DIY Donut Pillow w/ Strawberry Frosting How to Make
DIY Donut Pillow w/ Strawberry Frosting How to Make

100 thoughts on “DIY Donut Pillow w/ Strawberry Frosting How to Make”

  1. Maja Godek says:

    This is a bit sill question, but…where did u buy the materials?:3

  2. Maeneyo says:

    U can still do this no need sewing machine but it will take longer though

  3. Sydney L says:

    "like" if u are watching in 2013

  4. Pauline Sison says:

    reminds me of smosh food battles

  5. MrBlondeelove says:

    oh my god. she actually made a donut pillow!

  6. Catie Stanton says:

    Wow. I saw a similar pillow in a store for $50

  7. Limani Dhurata says:

    me toooo..

  8. S H says:

    This is so cool!! *3* But idk how to use a sewing machine, plus i'm lazy. 🙁

  9. Laura Osorio Tellez says:

    can you please make a cookie pillow? i think that would be cute ^_^

  10. Aly Dee says:

    I admire your patience.

  11. Everything_Maddy says:

    You would make two sheets of fleece in a round shape (ignoring all of the stuff about the inner circle and the pink) sew most of it, stuff it, hand sew the rest of it. cut out some dark brown fleece in circles. Hand sew and glue the dark brown fleece to the lighter brown fleece, and Voila!!

  12. lawana roberto says:


  13. Monica Martinez says:

    I'm gonna try making a decorative one of a mini donut

  14. Monica Martinez says:

    And it was very cool

  15. Jacquelene MKrtchyan says:


  16. Veronica M says:

    Ian from smosh

  17. emikhan says:

    I clocked this video because of

  18. emikhan says:

    I clicked this video because of Ian from smosh.

  19. Samantha says:


  20. Mamia Thammavongsa says:

    i dont need to measure ill just cut a circle and a swirly line and a straight line

  21. VictoryFire88 says:

    This is a Simpsons donut pillow! lol

  22. angel le says:

    Super cute Ann

  23. Lilly Ortiz says:

    Omg I must make one now!

  24. Abby N. says:

    This is very useful

  25. Ocin Stown says:

    What are the sprinkles made of?

  26. Brayan Bustamante says:

    Algo chida

  27. Rudy Delgado says:


  28. sparklehorses1 says:

    what are you talking about :*(

  29. sara saud says:

    cute 🙂

  30. Wiktoria Dembkowska says:


  31. Malia D says:

    Hi Ann I LOVE. watching your DIYS n I also made a donut pillow but mines isn't as big as yours n NOOO way pretty as yours!!!!! Keep making DIYS because Ill make them

  32. PixieRoseDIY says:

    so cute!

  33. TheNativeMami says:

    Ur donut needs a cheeseburger lol but it's cute

  34. afshana aktar says:

    needs more stuffing 🙂 I AM SO TRYING THIS!

  35. Cannibal Carol says:

    I have never seen green stuffing?!?! O.o

  36. Cannibal Carol says:

    I have never seen green stuffing?!?! O.o

  37. Little_MissGorg says:


  38. Reem says:

    Its awesome from were you get these ideas i love your channel and i am wating for school vedios school suplies haul school hairstyles what is in my packback and like that

    I give you five stars ***** 🙂

  39. Hanovel Lumacang says:

    pls next time just focus the video on the stuff and no more bla bla bla coz its a waste of time.

  40. Winifer Ordonez says:

    I love it thank you

  41. Orianna Tyas says:

    made one look so cool xx

  42. Amanda Xiong says:

    I love this DIY, but I don't like how the sprinkles are foam. How would I make fabric sprinkles so that I can wash my pillow if it ever gets dirty?

  43. nhmfnhmf says:

    Talented 🙂

  44. subtlyawkward says:

    maybe you could use beads? -just started sewing- Or maybe thread!

  45. AJ Andrade says:

    Can't wait to make it this weekend! You should do more foods!

  46. Darcy Rawlinson says:

    Instead of stuffing from the outside of the donut she should of stuffed it in the inner hole

  47. BeautyGuru8546 says:

    I'm going to make this for my cousin and give it to her for Christmas

  48. YazzysLife says:

    I have that Same pin holder tomato thingy, I feel soooo special now!!!!!! N

  49. HeyGuysItsAbi says:

    cookie pillow!

  50. Nailah says:

    this is so cute!!! thanks anne! i cant wait to try

  51. Shai Fainsod says:


  52. Silke Eriksson says:

    I need a new pillow for my room, and this is perfect! Thanks for the tutorial!!

  53. Dale Yanong says:

    Why are you so good at this???? 👏👏👏👏😊😊😊😊

  54. Tia pearson says:

    awesome! I'm obsssed with donuts!

  55. ikingc x says:

    Love it

  56. PinkishLace says:


  57. bethanatorforever07 says:


  58. Mia Crowley says:

    looks so yummy!

  59. Kim Pag says:

    You should send the pink frosted sprinkle doughnut to Ian Hecox from Smosh 🙂

  60. Saima Waqar says:

    how many videos have random strawberries in them anneorshine

  61. Vivian Wu says:

    omgggggggg. youre so talented! 

  62. AvatarMiyazaki says:

    Wahaha I always see cute pillows like these in Asian stores. Think I'd make even an apple or banana to go along with the strawberry and have a whole set of fruit! ><

  63. Talia Raucci says:

    I have the same pin holder!!

  64. GreenTeaPocky says:

    ima try to make a smaller version of this when my mini sewing machine comes in the mail..
    too lazy to sew XD

  65. قناة ندى فودة- Dudy Lifestyle says:


  66. TheCatmix says:

    Don't use craft fome

  67. Salima K says:

    this is such a cute idea!

  68. TheSunnyScenery says:

    this totally reminds me of the simpsons for some reason… aha

  69. Cindy Gonzalez says:

    Can I use hemming tape instead of glue? This is pretty cute ^o^

  70. LunamSol says:

    Can I use fabric glue on the whole thing or should some parts be sewn? 

  71. Kris Oneill says:

    Like someone suggested below, you should make a cookie pillow! 🙂

  72. Jacqueline Mazariego says:

    I luv this video

  73. Maria Gogo says:

    Can you use, instead of sewing or sewing machine,hot glue gun to join the two parts of the donut??Please answe me

  74. Simply Soulful says:

    Surprisingly simple. Cool!

  75. KlovesJuicy says:

    Such a great idea

  76. Dani Gray says:

    What did you use for the sprinkles?

  77. michelle staunton says:

    Well done!

  78. Anja Ryan says:

    Can you sew it instead of needle and thread

  79. Nikola Pazare says:

    Omg! Thanks for that awesome idea! Im gona make this pillow!!!

  80. Jasmin Savage says:

    Good idea Kim so he can use it for food battle

  81. Taylor Nichole W. says:

    Aw this is such a cute pillow! With all that sewing seems like it would take FOREVER, but maybe it's worth it! (:

  82. killer whale lover 101 says:

    I love you vid grate job

  83. Cindy Huang says:

    i think I'm finally going to make this.. :)!

  84. Tea Kolundzic says:

    I would've used more stuffing.

  85. Jay Cook says:


  86. Jennifer Salazar says:

    I. Love. You. My. Name. Is. Alannah😍😴✋🎵🎶🎶🎶🎤

  87. Molly I says:

    Hey! This looks like my donut!

  88. 2craftasticgirls says:

    Hey did you know I made this you are so cool it actually really worked you are awesome

  89. Daniel Benitez says:

    What is the meaning of frosted i'm only 8 years

  90. Ad Jen says:

    Instead of foams spricls you could use real spricls.😄

  91. Hamiza Shabbir says:


  92. Christie Nakase says:

    can you wash it? what kind of stuffing is best, firm but soft and if possible, machine washable?

  93. dayy renée says:

    I'm watching this in 2015

  94. Marika Sarakinis says:

    I made it is so cute

  95. I Emma Giraffe says:


  96. Ornina Gilyana says:

    I love it

  97. Ornina Gilyana says:

    It's perfect

  98. Candy Streamers says:

    Thank you! This was very helpful. =D

  99. Aulia Nuzilal says:

    hello im from 2017

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