DISS TRACK SONG BATTLE ROYALE Challenge!  (Matt and Rebecca Zamolo vs Game Master Inc Roast)
DISS TRACK SONG BATTLE ROYALE Challenge! (Matt and Rebecca Zamolo vs Game Master Inc Roast)

100 thoughts on “DISS TRACK SONG BATTLE ROYALE Challenge! (Matt and Rebecca Zamolo vs Game Master Inc Roast)”

  1. Matt and Rebecca says:

    Who is going to win this rap battle challenge for the best diss track? Also, what did Agent C say at the end?

  2. Mirlinda rinesa says:


  3. Mirlinda rinesa says:


  4. Mirlinda rinesa says:


  5. Nicola Bashford says:

    They still work for the GMI

  6. samson isak says:

    He said cloe, veronica, vanessa ,ro

  7. samson isak says:

    Sofie and kurt

  8. Deemah Draws says:

    Chamber is here that's why there wearing the white shirt

  9. Vale Ledo says:

    gm is winning boo gmi

  10. Reem Alnaqbi says:

    I think the he said sofie.kurt.cloe.vanessa and veronica and ro and I think that Alice is Amy or amber because you said it start in am

  11. cute coco says:

    Alice's name might be Amy or Amber .
    Love you Rebecca

  12. Elaine Barber says:


  13. Brendan Fleming says:

    I think amelia or Amy is Alice's real name!!

  14. oliver jones says:


  15. Bobbi-Lou Birch says:

    Cloe veronucs vannsea ro

  16. Bobbi-Lou Birch says:

    Sofie kurt

  17. John Drysdale says:

    The mames are that agent C said were Cloe , Veronica ,Vanessa , Ro , Sofie , Kurt and lots more . 毋毋毋毋毋毋毋毋毋毋毋毋毋毋毋

  18. Mary Agnerp says:

    Matt has your ring he put it in his pocket when you put it down

  19. Abbie Ewing says:

    matt took your ring

  20. Sheila Army says:

    Rebecca i know who taked you ring. In the vid矇o that you make the song with Alice you let your ring on that table. The in the back round Matt secretly taked your ring. Zamfam go watch that vid矇o agains and you will see in the background when they got ready for the tea party

  21. O'Niel Fisher says:

    Rebecca team is going to win

  22. A says:

    Cloe, Veronica,Vanessa,Ro, Sofie.,Kurt

  23. Mevish Iqbal says:

    Close , Veronica , Vanessa , Ro , Sofie , Kurt and more to go ! That's what he said.

  24. Vanessa Haidara says:

    Who liked mats dance moves at 2:40

  25. * Teatie * says:

    I like but I love Rebecca Matt and Alice

  26. Shazia Hussain says:

    I know its gonna be ok but when you get a chance

  27. Daniel Andrews says:

    Please make a Another video

  28. Lisa Packman says:

    GM I are so weak I can't even talk like some week because they are even weeks so they're sick because with a G

  29. ro anunturi says:

    I think that everyone is very beautiful just the way they are.

  30. ShockWaveGaming says:

    He said chloe Veronica Vanessa Ro Sofie kurt and theres more to go

  31. nun hussain says:

    Nice rap zamfam it's way more better than the gmi

  32. Queen Unicorn girl says:

    cloe roie pansino kurt sofia verinica

  33. Jose Rios says:

    alice has a crush on agent c a.k.a chambers

  34. Corbin Carlson says:

    Agent r and agent s are back in the gmi

  35. Rhondine Carcamo says:

    Matt Has your rain

  36. Giselle Calero says:

    Kiss Matt ok rbeco

  37. Giselle Calero says:


  38. Giselle Calero says:


  39. Tara Chitwood says:

    Love you Rebecca you hit it again

  40. Georgina Wellington says:

    When u was putting a the glove 坐 on I saw Matt taking it I put it in his pocket

  41. Michele Perkins says:

    What you made me do 踢

  42. Yimell Diaz says:

    Cloe,Veronica,Vanessa,Ro,Sofie and Kurt are 6 of the targets,love you Rebecca and Matt

  43. louise wait says:

    Rebecca your going to win! Thumbs up if you like gm network more than GMI

  44. Shamar Cox says:

    Matt took you ring

  45. bro555 noob says:

    Wewe thumbs up if you know what that mean

  46. Dakota's slime World says:

    he said cloe veronica vanessa ro sofie dossi kurt and more were being watched

  47. Kristen Marshall says:


  48. louise wait says:

    Rebecca I think agent r likes maddie you rebbca and alice

  49. Lisa Claudio says:

    Cloe Ver籀nica Vanesa ro Sof穩a kurt

  50. Carline Damas Victorieuse says:

    Cole ro Kurt and more

  51. Kinga Kania says:

    I have the same hat like maddie was wearing

  52. Elizabeth Harris says:

    GMI is making clones. They must be them!

  53. Aleighasmom07 says:

    I love yall Matt,Rebecca and Daniel

  54. Brenda Ramos. says:

    Alice Am. Amy

  55. Kaylee Jones says:

    Agent c is in the battle

  56. Elaine Knotts says:

    Anna wittmann thats not how you spell b*th

  57. Magnolia Jane says:

    Whos behind the camera?

  58. Riley M says:

    aliceis rarl name cuold be adye

  59. Wolfly Cake says:

    I think you shouldn't mess with Umm… a m…. Amber/Alice's relationship with Agent R just let them go at they're own paste they might not even like each other

  60. Paula Sosa says:

    Maddie likes angent r

  61. Kayleigh Salvador says:

    Amber or Amanda

  62. Brianna Obrien says:

    U can say go stinks

  63. Jordan Easley says:

    Did you mind behind you

  64. Jordan Easley says:

    The GM guy is behind you they are trying to steal your secrets so make sure they do not hear what youre saying

  65. Aubree Torres says:

    Hi chula

  66. Ashley Pettit says:

    Where is Daniel

  67. Irene Angeles says:

    cloe, veronica,vanessa,ro,sofie,kurt,don' forget theres probly more thats what he said

  68. Aide Cantu says:

    Agent r u like are dogs but they graw at u

  69. Luna Sparkle says:

    Wait Rebecca you made a mistake cause you said agent s says he loves Alice but its not true but its not agent s that likes Alice its agent R see right here 21:43 is it just me or did anyone else see that?

  70. Venu Arjula says:

    Wow I love you videos so much 歹歹

  71. bolu bola says:

    Agent C you monster

  72. alyrea holmes says:

    Dont forget about mr x is with agent s said

  73. Mohamed Hirsi says:

    Rebecca and matt you got this 返鳶蛤

  74. Yajaira Rivera says:

    im not ganna lie but i felt bad for theme a little bit

  75. Rhianna Merchant says:

    Matt took ur wedding ring

  76. la boston says:


  77. Addison Reese says:

    I think Alice and Asian are are secretly a couple Rebecca O K

  78. Savanna Gardey says:

    Matt took it

  79. Mary Mejia says:

    The girls are going to win

  80. KB and G squad KG says:

    Hahahahaha GMI and took pictures of the Music

  81. Riley Falk says:

    i soooo ship maddie and agent s

  82. DIY FOREVER says:

    Matt has your ring

  83. Yunahlarce Bernaldez says:

    the GMI cheated cheater cheater pumpkin eater

  84. Purple Squad says:


  85. AKI Padilla says:

    Alices real name is Amanda

  86. Mariam Elkassir says:

    I know how agent c I think thats his name anyway I knew his identity

  87. tori12711 says:

    Matt took your married ring

  88. Vloxity says:

    I have the same shoes like Rebecca the white shoes.

  89. Sunrise Bacon says:

    I think that Mat, Rebecca Zamolo and Alice will win. Agent C said cloe, veronica, vanessa, ro, sofie, kurt, and theres more to go

  90. Desmond Gay says:

    Who doesnt like the red hood?

  91. j rosie says:

    cloe,veronica,vanessa,ro, sofie curt and theres more to go

  92. venkatanagasudheer thummapudi says:


  93. venkatanagasudheer thummapudi says:


  94. venkatanagasudheer thummapudi says:

    I think Alices real name is Amelia

  95. Allie Spakoski says:

    # GM

  96. Jiya Patel says:

    Who remembers the phrase "code 10" like if you do

  97. Gladis Santis says:

    hey Rebeca l now where your ring is when you where talking to the camera l saw Matt put your ring in his pocket yea you should watch it pls

  98. Jhana Mikaela Quinto says:


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