hey guys welcome back to my channel my
name is Deandra excuse the way of how I look in sound I am sick I had a fever it
was just ridiculous last night just excuse the way I look so for today’s
video I’m actually going to be doing my foyer table that’s behind this camera
and I’ll be showing you guys what I did and how I styled it and I think it
turned out really cute I’m very happy with it and it kind of ties in the whole
theme that I have going on back behind me I do have a few pops of red that’s on
it it kind of just made its way onto there
but I think I might change it out as I get these DIYs that I’m doing on a roll
I will switch things out but I will see what works and kind of just go with the
flow on making my space cozy with that being said you guys don’t exactly have
to do anything that we do you can make anything that suits your mood and makes
you feel cozy and at home I hope you do enjoy this video and get some kind of
inspiration out of it and try to bring items from outside in and with all of
that being said we can get started on this video so here I am just removing
everything off of the foyer table I believe that you should always start
with a blank canvas so I’m removing all the fairy lights that I had during the
fall season and other things that I had on the foyer table I did have a few
Christmas things on here because I was trying to see exactly where I wanted to
place everything but once I was done I removed everything at the bottom and
then I began to just remove all the dust and everything that’s on the foyer table
before I start a new project so here I lay down some eucalyptus leaves and I
just thought that it looked better than the average garland that they usually
get at like the dollar store or any other store for Christmas this one looks
a little bit more real and I liked how it was like more textured and here you
see me just moving things around and basically getting a feel for everything these are the leaves that I got from the
flowers that I used in my Christmas tree if you guys haven’t seen that video you
can check in the cards or in the description below and Here I am doing
the same thing I did to my Christmas tree the bigger one and I just fluffed
it out once that is all done I just added some
little knickknacks on to the foyer table like this pinecone and then at the
bottom I added this glass canister to be like a makeshift fireplace and then this
Nativity sign that I got and here is everything I added a few
more things at the bottom of the shelf and I just think that the Shelf turned
out really nice like I said I do have a bit red showing
up on here but I will be removing it once I get the DIYs on a roll so stay
tuned for those videos okay guys that is it for this video I
hope you enjoyed it please share it if you think anyone else will find this
video helpful as well as give me a thumbs up if you enjoyed it and with
that I would say yeah that’s pretty much it for this video I do have an update
for you guys that I will be posting a video two times a week because I have a
lot of content for you guys and I realize doing it every Monday I will not
be able to get everything out for you so I decided to post two times a week so
what every day’s work best for you guys please let me know in the comments so
that I can start getting those videos out for you if you are new to my channel
or new to seeing my face please hit that subscribe button as well as the Bell so
you are notified every time I upload a new video anyways remember to Sparkle
shine and stay beautiful and I will see you guys in my next video later you

2 thoughts on “DECORATE MY ENTRYWAY FOR CHRISTMAS | Foyer Table Decor”

  1. Darth Orphan says:

    That tables very pimpin good beach vibe

  2. The Jenn Rhodes says:

    Eucalyptus is my favorite vibe !

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