Dermatologist Reviews Celebrity Skincare Routines
Dermatologist Reviews Celebrity Skincare Routines

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  1. Luci Vrdoljak says:


  2. Maria Alexia Papantonopoulou says:

    Shopping timeee!


    Hiiiii from Algeria!!

  4. 5K subs before Christmas says:

    Who's been a BIG fan of As/Is before 2019??

    👇gifting next 86 loyal subs🎁

  5. Just Some Guy without a Mustache says:

    Is Greek Yogurt any good for the face?

  6. Flash Focus says:

    This may actually come in useful – thanks!

  7. Andreya Tak says:

    Celebrities don't have beautiful skin.
    They use million dollar Make-up
    My grandma has better skin with occasional lemon and sugar mask.
    These kind of expensive stuff is just hands down useless and does more damage than cure.
    Guys don't believe this piece of garbage.
    I would have believed this doctor if she had no make-up on her face. Lord !!!!!!!!

  8. David Parkinson says:

    Celebrities and beautiful skin what don't you mean plastic surgery to stop them ageing

  9. Arifah says:

    dang, I thought my skincare routine was expensive 😳

  10. Akanksha Tanwar says:

    This lady is giving me some skincare goals!💫

  11. Aerith AMV says:

    Why can't we just do what caterpillars do?💁

  12. Lily_ Equestrian says:

    Hello I'm irish is any one else? ❤️😊🇮🇪

  13. Livi Demi says:

    I love skincare! It makes me feel amazing after But everyone should try The Ordinary products it’s not expensive and it does wonders.

  14. Rahzel22 says:

    Hi 🙂

  15. someone important says:

    Why do l with good skin and 0 care watch this?🤣🤦‍♀️

  16. ? says:

    Everybody else: smart creative comments
    Me: I have skin does that mean I’m like a celebrity

  17. Catrin Joneß says:

    If you are scrolling through comments right now because i know i am ⬇️

  18. Rianne Barreto says:

    Is this woman even a real dermatologist? How is she okay with using a hyaluronic acid serum after an oil and putting another oil on top of that ? All water based serums go before oil because they have a smaller molecule than oil. And also can we talk about how incredibly overpriced that Dr Barbara Sturm hyaluronic acid is ?

  19. indistinctcolor says:

    I just want to hear that a highly expensive, 25-step routine is unnecessary.

  20. Golden Spuds says:

    Alicia keys is just the epitome of skincare, makeup, and beauty GOALS

  21. Tyler serjeant says:

    Liv Tyler didn’t use the CBD oil on her face , she used it under her tongue lol

  22. The Black Rabbit says:

    Some of this seems like overkill.

  23. Ravyn Corvys says:

    Liv spends almost $1000 on skincare?!

  24. virgo says:

    THIS is what we wanted with the Derm Reacts series on Harper’s Bazaar.

  25. AviDragonLady says:

    The only thing I got from this was that there's a silicone loofah, which is great because it'll get me to actually use one. I'm a germaphobe, and if there's an easy to clean loofah, I'll happily use it!!!

  26. Lea H says:

    See? everything is 50 $!
    Of course they got a beautiful skin! They better get!

  27. Forever Kenzie says:

    love to learn about the spider veins with cold helping to shrink them.

  28. Jon says:

    she’s a Wu girl

  29. Leslee Herschfus says:

    LivTaylor would do better to take her makeup off before she goes to bed

  30. Ruby Love says:

    JVN isn’t a gentleman, they are non binary.

  31. hesmeralda salasw says:

    i love your videosssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  32. Mia Schram says:

    I just wash my face with warm water and put some cream on😂

  33. Addie W says:

    Step 1: have millions of dollars..

  34. Jan E. says:

    * Susan Yara enters the chat *

  35. John Secret Spirit says:

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  36. Emil lilY says:

    All I'm gonna say is go watch Dr Dray or Caroline Hirons if you want great dermatologist advice on product! This seemed more like "let me tell you what the products are supposed to do" not a skincare routine review.

  37. Emma Cassady says:

    Yikes this dermatologist needs to get her filler done somewhere else….

  38. Maggie Morgan says:

    This is a great video!!! Skin care is so important; I’m glad to hear from an actual doctor!

  39. Tara Varzaru says:

    Is she really not gonna talk about how the order of some of these products is pretty messed up? You are supposed to apply products from the lightest and runnier formula to the richest and more dense formula. There is no point adding a mist or a serum on top of an oil, it’s not going to sink into the skin, but sit on top of the oil

  40. Linda the Hermit says:

    Is this anything other than a commercial for convincing people they need a dozen, or more, expensive products in order to have decent looking skin? It would appeal to me more if she told us what products at Target would be useful. Rich celebrities live in a different dimension than most of us.

  41. COBIE JANAY says:

    I got bored in California and started traveling the world for some fun

  42. Myri C. says:

    Spoiler Alert : I worked in a fancy beauty salon as a receptionnist. I wasn't brain washed by all their products and mostly, I wasn't paid enough to offer me those products. And guess what ? They were all jealous of my skin and were secretly asking me some of my products, but were denigrated them when they were together or talking to clients. I use 3 products and they are from Yves Rocher. Almost entirely natural and affordable. My most expansive product is my hydrating cream (32$), but works for 48h and really does something. The beauticians were comming to me when they had a button or something. Clients were always returning their beauty products cause they were giving them allergies or bad skin reactions. Some of them had purchased 3 products for 375$.

    Moral : Don't be blinded by the promises of these brands selling their products to ridicul prices. You don't need them. You only need to clean your face and to hydrate it with good products that fits to your skin. You can even find some at the drugstore. Oh and drink a lot of water. That is the best advice you can receive (got it from Beyoncé in an interview). Drinking a lot of water helps your skin to stay hydrated, to be purified, etc.

  43. akua baryeh says:

    After the last video I can trust this dermatologist

  44. Gemma Sherman says:

    Tracee Ellis Ross: My skincare secret is just sleep, hydration, and a good diet!!!

    Also Tracee Ellis Ross: has a $1600 routine

    You what mate

  45. Kiera says:

    A few things I’m really surprised she didn’t talk about were physical vs chemical exfoliating (using physical exfoliators can make micro tears in your skin), fragrance in skin care (it’s at best benign, at worst damaging to your skin), and more about sunscreen (It’s the MOST IMPORTANT step in ANY skin care routine).

    I recommend checking out the Paula’s Choice channel on here.

  46. Alicia Hoffman says:

    everyone hates on this dermatologist, but look at her skin tho.

  47. Carina Johnson says:

    That $400 oil and $200 tool… 😧

  48. CC A says:

    This was stupid.

  49. Lil Bit of Lena says:

    jojoba oil is key yal

  50. Emma Kate says:

    Rip off from Susan Yara from mixed makeup?

  51. JoanneXD D says:

    Nothing beats Bella Thorne's skincare routine 😀

  52. Trillian says:

    holy crap. I feel overwhelmed xD

  53. Endah Rismala says:

    I can spend that amount for having meals for a month or more 😂*sory for my bad English….🤗

  54. Brenda Lozius says:

    Just drink enough water and workout! #SAVEMONEY

  55. pied Piper Stephan says:

    25 steps is over kill

  56. Kaarlina says:

    Susan : Am I a joke to you?

  57. Awakened Spirit says:

    Yea all skincare and less healthcare huh. People care about the outside and not on the inside.

  58. Shapeshifter says:

    Is drinking water good for your skin?

  59. Mary Elizabeth Tessier says:

    This lady doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Honestly don’t know if she’s even a certified dermatologist. If you want advice on skincare go watch Dr. Dray here on YouTube. Half of these products are gimmicky and overpriced. Most dermatologist tell you to wash with a gentle fragrance free cleanser and use a fragrance free moisturizer. And they never recommend a facial scrub!! Save your money!!

  60. Ayanna Marielle says:

    29 years old right now I turn 30 in march and I have been exfoliating forever I look like im 19-21 lol so Hopefully when I turn 30 I will still look the same lol young.

  61. Ayanna Marielle says:

    i would love to show her my products and ask her if theyre good for me i love my products and never had any problems so far but it would be good to know if there is anything i should change or replace

  62. Pratyush Priyam says:

    Who wants to see Pharrell Williams skin care routine ??

  63. Alexis Martello says:

    I got question… where’s the spf

  64. Travis Russo says: Skin Care for darker Tones, great video!

  65. Togi Lee says:

    I would looooove to know what this lady uses herself. Her skin is sooooo pretty❤

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