Designing a Newlywed Couple’s First Place – Erin’spired – HGTV
Designing a Newlywed Couple’s First Place – Erin’spired – HGTV

– They’ve been used to living garage apartment
for a long time. Mm hmm. This is going to be a
huge, huge step up for them. [music playing] OK. Jean and Charles Bolden
have been our neighbors for a little while. They live in our neighborhood. They currently live in
the little guesthouse behind her parents’
house, and they’re buying a house three doors down. They’re leaving the nest, but
really just falling out of it. The house itself is adorable. It’s been taken care of. It’s just a little green. I think this house is all about
taking what’s already there because it’s got a lot
of good going for it, and then making it earthy,
traditional, timeless like Jean and Charles. She’s a potter, and the
pottery that she makes is always earth tones. So that’s what I want to
lean into for this house. [bell dinging] The exterior of the house
itself had a good outfit on, but we just needed to totally
change the accessories. The exterior paint’s good. I think we can keep that. And then, just find a way to
do something fresh with trim. I think that’s all
it needs is, you know, getting a different trim
color, cleaning it up. Get rid of the
shutters immediately– and especially once we
get rid of the handrails. They’re really
kind be an eyesore on the front of the house. These are the shutters
that were on the house. Erin wants window
boxes on the front. I would like to add some
flower boxes below the windows. It’s a cute little cottage. Let’s give it some
cottagey flowers out front, and I really want to
get a new front door– something that’s
like more classically bungalow, craftsman. Jean and Charles are artists,
and I think they will like having a one-of-a-kind door. Like, there will be another
door like this anywhere. And then, bringing in
that blue from the flower boxes would be
really nice as well. The house is a true bungalow,
so let’s let it be that. Stripping it back to its
kind of more original details– Yeah. Would be– Ideal. [bell dinging] Inside, we’ve got
this huge living room. But then, the end of the room
there’s these two windows. They’re up high. They’re just plate glass.
– They’re just floating. Floating. Weirdly high. I either want to delete the
windows entirely or find a way to make them work. What if we did
bookcases below them, almost in a nod to the way
most traditional craftsman homes are? And then, the huge, huge
overhaul for this house is the kitchen. Right now, it’s little bitty. And it’s got this, like,
paneling on the walls– big square. It’s almost like tiles. Here’s a little sneak
preview what’s behind here. Hey! It is brick! When you’re stripping a
kitchen down to the bones and you find something
that’s original to the house like this brick chase,
you’ve got to keep it. What if we paint the
cabinetry a little unexpected, but still neutral– nothing crazy? Look, that’s kind of
like that clay gray-green. I love that about it. It’s almost a little muddy. I love colors that are
a little bit muddy. Adding those
little– you know, those little modern details
with the square pull, which is normally
you’d see like a round. I think chrome never
goes out of style. Choosing shapes for
something like hardware, something that was
popular in 1910 and is still popular today. Sounds pretty timeless. So find that shape or that color
or that finish that you’ve seen in every decade, and use that. And then, tile. What if we do something fun? This is like an elongated
version of subway, but blue. I love that. It’s like a nice
little color pot. It’s an earth tone, though. And it’s kind of a
nod to her pottery. Yeah. [bell dinging] If we’re sticking with this
kind of earthy blue and white, what if the bed linens are kind
of like a spin on the colors that are happening
in the kitchen? And surely they like a
color that’s in this palette somewhere.
– Yeah. It has every color in there. Yeah. And this is going to be
right off this bathroom that we’re giving
them because, right now, there is no master bath. The bathroom is going to have
a lot of natural sunlight from another window. So the light is going to
be our friend and there. Let’s just keep it
bright and keep it fresh. I want them to love this
house forever because this is their forever house. [music playing] Really, just a little editing
is all a house like this needs. Jean and Charles are kind
of reserved, kind of quiet. They like their earth tones. They’re very
nature-loving people. And so this house, I want
it to be very classic. I want it to be timeless. I want it to be earthy and
just like Jean and Charles. It’s going to be
a whole new world to move into this big
spacious house for them. I’m really excited for them. [bell dinging]

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  1. A King says:

    love it!!!❤😃

  2. Elizabeth Smith says:

    Gorgeous home! So much inspiration. I love it!

  3. Trevor Phillips says:

    Green kitchen? NO. Looks like puke.

  4. Sandra Bezerra says:

    Wow!! 😍

  5. SoulAwakened says:

    I love this as well as her accent – Southern I think? I could listen to her talk all day long <3 <3 <3

  6. cynthia Smith says:

    I love it!

  7. Laura Lewis says:

    Beautiful transaction! 💕💗💕

  8. Libby Riggin says:

    Great show! 🙂 love you guys!

  9. small footprint says:

    Love earthy, muddy colors too. The green in the kitchen is so soft and lovely… You've got the touch, Erin.

  10. Angel Bulldog says:

    I would happily live there. Probably not a bigger compliment I can think of. Charming and lovely.

  11. califdad4 says:

    they are very good, enjoy watching them, but read one comment about crime in this town, and so I looked up crime in Laurel Ms, and its a fairly high crime area, not a place I would want to live

  12. Sherry Daniels says:

    Love this show, keep it going

  13. Tasha Sophia says:

    Super programme with the loveliest people, thank you for sharing your awesomeness!

  14. Lynn Harrell says:

    This was absolutely beautiful! I am so over farmhouse and gray.

  15. Debbie E says:

    I am so-o-o blessed to see a couple that does so much to build their town back to a beautiful place again. Keep going, great work.
    To the one who wrote about the crime rate, you change this by loveing on people and helping them before they get to it, then you teach the ones that have done the wrong what they are serving by the bad.

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  17. Ride the Wave says:

    Lovely, once again.

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