DIY Crystal Candle Holders – Luxe Home Decor For Less
DIY Crystal Candle Holders – Luxe Home Decor For Less

(uplifting music) – [Tresha] Hey guys,
welcome back to the channel, it’s Tresha, and I wanted to share these gorgeous crystal candle holders that I recently made. These are such cute gifts to give for the holiday season, or you could add it to your home decor. Either way, I want to show
you the steps that I took, so let’s get started. For this project, I used Mod Podge, a sponge brush, a tea light holder, silver metallic spray paint, a hurricane candle holder, and adhesive gemstones. These gemstones are great
for projects like these because the gemstones
are attached together. You could also use these, but you will have to
attach them one by one which will take much longer. At first, determine how long the strip of gems should be based on the length of
the hurricane glass. Then I cut them down to size. Next, I brushed on a
little bit of Mod Podge. Then I place the strip of gems on top, and then repeated the same steps. Here’s how they look after it
dried for a couple of hours. I used the large and medium gemstones. I went outside and spray painted the base a silver metallic color, but if you like a different color, please
feel free to use that, or you can leave it clear. Next, I added E6000 to the top of the base and a little bit of hot glue. Afterwards, I flipped
the glass upside down and centered the base on top. And that’s it! I want to give a big
shout out to Nicole King for sending this idea to me, thank you so, so much. Nicole was in a store and
saw these for $15 to $20, and my total cost for
this project was $5 each, which was a great bargain to me. Question of the day, would you buy it or DIY it? Thanks guys for watching. If you liked this video
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Instagram, I’m @DesignsByTresha. I would love to share
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    Hey guys! Thanks for watching!! Question of the day….Would Buy it or DIY it?

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    Treshaja, where did you purchase the strip of gems at?

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