DIY custom clothing labels | CharliMarieTV
DIY custom clothing labels | CharliMarieTV

In todays DIY video I’m going to be showing
you how you can make your own custom branded labels to go inside blank tshirts like this
one here. I’ve got a little t-shirt company called Liner Note Kids that I started when
I was in university and I make t-shirts and sell them on a print-to-order basis so I only
make a t-shirt when I get an order come in. That means I don’t have to invest a lot of
money in a lot of stock and keep a lot of merchandise in my flat but because of that
it’s really hard to get your t-shirts custom branded. Companies just don’t do that on a
one-off basis. So I’ve figured out a DIY way to do it myself using a piece of ribbon and
some transfer paper, and I’m going to show you how to do that. The first step is obviously to design your
label. I did this in Adobe Illustrator just because that’s what I’m comfortable with but
you can use whatever software you prefer. I measured the width of the ribbon i was going
to use and laid out a box that was that size, and then I included my logo, the size of the
t-shirt, and on the back I had a little line about the company and a URL. With clothing labels there are varying laws
depending on what country you’re in about what information HAS to go on it. Like you
have to include washing instructions, the makeup of the fabric and the country of origin,
and I didn’t want to mess with any of that and that would just involve printing too fine
a detail onto my transfer paper so instead I decided just to leave the original label
in for that and cover up the brand label from the blank t-shirt. because we’re going to print this on transfer
paper you have to make sure your design is reversed before you print it. I know that’s
confusing but it will end up the right way once you have heat pressed it onto the fabric
so just go with me here. So i just fit as many of my designs as possible onto an A4
sheet and then printed that with inkjet transfer paper. My lovely friend Lucia let me borrow
her printer for this so thank you Lu if you’re watching. You’ll end up with sheets with lots
of little labels on them so what you want to do next is cut them out. I didn’t want they grey borders to be included
on my actual label so I used them as a guide to cut out the piece from the middle. This is the ribbon I’m going to use for my
labels. it’s got a herringbone pattern on it and it seems to be quite good quality.
i got it from Amazon but I’ll leave a link to it down below so you can check it out as
well. So i cut this into a few six and a half centimetre pieces to make my labels. Place
each side of your label design face down onto the ribbon, leaving a little gap in the middle
so that you’re going to be able to fold it in half easily. Then follow the instructions
on your transfer paper some need more heat, some need to be pressed for longer and this
transfer paper that I used required more pressure than heat so I was pressing down hard with
the iron, and I put a cloth in between just so that my iron wasn’t accidentally lifting
up and moving the little pieces of transfer paper as I was pressing. Then you can peel of the backing of the transfer
paper while it’s still warm and it should come away nice and cleanly. Then fold the
ribbon in half and press down on it to crease the ribbon so it will stay in the label shape.
Trim the end of the ribbon to get it even and then very carefully run a lighter over
it just to seal the edges and stop it fraying. to stick the label onto the t-shirt I’m going
to be using hemming tape. This stuff holds fabric together by heating it, I think it’s
some sort of gluey stuff inside I don’t know, all I know is it works. So i cut that to size,
one side for the back and the front of the label and then what i’m gonna do is stick
the label over top of the brand label that’s already in the t-shirt. place the label just
under the seam so that there’s a nice neat finish and then follow the instructions on
the hemming tape. Mine says to put a damp cloth on top and then press down with an iron
until the cloth has dried a bit and that means the hemming tape will work. So there you have
your label in your t-shirt. It’s machine washable and because we tucked it underneath the seam
it means that it’s not gonna be itchy or annoying sitting in the back there. I think these labels
add a really professional finishing touch to my t-shirts and I’m really excited about
them. If you want to check out the t-shirts in my store then you can do that, there will
be a link down below, they’re all designs that are like inspired by music soif that’s
your thing, you might like them. If you’re interested in starting up your own t-shirt
company then i do have a playlist that will probably really come in handy for you it’s
full of videos about screen-printing and setting up an online store and talking about how I
started my little business so that will be linked down below in the description box.
i would love it if you gave this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it and subscribed to my
channel if you’d like to hear more from me and I will see you next time. bye!

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  5. EmailNoLonger InUse says:

    If youre willing to spend a little bit of money you can go online and make a custom stamp with your logo. Dont get a self inking one, get just a plain rubber stamp with your logo. then use fabric dye as the ink for the stamp. Put it on a small rectangle of fabric and then sew it in the shirt. i found this one fades but the stamping doesn't

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  10. Oscar Noriega says:

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  11. miri miru says:

    Isn't so much time consuming? Why don't you use screen printing for serial work like this? For my own brand I made a RUBBER STAMP ( I asked the stationary shop to make one automatic one, like the ones you use in the office), so I can stamp directly on the herringbone cotton tape. The result is very "handmade-look" and I love it . Thank you for sharing your enthusiasm and suggestions! Have a nice day!

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