Decoupage on Canvas/Make your own Wall Art/DIY Wall Decor Accent
Decoupage on Canvas/Make your own Wall Art/DIY Wall Decor Accent

Hello everyone today’s project is a decoupage on canvas as you can see, I have a round stretched canvas and This is what it turned into So, let’s see how I got there keep the canvas aside and take the napkin of your choice run a wet brush through to cut out the motif Just separate the napkin very gently this helps a napkin have an uneven edge Similarly on the even edges run the wet brush so that you get uneven edges which are much better to blend especially on a canvas Next step is to separate the plies Position the napkin onto the canvas as desired once you’re happy with the positioning start applying glue Apply glue to only one part of the canvas to start with and make sure you take new very sparingly Position the napkin on to the glue applied area and start smoothing and straightening it as much as possible Once you’ve secured one part of the napkin onto the canvas start working on the rest of the napkin part by part here i have used the heat gun to speed up the process, but you could simply just let it air dry Next I took a small piece of fine grit sandpaper and sanded down the edges of the canvas where there was excess napkin At this point in time I would be applying decoupage glue to only the edges to seal them down and not on the entire Napkin as I will be using acrylic paints and inks Onto the napkin and application of glue would form a protective layer and paint and inks won’t adhere well Once all done leave it to try Once completely dried, here I’ve taken a color that is matching the napkin and I would be painting the edges to cover the canvas Since we’re working on a canvas you could use acrylic paints I’m extremely sorry my camera just suddenly shut down and so I couldn’t capture some of it But after I painted the base teal, I let it dry completely and then just dabbed some grey acrylic paint Onto it with the help of a sponge to continue the effect that was on the napkin Now here I have a stencil Which I will be using Just place it onto the area that you want the stenciling to be done. I have taken a gold acrylic shade just take some of it onto the sponge, although, Later, I switched to the stencilling brush. I didn’t find the sponge very convenient Just dab it on So here’s how it looks post stenciling And now we move on to the stamping here I have some clear stamps and Rubber stamps a Few of which are added newly to my collection and some archival inks Just tap the stamp onto the ink pad Hard enough for it to catch substantial amount of ink and you just dab it onto the canvas here i’m using two to three different colors of archival inks But you could also go with just one one dark one which stands out And I’m trying out all my new stamps as well When it comes to stamping it is really difficult to control myself It is so addictive I can go overboard so very easily I Just have to constantly keep whispering to myself that I need to stop and reign myself in Now once all the stamping and stenciling is done we put the thick coat of decoupage glue all over the canvas And for this project for the sealant I used this spray varnish used for acrylic and oil paintings

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  1. Shiny Kudesia says:

    Beautiful can v use any other varnish

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  3. Loly Laguna López says:

    Pon subtítulos en español por favor

  4. April Passeck says:

    This is beautiful!!

  5. nimisha devpura says:

    Simply beautiful 😍
    Can you please tell me which colours you are using for the painting ?

  6. Soumya mishra says:

    Where to get these napkins?

  7. Suman Yadav says:

    Beautiful….Which glue have you used, can we use mod podge?

  8. madmoiselle007 says:

    Absolutely gorgeous

  9. Moore Azin says:

    Very Nice!

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    That’s really lovely!

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  13. Jenny Person says:

    Gorgeous! Can't wait to try it!

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  15. Donna Fabulous! says:

    Fantastic idea beautifully executed ✨✨✨✨✨😍👏🏽👌🏽

  16. Southern Sass says:

    So beautiful! TFS 💗

  17. Garima Singhal says:

    Do we have to use gesso intially?

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