DIY Black Distressed Furniture & Cabinets w/ Chalk Paint! New Technique Trick for Black Chalkpaint
DIY Black Distressed Furniture & Cabinets w/ Chalk Paint! New Technique Trick for Black Chalkpaint

How to Use Black Chalk Paint
With 3 Pro Tips… To get this look! Follow chalk paint directions and paint 1-2
coats to cover. I remove hardware to clean and it is easier
to distress it later. After paint dries, distress edges with electric
sander or sandpaper. Electric sanders won’t distress in all the grooves
But it sure speeds things up. So I did as much as possible before switching
to regular sandpaper. You can distress totally by hand.
I use 180 grit sandpaper. The hard part is the cracks but I have a trick! Trick #1- Use discs made for electric sanders
to hand sand. They are thick and fold in half to get in
the cracks. When you wear the folded edge out, fold it
in a different place. Nothing gets in the crevices like this does.
I sanded too much off right here so a little paint touch up and sand when dry.
All sanded. A few more special steps to go. There is some gray and it needs more… Trick #2- touch paint after sanding.
I am brushing in a little gray, which is perfect for black distressing
It’s easy to see where to add gray. I will sand the new paint when it dries in
about 30 minutes. You can also “wet distress” your touch up
paint. I also use micro fiber towels.
Any size brush will work. but I like small ones. My rag can be dry or damp, depending on how easy
the paint comes off. I will sand this later if needed. Hand sanding touch up areas… I am sanding ONLY with the grain since it
will show later. Still sanding in direction of wood grain. It is easier to paint hardware separately
And put it on after it is done. Clean dust off then time for wax! Use clear wax and apply lightly. Again, with the grain only. Applying wax with a paint brush if fine too. Wax everything and then… Wipe off excess in direction of grain only. After wax….you can stop now OR…If you
want it even more distressed… Trick #3- Sand your wax lightly. The wax is still there. Sanding distresses the surface. Again, with the grain. An electric sander is a life saver… But if you don’t have one, you can hand sand
AND That is it! This look is the reward. I hope you like the video! I LOVE sharing them!

7 thoughts on “DIY Black Distressed Furniture & Cabinets w/ Chalk Paint! New Technique Trick for Black Chalkpaint”

  1. Gina Maria says:

    A lot of steps but REALLY gorgeous, I will save this video for reference ❤️🤗

  2. zulma Bontiffe says:

    BEEEUTIFULLLLL !!!!!!!!!!!!. LOVE THE LOOK . What can I do with furniture thats already black and want a distressed look?????? gotta do something.

  3. zulma Bontiffe says:

    P.S thanks for the soft music too.

  4. Jeff Harris says:

    Glad you shared this. I love it. Saved it. Can't wait to do it. Loving the music!

  5. Adelina Cassiba says:

    Love it!! Is the grey paint your using also chalk paint? Getting ready to start on my coffee table.

  6. Belen Hernandez Benavente says:

    I did like it a lot. An Oscar to the soundtrack 😉

  7. Phoenix Rising L'BRI Team says:

    What color were these originally? It looks to be white because when you sand back the blacks it is light. Is that correct?

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