DIY Easy Room Decor Jute Wall Hanging | Best Out of Waste Rope Craft Idea | Twine Ideas Room Decor
DIY Easy Room Decor Jute Wall Hanging | Best Out of Waste Rope Craft Idea | Twine Ideas Room Decor

How to Make a Jute Rope Wall Hanging This Wall Hanging looks Royal and Ethnic because of its Jute texture and golden triangles. These triangular objects are ‘Fryums’ that we eat Things You Need… Jute, Cutter, Scissors, Pencil, Glue Gun, Ruler Pliers, Hooks, Chain, Dry Glitter, Fryums, Golden Spray Colors, Styrofoam Sheet, Cardboard, Decorative Pearls & Stones Take a cardboard and draw a circle by measuring 4.5 cm radius and draw an inner circle to it. Cut out the outer and inner circle as shown to get a cardboard ring. Take a Styrofoam sheet and paste it on the cardboard ring. Now cut out the Styrofoam sheet in the shape of the cardboard ring. Take the cut out inner circle cardboard piece and wrap it with jute as shown here. Similarly wrap the ring arrangement as well with jute as shown. Now paste the circle over the ring shaped design as shown here. Now fix the hooks to the stand for hanging the craft as shown. Attach a chain to the hooks as shown. In a similar manner, fix the small chains to the jute craft as shown here. Attach the chain to the hooks and tighten them using pliers as shown. Cut out triangular pieces from a cardboard as shown here. Wrap the triangle pieces with jute as shown. Fix the jute strands to the wrapped triangular pieces as shown. Take the fryums and spray golden color on it as shown. Spray glitter powder on the fryums like this. Decorate the jute craft with pearls and the golden fryums as shown here. Now decorate the triangle hanging with fryums and attach it to the craft as shown. Decorate the lower portion of the triangle design with pearls to make it look even more attractive. Wow!! Your beautiful and unique wall hanging with jute rope is now ready. Thanks for watching and Happy Crafting!

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    Do you love Ethnic and Royal looking artworks? Have a look at this amazing DIY Rope craft. It is a creative Wall Hanging that you can make at home.
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