DIY Christmas Wall Decoration Ideas : How to Make Christmas Paper Wreath | DIY Room decoration Ideas
DIY Christmas Wall Decoration Ideas : How to Make Christmas Paper Wreath | DIY Room decoration Ideas

How to Make Beautiful Flower Wreath for Christmas Home Decoration Things You Need… Crepe Papers, Satin Ribbon, Thread, Craft Wire, Stuffing, Decorative Laces & Beads, Decorative Paper, Glue Gun, Glue Stick Cardboard, Pencil, Divider, Green Tape, Cutter, Adhesive, Scissors, Ruler Take a cardboard and draw a circle of radius 11 cm. Cut it. Draw inner circle of radius 7 cm. Cut inner circle using cutter. Take a decorative paper and cut it as per the size of the cardboard. Paste this decorative paper on the cardboard. Now, take a crepe paper to make petals. Cut the crepe paper pieces measuring 4*12 cm Stretch the paper piece, make a petal and tie this using thread as shown here. Paste green tape around the bottom. Make multiple such petals. Paste these petals on the cardboard circle as shown. Lets make cherries Cut the red crepe paper pieces measuring 6*6 cm Cut the craft wire as shown. Place stuffing and craft wire into paper pieces and make cherry like design. Tie it. Paste green tape on the craft wire. Paste cherries on the cardboard wreathe as shown. Now take a satin ribbon and make a bow like design. Fix decorative lace on the wreath. Paste this lace on the wreath for hanging. Paste satin ribbon bow and pearl on the lace. Wow!! Your beautiful Christmas wreath is now ready. Thanks for watching and Happy Crafting!

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