then a new soap dispenser I
mentioned this in a vlog before but I still haven’t gotten a new soap
dispenser for our bathroom and then I also want to find a new bathroom at
trashcan cuz the one we have now there’s no like lid to it and I feel like when
we have like I feel like for our bathroom trash can I’d be nice to have
one with like a lid so that you just don’t like to see into the trashcan
um so yeah that is still when I’m on the hunt floor and a couple other things so
if I find it I’ll show you guys soon but now we are off to home goods and then
target is alive 90 oh my gosh these chairs are for your cat or your dog how
stinking cute somewhere in the bed when I returned for me after you carry me
that guy I have no idea where I would put it but this is the cutest decoration
ever me together take me back
you know my friends I made some iced coffee so
yummy and I’m ready to do the hall so we’ll start out with everything I got at
Goodwill I know I shared some little sneak peeks but I never showed you the
final things I picked up and again I only spent four dollars so super
inexpensive but these are the qi wine glasses i picked up and of course i
liked how they are a pair and i liked how they are smaller i mean i don’t know
if you can really tell but they are smaller wine glasses which is good
because when i drink wine like i really don’t need that much and so i’m gonna
pop these in the dishwasher they were both only $0.99 so cute so inexpensive
so that’s awesome and that’s what I was looking for and
then as I was looking at the glassware I found two other little treasures and
this is one of them it is just this really beautiful florell’s glass and it
just makes me so excited for spring and I don’t know what that it I don’t know
if that’s like the designer I don’t know if you guys can see it but it says poppy
like cuz it’s the poppy flowers and it was only 69 cents and it just made me
really happy so it’ll be so nice to drink some juice or iced coffee or like
a little smoothie in here so that’s good and in my drink ware cabinet like I love
just seeing lots of pretty different glasses like this one for instance this
one was from Anthropologie and this one that I just picked up from Goodwill
totally looks like it could have been from Anthropologie a hundred percent so
I love it and then the last thing I picked up from Goodwill is this super
duper cute little teacup it is so so sweet I love how it just has like the
little stands at the bottom the little legs and it’s just so detailed so lovely
and like delicate and again so cute for spring so you better believe I’m gonna
have some morning coffee or some afternoon tea in these little teacups
soon I think I need to start going to Goodwill more often maybe that’ll become
like a weekly thing that we do in our vlogs because it was just such a good
time and then I went over to HomeGoods and I did find a beautiful big pot I’m
so happy so I’ll show you later which one like I’m gonna be giving away now
because of course like I don’t need to keep my old one so I’ll give that one
away and I’ll show you the glow up this one’s just so pretty and it matches
a skillet I have and it’s this masterclass premium cookware so really
excited to use that later when I make some coconut oil popcorn for our friends
coming over okay and then I went to Target last but not least and I did pick
up this trash can for our restroom and I know I said earlier that I wanted one
with a lid but then as I thought about it more I thought that actually would be
kind of annoying and convenient like it is nice to be able to like Tasha toss
that cotton ball or tissue just like in the trash can and I like how this comes
out really easily it’s attached right now so I need to cut it off but it’s
super attached I mean it’s you can just pull out this little plastic part so you
can clean it wipe it down because I actually did see like a cute basket at
Goodwill that I thought would be a good trashcan but it would just get so gross
so quickly because it doesn’t have this plastic insert so I thought this would
be great and it was 1999 I believe also the pot that I got from home guys my big
new pot is was $29.99 it was like $30 so it’s a little pricier but for the
quality I think it’s really good and then also at Target I got these like
they’re kind of like look kroy’s but they’re just a different brand it’s
called good and gather which I don’t know if that’s affiliated with yeah it’s
distributed by Target Corporation so it’s like Target brand so I just love
Lucroy and I was kind of craving it and I thought this would be nice to like
share with friends tonight for game night and I love the grapefruit flavor
so hopefully other people do too so yeah that’s all I bought today but I do have
something else to show you that I’m really really excited about I’ve been
using a function of beauty and I’m so incredibly excited that they are
sponsoring it video you may have heard of them before
I definitely have and I have just been admiring them because they truly are
doing such beautiful things and they have blessed my hair immensely I mean
look at these bottles their branding just needs a second to be admired it
even says my name function of Allison and they also send these little stickers
that you can put on your bottles clearly that’s what I did I had to do that
naturally I love a little extra Flair so if you haven’t heard a function of
beauty yet they are changing the hair game and they create personalized
shampoo and conditioner formulations to fit your hair needs and your hair goals
so basically what you do is you go on their site and you take a quiz so that
they can get an idea of your personal hair type so for me for instance I have
wavy frizzy hair I did kind of tame it this morning
so all insert a clip of this morning without doing anything to my hair but
the only thing that I used heat on were these two sections right in the front
just to kind of like frame my face more but this is my natural hair it’s super
wavy and frizzy but thanks to functional Beauty it’s not that frizzy anymore when
I was filling out my quiz basically my profile my hair profile is wavy and I
have medium hair so it’s not super super thick but it’s definitely not thin by
any means and it’s dry so I really needed a formula that would help
moisturize so that’s kind of my hair situation but obviously that’s amazing
that you’re able to give them an idea of how they can help you and your hair
needs through that quiz but then you also get to choose like the fun stuff
you can pick out a color and a scent obviously I picked pink I mean how could
I not it’s just like the most beautiful shade of pink as well and makes me so
happy just seeing it in my shower everyday and you can also pick out your
scent and if you don’t want to scent it shampoo and conditioner that’s totally
fine that’s an option as well but for me I love a fresh
yummy smelling scent and so I went with nude peach and it trees some house is so
delicious Brandon the first time I used it he was
like sniffing in my hair like crazy you’re just like oh my gosh this is so
much so highly recommend that scent if you end up ordering some for yourself
and so they have the shampoo and conditioner but they also have other
products so you can create a full hair routine so they have leave-in treatments
hair serum which I picked up as well and I love it it really makes my hair so
much shiny I just put it on right before I style it in the morning so I just do a
few pumps and I’ll insert a clip of me doing that this morning you can
literally see a difference right after you use it so it’s super satisfied and
then they also have the option to get purple shampoo which I probably should
do next time I order too because I want to get sound like highlights first bring
in summer so I’ll probably do that next so yeah they really have everything you
need to create a healthy and complete haircare routine and best of all
function of beauty is committed to clean ingredients that are backed by science
every product is free of sulfates parabens mineral oils and glue in which
I had no idea that some shampoos and conditioners even have those ingredients
in it kind of shocking and everything is vegan and cruelty free even the
packaging that they send everything in and create has sustainability in mind
and even though it’s such an incredible and customizable product it is
accessible to many parts of the world so if you’re in the United States Great
Britain Europe Australia New Zealand and more you can order function a beauty for
yourself so if you’re interested you can click the link below for 20% off your
first order I hope you love function of beauty as much as I do so now that I
showed you everything I picked up I am going to start cleaning I gotta finish
my coffee because I am kind of hitting my midday lull so gotta get the momentum
going and I really need to pop these in the dishwasher and I’m gonna run the
dishwasher cuz I mean with good well like the stuff could be sitting out on
the shelves for a long time so I kind of like to put it through the dishwasher so
it kind of gets heavy industrial kind of wash instead of
just like my little you know hand washing stuff that’s what I’m gonna do
I’m gonna make this place clean as a whistle and then I’m gonna start baking
cookies because that’s one of the snacks I’m gonna have tonight for game night
these good well stickers are giving me a really hard time not so happy about it
I have like all the sticky stuff on here I don’t have any of that glue be gone or
whatever it’s called so I’m about to Google like if I could use baby oil or
nail polish remover I don’t know but I do not like goop things okay I was able
to get this sticker off everything except this one especially I feel like
with this little design here it’s kind of getting stuck on it so I looked this
up and it says that you can do a mixture of coconut oil and baking soda and let
it soak overnight and then scrub it scrub the area with a toothbrush and
then rinse it with warm water so that sounds promising I think what I’m just
gonna try in the meantime because I’m about to run the dishwasher and I just
want this like clean now I’m just gonna try the coconut oil and the toothbrush
I’m not gonna let it soak overnight or anything and we’ll see if that kind of
loosens it up a bit yes you may have noticed if you did the calculations but
I ended up spending less than my budget was today for all my shopping I didn’t
get everything on my list but I knew I wasn’t gonna get everything on my list I
just like have a running list so that whenever I’m at home goods especially
cuz homeless always has like unique things I can kind of check that lit list
and then check all the different sections where those items may be so I
ended up spending in sixty one dollars and ninety three cents to be exact
so my budget was seventy-five so we did a good job stayed on budget feelin good
and now I’ll have more money for the next home decor shopping adventure it worked guys I got it off the coconut
oil really loosen it up and you probably don’t have to use coconut oil you really
could probably use any kind of oil and then I just like used to toothbrush just
scrub it but then like using my male to really kind of slide it off with so satisfying one thing I’m really gonna miss about
our apartment is the fact that I can vacuum the whole apartment in like 15
minutes but when we have a house it’s gonna be a
whole other story welcome home handsome are you happy it’s
the weekend right we did some creaming I just did
some laptop work and now it’s time to bake cookies and definitely eat some
cookie dough while I bake them um so I’m just gonna look up I don’t have a cookie
recipe I wait I make every time so I’m just gonna like do the first one that
pops up that has good ratings but I’ll link it down below in case you want to
make this thing listen I do they usually always turn out amazing it’s hard to go
wrong with chocolate chip cookies and then I think I’m gonna pop on an episode
of Gilmore Girls while you make them and it’s gonna be a very happy situation I gotta tell you something I thought I
could be running or at ECU but if I got any better things to do as
I spent my precious time Jesus somebody if I got a dollar for every time you
slam okay so I’m going to show you guys how I make my coconut oil popcorn it is
truly one of my favorite snacks super healthy super super easy
and I make it on the stovetop so I’m going to use my beautiful new pot and
the first thing I do is add a big old spoonful of coconut oil to the pot and
then three or four popcorn kernels okay and then I just put my burner on medium
heat and I’m gonna put my lid on and leave it cracked a little bit and wait
for them to pop okay once they’re popped I just turned off my burner real quick
and I’m gonna pour in the rest of my popcorn
this is tricky I need to put you guys down all right I’m gonna do a lot we want to make sure you don’t do too
much because it could overflow so and I’m gonna shake it around the key is to
shake it around for 15 seconds and keep it off of the burner for 15 seconds so
like all the hot oil can get on the kernel and I loved a lot of coconut oil so I’m
super generous and I’m actually gonna add a tiny bit more because it’s
essentially the butter of this popcorn this is what it looks like and I’m just
gonna turn my heat on high again and then I’m gonna put the lid on cuz
they’re gonna start popping away we got all our games out ready to go these are
some of our favorites I wish I had apples to apples we don’t have that one
yet but that one’s actually one of my top favorite games this one’s hilarious
tacocat goat cheese pizza but I don’t know how it would be playing with like a
bunch of people says you can play with three to eight people so it’s actually a
lot Dutch place cover-your-ass feds code names crowd favorite in our group of
friends sequence and say anything it’s kind of like apples to apples but a
little different okay and now once the popping gets kind of like a few seconds
in between pops you want to take it off turn your heat off take it off the kids
you don’t want to burn it and then I just kind of let it cool down for a
little bit and while it was cooking I left it open a tiny bit you can’t you
keep it open too much because stuff will fly out but I keep it open a tiny bit so
that um it doesn’t get like soggy if that makes sense because there’s a lot
of oil popping around and if you like just don’t have any air for it to come
out the steam the popcorn will be kind of like stale and soggy tasting so give
it a try oh I’m also gonna add the sea salt mmm
definitely needs salt though this pot is truly perfect for making my popcorn I’m
so bad all right friends that is all for
today’s vlog okay thank you for hanging out with me today our friends are gonna
be here any second so I just want to be present with them and play some own
games and laugh and just have a happy rest of the Friday but I loves hanging
out with you all today and going home to go shopping there will be a lot more of
that soon and I think we really need to do more thrift shopping because today
was a very successful and fun and it’s like a fun little scavenger hunt so it
was a good time I love you guys so much I hope you have a beautiful rest of your
day and I’ll see you soon bye

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    Hahaha…you probably do get cold at 45 degrees. Our blood thickens up north to keep us warm in dropping temps. I think there is truth to that anyway. 🙂 Those stickers are SO annoying!

  70. Athena Gem says:

    Hi! I've been watching your videos for a few months now and I never realized that I wasn't subscribed to you before. Probably because your videos are always on the home page of my account 😁 anyway, I just subscribed and I love the energy you give off. Although I'm more a teal girl, your "pinktastic" vibe is cute too! Congrats on your home to be! 😊

  71. Noemi Aguilar says:

    Beautiful content made my day with pure joy🥰

  72. Mayuri Velangi says:

    Hello Allison,
    Love all your videos.
    Can u tell me which is the indoor plant in your apartment that u sprayed water on?

  73. Aleysa J says:

    Does Florida have coronavirus

  74. Tiffany Padilla says:

    I donated that tea cup like a month ago, there was a tea kettle that went with it… I didn't use it anymore… I am not kidding you…

  75. Tiffany Padilla says:

    Eucalyptus or any citrus oils will help

  76. Emily Laney says:

    Who else thinks her husband might be gay??

  77. Original Revelin says:

    Vlogs from you and Jessica Braun waiting when I got home from work…definitely a happy camper. Perfect way to relax

    Also, I love thrifting. Honestly, if you are pastiest enough, you can find all your home goods secondhand. Plus goodwill (at least around here) gets a lot of sale items from target so it’s brand new but way cheaper and more environmentally friendly

  78. Life Beautiful says:

    Try Hand Sanitizer to remove sticker!

  79. Ruth Goddard says:

    I have never tryed popcorn with coconut oil.need to try that instead of buttet. Love that cup, oh my so pretty

  80. honeylemonchip says:

    More goodwill hauls please 😊

  81. The Clean Nest says:

    Lemon essential oil gets all sticky/adhesive off

  82. Michaela Courand says:

    This vlog was so happy! Perfect to come home and watch after a long day 🙂

  83. Caroline Llewellyn says:

    I've only just recently discovered your channel. Want a lovely human being you are. You just make me smile and put me in a good mood. Thanks x

  84. Addie Parks says:

    I now understand why you’re cold 😂 I’m from Canada so we experience really cold weather and when I went down to Florida to do the princess 1/2, there was one day when it was 10 degrees Celsius and in Canada, I’d be like “oh yeah, summer time! “ but 10 degrees Celsius in Florida is like “where’s my winter jacket??“ 😂😂😂

  85. Olivia Grace says:

    That Micky toaster looks so you

  86. Pretty Daisy says:

    Which location is that goodwill?? I have been looking for a good location to go thrift shop never done it before

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