DIY Christmas Decoration – How to Reuse Old Wine Bottle for Home Decor | Best Out of Waste Craft!
DIY Christmas Decoration – How to Reuse Old Wine Bottle for Home Decor | Best Out of Waste Craft!

How to Make Beautiful Bottle Decoration for Home Decor This is a recycled craft that is turned into a very attractive DIY Home Decoration This Room Decoration craft looks royal and ethnic. Things You Need… Adhesive, Empty Bottle, Thread, Acrylic Black & White Paint, Brush, Golden Spray Color Decorative Flowers, Pearls, Golden Beads, Scissors, Glue Gun Take an empty bottle and apply glue on it. Stick the thread on it to wrap the bottle as shown here. Take the white color acrylic paint and apply it on the bottle. Let it dry completely. Take the black acrylic color and paint the bottle as shown here. Now spray the golden color on the bottle but shake well before using it. Decorate the bottle with pearls and beads as shown here. Now stick the glittery flower and buds decoration on the bottle. Wow! Your beautiful Home Decoration using empty bottle is ready. Thanks for watching and Happy Crafting!

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