DIY Dress Up Area | Kids Room Decor | MOM VLOG
DIY Dress Up Area | Kids Room Decor | MOM VLOG

100 thoughts on “DIY Dress Up Area | Kids Room Decor | MOM VLOG”

  1. Kristen Fox says:

    I love watching zias room change

  2. DALLGIRLS says:

    I love when Ziya does that little trembling with excitement thingy LMAO so cute! 😂🥰

  3. K Lo says:

    Aww! I wish you could see how awesome you are a person and as a Mom. I love how you plan and organize everything down to the “T”! Even when you think things are not as great as you planned, I am over clapping and cheering at the great work you’ve done. Then, I say I have to get it together because Raven is on point. Love all of your DIY projects, parties, decorations, parenting and the fact that you share it all with us. 🙏🏽🙏🏽❤️❤️👍👍🌟🌟

  4. K Lo says:

    Oh yes! You’re Mom is a Super Mom as well! Always having your back and side and….well you get it. 😂😂😂 Love her! 🙏🏽🙏🏽❤️❤️ Ziya is so happy! 🥰

  5. Kenae Williams says:

    Raven dont stress girl! and please dont rush…, you killing the decor game 🔥

  6. Kenae Williams says:

    Pinterest perfect room

  7. CocoHQ says:

    I think the choice to paint the mirror white was perfect. I love the dress up area and the subtle gray wall color is perfect. I like the subtle mint green as well. It’s just enough. Love Ziya’s room

  8. 47 Queen says:


  9. DeAngeliss Simmons says:

    Ziya's room is really turning out so cute! No pressure to get things done for a video, we understand decorating a house is a process.

  10. Bry 'N Kinks says:

    Ziya's room looks so cute I love everything and I think that the dress up area added a great touch

  11. Maria Miller says:

    Ziya is so adorable and you and your Mom are the greatest! 🙌🙌

  12. hanan abadir says:

    Ziya is the cutest thing ever

  13. Ashley Haynes says:

    This is so creative I love it 🥰

  14. hanan abadir says:

    It was so funny when she broke her shoe 😂😂

  15. Jahnay Roberts says:

    This turned up so cute

  16. Alysia Lara says:

    Hahahah her shoes yall are too cute!

  17. Nina Bina says:

    I can feel your stress in this video lol but you worked so hard to make this room perfect for ziya! And the pink name sign was a great compromise for ziya’s request for pink walls!

  18. Samantha Hatfield says:

    I love how you decorated Ziya’s room!! You are such a sweet, fun, caring, and amazing mom to Ziya! I can’t wait to do something like this for my daughter! 💗

  19. animejunki3 says:

    I have to get my kiddo a mirror… she keeps using mine LOL

  20. Angela 3hree says:


  21. erica rockett says:


  22. meeshka ayala says:

    You are not my favorite YouTuber any more

  23. meeshka ayala says:

    Let her chose what she wants

  24. Lea Mokin says:

    Raven I just love you! And your family! Keep up with everything that you’re doing because it’s so inspiring and empowering🙌🏽

  25. Sabrina Gasana says:

    Its mah B-day

  26. Braids by Teena says:

    Thanks Raven for always been real

  27. love jay says:

    Hi, maybe you should consider doing a plexiglass glass mirror for her room. Thanks for sharing. GOD BLESS.

  28. Calandra Rowland says:

    Don’t be down ….this is real life of how things Change🤔

  29. wanda Shivers says:

    Love it

  30. Taneshia says:

    Love the color scheme, so inspired to do my little girls room 🥰

  31. Nala Cymone says:

    I can see ziya room changing in like 6 months. It’s cute but it doesn’t quite give me Raven Elyse satisfaction 🤷🏽‍♀️

  32. myra cruz says:

    You could’ve painted it white first for a primer than the gold on top


    The last episode im wondering how you fell off the bed and nightstand

  34. Jonae Josephs says:

    Okay Ziya with the baby hair slayed to the GAWDS 🤣🥰 too cute

  35. Miriam Otero says:

    I was not expecting that shoe to give out on Ziya like that! Her room is coming along beautifully, and you can tell she’s so excited-you’re doing an amazing job!

  36. Niki Edwards says:

    Beautiful job ❤️

  37. Call Me Pudding says:

    I watched on your instagram story how you addressed the whole pink situation. I totally understand now 💕💕 I honestly think it looks great and you're doing a great job mama ❤. This makes me want to have a little girl so much more 🥺🥺💕

  38. Ahri Fatima says:

    I love the dress up area Raven. It’s really creative

  39. ColorMe Meezii says:

    Chef Toni is the real MVP!!!!

  40. Abdul Khalik says:

    Ziya is so lucky

  41. Berfin. Gundogdu says:

    La minutul 7:45 a început să zică da,da,da!Dați like dacă sunteți români.

  42. Leslie Rojas says:

    Those walls look so sad. Should’ve just listened to your 3 year old.

  43. michael babatunde says:

    Can I just say shout out to your mum *clap clap*👏👏

  44. darrilyn overstreet says:

    When poor Ziya broke her heel, baby I lost it 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  45. K Nachelle says:

    Raven cut off the comments. I’m sick of seeing people trying to tell you what to do with YOUR home and YOUR child. It’s ridiculous that y’all are this bent out of shape over pink walls.

  46. Miranda Terrell says:

    Not that you asked for input but above her sitting area in the corner, you could take and frame two 24 by 36 photos of her dressed up in her princess dresses against a white backdrop and being her silly self. That’d be cute.

  47. Xya Lutchman says:

    Tell me if there is an opening for being your other daughter 😂

  48. Sara Lee says:

    Raven: tries to avoid pink stuff, puts in hours of effort to try and compromise and design a coheisive room, adds a dress up corner and clouds and stars, adds things for ziya to play and do…

    Ziya: I like the pink stuff

  49. S Mont. says:

    Ziya's a good mom 😂 She's always being considerate of her babydoll. ♥️

  50. Deanna Reve says:


  51. Amber Nikia says:

    Check Walmart for the spray paint they have it

  52. Amber Nikia says:

    Got to hobby lobby and it a paint marker or Walmart it like $3

  53. Deggan Dahir says:

    I’m re furnishing my house 🏠

  54. Raymel Warfield says:

    Very cute! Glad Ziya loves it! 💗

  55. Dynasty Warden says:

    Yayyy ! Omg I was thinking while you were painting , why everything has be gold . And why not maybe paint ziyas name “pink” & you did it , that made me happy 😊😊💯😂😂

  56. Pearle Porter says:

    The way you yelled while your mom was spray painting ziya’s name 😂

  57. Al Chase says:

    Ziya's facial expressions really remind me of Maya! ❤️

  58. Cherokeeutube2 says:

    Love all your videos Raven, you're not perfect, but you're so damn near it. <3

  59. Sadie Lane says:

    Did you use final cut to also create your intro? I’m really interested in recreating something similar for my channel! Please help.

  60. SHELIA Williams says:

    U have a beautiful sweet mother thank you for sharing your videos with us and you have a beautiful family to

  61. Kallie Marie says:

    Ziya should have her own channel that u run but it would be superrrrr cute and I luv u and ziya ❤❤🥰

  62. Holly Singletary-Carr says:

    You are your own boss! Take your time. I'll watch whenever you post it.

  63. Hawjin Khidir says:

    I loved it so cute what a great mom you are love you guys. I got inspiration for my own daughters room.

  64. OBabyxo says:

    Michael’s or Hobby Lobby are also great stores for spray paint. In my area, they have more options as far as finishes as well. May be too late for this project but just FYI for the future. You did a great job on Ziya’s room though!!

  65. itsABREEze says:

    OMG! Just from the highlights in the beginning when Ziya smiled and said what is it? she looked so much like your sister Mya! <3 she's growing up so fast!!

  66. autummyo says:

    stop telling this woman to paint her damn walls pink, she paid for this house! you all sound like a bunch of babies whining over someone else’s walls… worse than a 3 year old

  67. nia perru says:

    I love her room🥰 and just an idea, but would if you added a gold glitter gradient on the name sign? I feel like that would really make it pop but it’s still cute either way!

  68. Nae Hopkins says:

    The princess shoes snapping apart had me so dead 😂😂😂😂

  69. Shawnice Parker says:

    Good Job mommy!!!

    As mom's we have enough pressure on us! Take your time Nmand enjoy these moments!

    A quick tip!! Bullseye 123 primer helps ALOT with projects! Wouldve cut your time and paint coats in half

    Also, if you ever change your m I'l nd Sherwin Williams has a pink called Innocence that is really soft and pretty!! Im loving Ziya's room!!

  70. CurlsandKids says:

    Raven the room is coming along so nicely. You are such a great mom. I bet it's so exciting seeing Ziya get excited for new room surprise. Can't wait for more videos.

  71. j. jones says:

    Raven you did such a good job. Ziya really needs her pink wall, she only likes the pink stuff, lol. She looks like your mom.

  72. Abimbola Bello says:

    Hey Raven, loving this series and your dedication to giving Ziya such an awesome room! Here’s an idea for the walls that could be a compromise between cute room and giving in to her pink obsession: try press on wallpaper! It could be pink or have pink accents that could be really cute on all the walls or even as just a statement wall! I think it would tie in really nicely + Etsy has some cute & unique patterns 🙂

  73. J LS says:

    Poor Ziya. Long as mommy has the content and aesthetic SHE wants for HER house that's all that matters.

  74. Zblack queen says:

    2:40 when my parents tell me we’re getting chick fi a

  75. Olivia Owens says:

    We all have that story from our childhood where we asked our parents for something 1000 times and never got it. “Remember when I wanted pink walls and you refused to paint them pink.” That’s going to be Ziya. Next month it will be another color. Mommie knows what she’s doing.

  76. Leena Mascio-Thompson says:

    Ziya was really wanting that pink wall so freaking cute

  77. unicorn E H E KTK says:

    Seriously though… paint them pink. Give her what the child wants!

  78. Juanita Mabry says:

    Raven you are a Fantastic MoM! Ziya's room is coming together beautifully!!!

  79. Godsladie says:

    So pretty. Loving the wall.

  80. Micah Bundy says:

    you look like beoncy

  81. john Alexander says:

    Her name is like my name it is spelled like zyairr😲😲😲🤓

  82. nancy rauch says:

    please night routine

  83. Marsha Anderson says:

    Raven u just amaze me and big shout out to mom

  84. ghalsey5468 says:

    Love how it's turning out so far. If you had used a primer on the wooden name the spray paint would have taken to the wood and not soaked in. Also, Rustoleum has a new metallic gold paint called Rustoleum Metallic in a white can with a gold medallion in the center. I think this is the replacement to the paint you liked that is no longer available.

  85. Shunta Hawthorne says:

    Mb add some gold accents to the name like stickers or something decorative

  86. Le'Yana Kaprie says:

    I truly enjoy watching you do these vlogs and work on each room at a time. It takes time to fully furnish a house, we get it!!! Keep going at your own pace love💘💘& even without the pink walls im sure ziya is obsessed with other the decorations you are adding! Also died laughing when she broke the heel "How hard were you walking???" lmaoooo😭😭😭

  87. Marcella Jones says:

    You are such a good mother. I applaud how hard you word to make your little one happy.

  88. Jimmy Zdelag2 says:

    i wish i have that room,Ziya please can i live with you?

  89. Allix Lynn says:

    The room is coming together nicely!! So cute!!!

  90. Joslynn112 p says:

    Wait did you put the Etsy seller down below because I don’t see it

  91. My Full Figured Life says:

    Sooo dope!!!

  92. Yusra Dabre says:

    If you love Raven and Ziya


  93. Inez Shelby says:

    Hi would you mind sharing the link for the custom wooden name

  94. Aleah Meehan says:

    K but actually at this point Rust-oleum needs to be hitting correct with a sponsorship.

  95. Msunpopular opinion says:

    Ray give that princess her pink walls and change the comforter!:😂😫

  96. Xyla Collins says:

    Very creative

  97. Xyla Collins says:

    A:Madd to be a good helper


    Raven you should have primed your items before you hand painted and or spray painted which would have helped your colors pop!!!

  99. Immanuelle Azebe-Osime says:

    I love how much time and energy you put into creating the perfect space for Ziya. It’s such an great representation of how much you love her. You’re doing amazing!

  100. Double Jordis says:

    I just searched up Rust-Oleum Metallic Gold spray paint and found the exact one you showed from Home Depot for $12.54

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