Designing Mexico Talavera
Designing Mexico Talavera

Well, actually my grandfather was the one
who started with the Talavera tradition, many years ago. Some 40 years ago, he started with the idea of creating these types of pieces It has been a family tradition, for almost three generations. All these pieces start out with a base of mineral mud that is what differentiates them
from many other ceramics. It consists of a coat of colored enamel that can be dark cream or a more modern white color. After that the piece is decorated. All the process is handmade.
And the pieces are baked twice, unlike most other ceramics, they are baked at 1,472°F degrees depending on the type and quality we
want to obtain. This allows the pieces to have a high relief that is touch sensitive. That also is what makes talavera different from other ceramics. All this process is made with mineral paints some are a little more thinned than others. But this depends as I said on the quality.
In fact we have three basic talavera models. The background color is cream and has the seven basic colors. Most are decorated in blue and white to preserve the traditional decoration. Then we compare it with a similar piece, it is the same process. The only change is on the colors. The colors are brighter and it has a white background. That is what makes the difference. This one is a modern piece. And the third piece, which I consider
the most beautiful one, is a piece that also has a white background
with brighter colors than the others, because they are 100% pure. And the difference is that the detailing in this piece is very delicate. The brush is very small and the drawings represent differente animals like
a hummingbird, a butterfly and a quetzal. All of these are emblematic figures from Mexico. This comes from tradition. Parentes teach their childrem. They like it and this is how they continue the tradition. All of this process is handmade there are no templates and no piece is replicated. There are no machines involved, Everything is baked and the furnace is built with bricks. Some are designed
to meet the size of the pieces. We have 4 workshops. Artisans normally go through some tests
and then we’ll see if they have that type of creativity needed There are all kinds of pieces for all kinds of people. Even if we do not have the piece, and you have a real interest, we can work
on desigs and make custom-made pieces. I would like to recommend that you visit Puebla, not just for
the talavera but for the quality of our artisans.

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